NPC Icon.pngBum-bailiff  Sidequest3 Icon.png

Zone(s): Mob14 Icon.pngUpper La Noscea - Bronze Lake - Jijiroon's Trading Post (26-26)

What's yer business 'ere, darlin'? ...Bango Zango sent ye to look fer a missin' Trader? Heh heh—same 'here. Seems the Consortium ain't takin' no chances when it comes to trackin' down this Jijiroon character.
What say we work together, then, lass? I put the shakes on the shopkeep over yonder already—'e don't got a glimmer where the ol' boy's got to. Says this pile over 'ere's Jijiroon's stash, but it ain't nothin' but chocobofeed. 'Ardly worth filchin', when it comes down to it.
Thought 'e might o' taken the loot with 'im, but the only thing missin's what was in this 'ere chest. Accordin' to yon shopkeep, it weren't naught but a pile o' Mamool Ja coinage, and that ain't worth it's weight in shite to anyone this side o' the Deep.
Exceptin' the Mamool Ja, that is... No Eorzean merchant'd touch that stuff with a forty-yalm bargepole, but chances are it's still o' some value to the beasts. 'Ere, ye don't reckon the rat bastard's gone off to 'ire 'imself a lizardman army, do ye?
There's a band o' the scaly buggers 'angin' around northwards, but a Qiqirn's one thing an' a Mamool Ja's another—I ain't gettin' paid enough to go pokin' me nose in lizard business. I'll 'ead back to Limsa an' report to Zango. Don't ye be gettin' yerself in any trouble now, lass.

Also known as the Retired Reaver.

Involved in Quests (1)

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