Retired Reaver

NPC Icon.pngRetired Reaver  Sidequest3 Icon.png

Zone(s): Mob14 Icon.pngUpper La Noscea - Bronze Lake  (27-26)

Well, if it ain't me ol' darlin'! Look 'ere, lass─I finally got me mitts on the shirkin' wretch, an' 'e's about to take the plunge!
Seems 'e'd been makin' merry with the Mamool Ja, but 'e never counted on 'em tryin' to lumber 'im with their own dodgy lucre. An' ye can't pay yer debts with lizard coin, can ye, Jijiroon?
Poor ol' bugger ain't a bad sort, really─should've just been a bit more careful drawin' up his deals with the beastmen. But good intentions don't count fer shite in this business─a defaulter's a defaulter, and a bailiff's got to do what a bailiff's got to do.
I thought I'd washed me hands o' the pirate life when I went into the collectin' racket, but the old ways still come in 'andy. They pays me a pretty penny to give those as bilk their lenders the old 'eave-'o, pirate style─bung 'em in a barrel, and sling 'em in the briny!

Also known as the Bum-bailiff.

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