Buried Memory

Mainquest1 Icon.png Lv. 90   Buried Memory

Journal detail hr1 07.png Acquisition
Varshahn: Radz-at-Han - Dharma - Windweft (x:8, y:12.6)

Map33 Icon.pngClosest Aetheryte: Radz-at-Han Aetheryte Plaza → Ruveydah Fibers

Journal detail hr1 08.png Requirements
071201.png90A World with Light and LifeMainquest1 Icon.png A World with Light and Life (Level 90)

Spacer2.png Any Disciple of War or Magic (excluding limited jobs) (Level 90)

Journal detail hr1 03.png Rewards

Scallop Curry
Scallop Curry
Pumpkin Ratatouille
Pumpkin Ratatouille
Peach Tart
Peach Tart
Thavnairian Chai
Thavnairian Chai
Allagan Silver Piece
Allagan Silver Piece
026002.png Into the Light
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Journal detail hr1 04.png Description
A gentle smile plays on Varshahn's lips.
Journal detail hr1 01.png Objectives
  • Speak with the Meghaduta attendant.
  • Speak with Varshahn.
Journal detail hr1 02.png Unlocks Quests
071201.png90Once More unto the VoidMainquest1 Icon.png Once More unto the Void (Level 90)
071221.png90Shadowed PastsSidequest1 Icon.png Shadowed Pasts (Level 90)

  • A gentle smile plays on Varshahn's lips.
  • With your aid, Varshahn has finished showing Radz-at-Han to Zero. Your task accomplished, you go to rejoin the others back at Meghaduta.
  • In return for learning about Radz-at-Han, Zero tells you of the events that saw Darkness engulf the Thirteenth─the Contramemoria.
Light once filled the world, and all was at peace. But as they did elsewhere, the Ascians came and sowed the seeds of Darkness, teaching men how to summon eidolons─beings like unto primals. When it seemed the world would be plunged into chaos, heroes appeared─men and women blessed with the power to bind the eidolons in crystal. And though these heroes succeeded in restoring the peace, in time they too were seduced by the Darkness they had defeated. With their tainted gifts they transformed men into monsters─voidsent─and raised armies to wage new wars. Zero and her mother were among the token few who defied temptation and held fast to the Light, but in the end, the enemy proved too strong, and their world fell to ruin. In that moment, Zero was cast into the rift, and so was spared the fate of becoming a voidsent in full.
At the end of her tale, Zero declares her world lost. But through an explanation of the Source and its reflections, Y'shtola reveals to her that there is yet hope for the Thirteenth. While Zero declares she has no desire to save it, she agrees to continue helping you in your quest to find Azdaja─provided her price is paid. The demanded deposit: a single apple.
  • Your journey into the void has led to the most fortuitous of encounters, for only with Zero's aid were you able to defeat the voidsent that barred your path. That she will remain at your side for the coming search gives you hope that you will succeed in rescuing Vrtra's sister. Nevertheless, Golbez and his remaining minions will surely seek to bar your way, and you steel yourself for the trials to come.

I believe Zero's time here has been rewarding, and 'twas in no small part due to your company. My thanks for agreeing to join us.
Come, let us return to Meghaduta.
Quest Accepted

During his brief reign, Zenos ruled over the ruins of Garlemald. A stark contrast from the vibrance of Radz-at-Han. I trust Zero enjoyed it, in her own way.
I'm not surprised that Zero is unfamiliar with money. If she means to stay in Radz-at-Han for a while, we'll need to teach her how to deal with the local merchants.
Welcome back, Master Surname. Will you be heading to the guest chambers?
Proceed to the Meghaduta guest chambers?
Player7 Icon.png Voiced cutscene start.
So, what are your impressions of Radz-at-Han?
There's a lot of mortals.
Considering your origin, I can see why that might be your first observation. Though they would call each other "people," I think.
If you wish to know about our fair city, I should be glad to place a guide at your disposal.
No need─I'll show myself around. There's only so much about my home I can share with you in return, after all.

While I remember some few tales of the past, I cannot speak to their authenticity.

But if that is enough, then I will tell you of the events that saw Darkness engulf our world─the Contramemoria.
We are all ears. Please.
Long ago, Light filled the world, and all was at peace.

But then the servants of Darkness came, and they bequeathed a black art unto men.

Channeling the power of hope and prayer, one could call forth fearsome beings known as eidolons.
The Ascians. And these eidolons are surely primals.
Then you have faced the same, and understand that when an eidolon is birthed, strife follows. And in such strife, the weak are first to suffer.

When it seemed the world would be plunged into chaos, heroes appeared─they who were blessed with a singular power.

The power to bind the aether of eidolons within crystals known as memoria.

My mother was one such memoriate. But in fighting to save many, she herself was touched by Darkness─as was I.
And so you were born part voidsent. Before the world was overcome?
How exactly did that calamity come to pass? Did the memoriates not triumph?
They did. They expunged the seeds of chaos and restored the peace...only to find themselves seduced by the Darkness they had sealed.
They spread the taint, transforming men into monsters─what you call voidsent─and raised armies to wage new wars.
Not the first to be corrupted by power─nor the last.
Some defied temptation and held fast to the Light, my mother and I among them.
For years and years we fought, but it was not enough. And when our strength was spent, our bulwarks broken, so too was the world.
The Flood of Darkness...
The stars faded from the heavens as a pall black as pitch enveloped creation. Darkness raged unchecked, rending the very walls of reality.

I was cast into the rift, and there trapped for what felt like an eternity.

Until I came upon a crack. Tiny, infinitesimal─but enough for me to squeeze through...

...And find my world changed beyond recognition. Into the lightless waste you saw.
So that is how you were able to escape becoming a voidsent in full.
I suppose I should consider myself fortunate. Were I like most others, I wouldn't have lasted a day before being devoured.
We the lost are better equipped to survive in a lost world.
A lost world, you say?
I wouldn't be so sure. The Thirteenth is still there, is it not?
What are you getting at?
To explain requires that we initiate you into the truth of the Source and its reflections. Be warned that this will take a while...
Then...unlike the worlds that have been rejoined, mine still…
The Oracle of Light prevented the First from being completely overcome, so the situation may not be completely identical to that of your Thirteenth.

But the fact remains that we were able to restore a measure of balance to a world brought to the brink of destruction.

After which, some intrepid young souls succeeded in restoring life back to lands thought lost to Light.

Which gives me cause to hope the day may yet come when life springs forth anew in the Thirteenth.

Of course, these are only possibilities. I offer no guarantees.

But having experienced what we have, I daresay we are more qualified than most to speak on the matter.
Wait, I don't understand. Why would you say these things? As if you mean to...
But the sole reason you came to the void was...
To find a dragon, aye. And in light of what we've seen, we'd be fools to strive for more.

But we Scions─former Scions, begging your pardon─have a habit of not leaving well enough alone.

And old habits die hard, don't they, my friend?
Restoring the Light would serve our efforts to find and free Azdaja. There is no reason not to try.
...Do as you will. I have no desire to save that world.
Be that as it may, we will have need of your power when next we face voidsent.
You know how it works. If you want my help, you must pay my price.

And now that you've drawn Golbez's attention, it's going to cost you more. A lot more.

I will consider this a deposit.
Player7 Icon.png Voiced cutscene end.

Player7 Icon.png Cutscene start.
Though our time in the void was short, we managed to ascertain that my sister yet lives. And it cannot be overstated how fortunate we are to have met Zero.

But the greater blessing is nevertheless you, my friend. For your encouragement to embark upon my search anew, and your help in overcoming the challenges thus far.

Golbez and his minions will seek to stymie our efforts. Of this we can be sure.

But with you all at my side, I have confidence that we will succeed. That we will find and liberate my sister. And that we shall return home together.
Player7 Icon.png Cutscene end.
Quest Complete
Player7 Icon.png Voiced cutscene start.
Meanwhile, elsewhere...
First Scarmiglione, and now Barbariccia... Useless, the both of them.
Throne of Fire
'Twas no lie─they conspire with a memoriate.
And their search for the dragon will lead them here.
The war looms nigh. We cannot allow these interlopers to interfere.
Throne of Fire
If I may, my lord, I have a plan to eliminate them.
In order to guarantee its success, however, I will require Cagnazzo's cooperation.
If there's sport to be had, then I'll play along. As much as I dislike following your lead, I have no patience for scheming.
Well and good to have confidence, but do not forget the cost of failure.
Throne of Fire
Rest assured I will see the dream to fruition. Even should I be consumed by my own flames, I will pave the way for one and all.
Then I will trust in your oath and your plan.
Throne of Fire
We will give you cause to rejoice, my lord. This I vow.
Heh heh, some excitement for a change!
No sacrifice is too great. Even should my four archfiends be lost, I will not halt my steps.

The prison of passivity is an obstacle to my cause. And so you must fall.

What irony that the blessed damned should set us free!

As I swore so long ago.

The gate lies open. At long last, my ambition shall be fulfilled!
Player7 Icon.png Voiced cutscene end.
Our next foray promises to be filled with even more danger. Pray leave Zero in my care for now, and focus on recovering your strength.
The way the sky changes color with the passage of time... It's probably a mundane thing to you, but to me it's a marvel. I daresay I won't soon grow bored in this world.
No sooner did we part ways than I was waylaid by the Radiant Host. I thought I had fulfilled my promise to train them, but apparently not...
So it seems voidsent can't be slain in their world. I shudder to imagine that being the case in ours as well...
While we were exploring the void, I took the opportunity to record some data. Hopefully it will yield some useful information for our quest.
Your account of the void has captured our imaginations, and we can barely sleep for all the possibilities racing through our minds! When you have a moment, we hope to hear more details from you!
What will you say?
I went to the Thirteenth.
What? Not only did you travel to the Thirteenth, you encountered a memoriate besides!? Wicked white, that's nothing short of a miracle...

I used to be a memoriate myself, but I lost my powers when the Ascians plucked me out of the void. It's astounding to think that this Zero managed to survive with hers all this time.

Though she claims to have no desire to save our world, as a compatriot, I should still be keen to meet her. There's only so many of us left, after all─those who haven't completely lost themselves.

Also, I know full well that you and yours have your own objective in the Thirteenth. But should you discover aught that might lead to its restoration, I'd thank you to share it with me.
What? With our methods, we can barely maintain a faint connection to the Thirteenth...but you say that you've journeyed there!? Incredible...

Such drive Archon Y'shtola must have to uncover the secrets of cross-rift travel. And to conceive of creating an artificial Atomos could only be described as inspired.

Suffice it to say, I should like nothing more than to join you on your future forays, but I will abide in patience for now. You already have a capable guide at your disposal, and my presence would be extraneous.

Besides, there are certain tasks that require me to be here in the First.

For one, I wish to learn more about the approach used to revive the Empty. 'Tis my hope that the selfsame can be applied in the Thirteenth, and to that end, I have arranged to meet with those involved.
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