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Organizations Icon.pngThe Syndicate
The Syndicate has half a dozen chairs, each occupied by one who has added most to the coffers of Ul'dah. Though they initially served in an advisory role, at present they are the nation's ruling body. The Monetarists, the reigning faction, work to establish self-governance—though Raubahn acts as a foil to their attempts. Nonetheless, the sultana's opinion carries little weight.

Given the range of power afforded the Syndicate, struggles over membership have always been fierce. One recent example is Eolande Quiveron, who is widely thought to have perished in the Seventh Umbral Calamity. The seat thus vacated by the former head of Frondale's Phrontistery has since been filled by Godbert Manderville, yet rumors still abound that Eolande was assassinated due to a quarrel within the Monetarist ranks.
Syndicate Members
Chairman Lolorito Nanarito, East Aldenard Trading Company
Prince Teledji Adeledji, Mirage Trust
Chief Foreman Fygeiss Loetkilbsyn, Amajina & Sons Mineral Concern
Flame General Raubahn Aldynn, General of the Immortal Flames and Owner of the Coliseum
Prioress Dewlala Dewla, Head of the Order of Nald'thal and Director of Milvaneth Sacrarium
President Godbert Manderville, Manderville & Manderville
Former Members
Eolande Quiveron (Presumed Deceased), Director of Frondale's Phrontistery
Rycharde, Former Owner of the Coliseum
Members: Cicidoa Sosodoa, Dewlala, Eolande, Fyrgeiss, Lolorito, Raubahn Aldynn, Teledji Adeledji
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