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Dalamud Approaches

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Kipih Jakkya here, bright-eyed and sharp-eared, bringing you a report on the ever-expanding Dalamud.

But is the red moon truly swelling in size?
One theory states that Dalamud may actually be moving towards us, thus the illusion of gradual growth. I had the good fortune to speak with Domitien, an Ishgardian scholar and proponent of the “moving moon” theory, and he was kind enough to elaborate further on the subject.

According to Domitien, the red moon's growing proximity is wreaking havoc on the natural balance of the elements. As evidence to support this claim, he points to the recent and wide-ranging discovery of crystals that either exhibit an extreme concentration of a particular elemental property, or appear to have lost any such properties altogether.

And what might the consequences of such a disruption to elemental balance entail?
Domitien hypothesizes that the disturbance could give rise to peculiarities among monstrous wildlife, as well as alter the flow of aetheric energy. This last point is especially worrisome, as the “rivers” of aether that run through the land are what make instantaneous travel between aetheryte locations possible. Should the aetheric flow become sufficiently warped, it may well prevent us from using aetherytes altogether.

There have been no reports of “broken” aetherytes to date, and I, for one, certainly hope to hear of none. Domitien, while your ideas are fascinating, you must forgive me for praying that your theory is somehow flawed!

I shall continue to investigate the disturbing influence Dalamud exerts on Eorzea, and pass on any new knowledge that I manage to acquire.

Till next time, may the Twelve watch over us all.

Kipih Jakkya