Equilibrium (Music)

Macro Symbol 30 Icon.pngEquilibrium
The sigh of the shifting sea

The kiss of the salt-sweet breeze
The white of her silken dress, stained in red

A memory fading fast
Her mother sits, eyes downcast
A torn uniform in hand, farewells unsaid

That once in certainty, lost in grief
A daughter's desperate cries, unheard pleas
Forsaken, beaten, tried, on her knees
A prayer passes from her lips
Into her soul the Goddess whispers:

"A heartbeat without harmony
Is moonlight without dark
The heart seeketh equilibrium
With balance will your worry part.

So still this broken melody,
And therewith shoulder thee.
One last step only leaving
An empty hearth down by the sea.
An empty hearth down by the sea."

Acquisition: Crafted from a drop from Containment Bay P1T6 (Extreme)
Type: Trial
Duty: Containment Bay P1T6Containment Bay P1T6 (Extreme)
Condition: 2nd phase of the boss fight
Composer: Masayoshi Soken
Arrangement: Masayoshi Soken
Vocals: Ayumi Murata
Lyrics: Micheal-Christoper Koji Fox
Acquired from: Equilibrium Orchestrion Roll
JP Title: 女神 ~女神ソフィア討滅戦~
Plays on Mounts


This song focuses on the daughter of a Meracydian soldier from the nation that worshiped the Goddess, later known as Sophia by the Allagans. When this soldier died in battle against the Allagan Empire, the girl's mother took out her grief on their child. Praying to the Goddess from a cliff beside the sea, the daughter hears Her voice whisper that her father's death has upset the balance of her family. To restore equilibrium, the Goddess claims, the girl must kill her mother. The task complete, the Goddess then tells the girl to "still this broken melody" entirely by killing herself, as well. She jumps from the cliffs and leaves the family home by the sea thus abandoned.[1]

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