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Forlorn Maiden

Beastiary Icon.pngForlorn Maiden  Zoneicon.png
Level Range 60-89
Forlorn Maiden.png
Species Description:
Pure aether cloaked in crystal is how one might describe these stunning creatures commonly found wandering the blood-soaked sands of war. Yet, their beauty belies a deadly secret: the elementals are, in fact, harbingers of impending misfortune.[1]
Genus Description:
No one is certain how they came about, but one theory describes dhruvas as a manner of naturally occurring golem ─ crystals that have spontaneously shaped themselves into monstrous forms. They appear and act like living beings, but have no intelligence to speak of. All that is known is that dhruvas are drawn to other creatures in a relentless hunt for aether. Gyr Abanians have learned to loathe and fear them.[2]
Zone Level Drops Notes
The Fringes  60-69 Aggressive.png
The Peaks  60-69 Aggressive.png
The Lochs  60-69 Aggressive.png
The Ruby Sea  60-69 Aggressive.png
The Azim Steppe  60-69 Aggressive.png
Yanxia  60-69 Aggressive.png
Lakeland  70-79 Aggressive.png
Amh Araeng  70-79 Aggressive.png
Kholusia  70-79 Aggressive.png
Il Mheg  70-79 Aggressive.png
The Rak'tika Greatwood  70-79 Aggressive.png
The Tempest  70-79 Aggressive.png
Labyrinthos  80-89 Aggressive.png
Thavnair  80-89 Aggressive.png
Garlemald  80-89 Aggressive.png
Mare Lamentorum  80-89 Aggressive.png
Elpis  80-89 Aggressive.png
Ultima Thule  80-89 Aggressive.png

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