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Garlean Movements

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Kipih Jakkya here, bright-eyed and sharp-eared, bringing you the latest reconnaissance on the movements of the imperial army.

Garlean forces have resumed their attacks on Eorzean soil, presumably seeking to take advantage of the widespread chaos caused by Atomos and its minions. This time, however, the Empire has adopted a new approach for its incursions.

Before I launch into an explanation of this development, dear reader, allow me to provide some background on Garlean military structure. The imperial army is composed of large-scale units known as legions. Of the fourteen such units believed to exist, it is the VIIth Imperial Legion, commanded by Legatus Nael van Darnus, that currently threatens our hearths and homes.

According to our sources, each legion is comprised of ten infantry battalions known as cohors. These cohors are further broken down into three companies, or manipuli. Finally, a manipulus consists of two platoons, or centuriae.

Our troubles lie with this last unit. Previously, the Empire pushed into our territory with entire manipuli. Recent days, however, have seen the attacks scaled back to the smaller centuriae.

“But surely,” you must be thinking, “Would that not make them easier to defeat?” Unfortunately, the answer is a resounding “nay.” Respected adventurers have described these centuria units functioning as elite shock troops—platoons that are provisioned with the latest in magitek weaponry.

Twin Adder strategists theorize that the Empire seeks to prevent the Eorzean Alliance from amassing by deploying these smaller detachments to threaten the realm on multiple fronts.

With rumors of a climactic battle on the wind, it seems the Garleans are seizing every opportunity to interfere with the alliance’s preparations. It is imperative, now more than ever, that we stand together to confront the invaders. Valiant adventurers everywhere, I pray you answer the call to arms!

Till next time, may the Twelve watch over you and keep you safe.

Kipih Jakkya