NPC Icon.pngGuillestet
  Elezen / Wildwood / Male
Zone(s): The Pillars - Athenaeum Astrologicum  (15-10)
Affiliation: Ishgard

Ah, Lord Jannequinard's latest consociate. I trust your,, is proceeding...ah, smoothly?

Guillestet is a novitiate astrologian in his second year of study. He is assigned to perform receptionist duties at the Athenaeum Astrologicum between his classes alongside Lord Jannequinard de Durendaire.

While he seems to detest this duty and makes no secret of his contempt for Jannequinard, he intends to bear it and pass his examinations so that he can someday serve at the First Dicasterial Observatorium of Aetherial and Astrological Phenomena.


Additional Dialogue
Tell me of yourself.
My name is Guillestet. I am in my second year on the coveted path to becoming an astrologian. All novitiates are assigned a task at the Athenaeum to which we are required to attend between our classes. The stars saw fit that I be assigned receptionist duty...with Lord Jannequinard.

He is, by no means, a bad man...only a tad eccentric. Being the second son to the Count de Durendaire means he is free to do as he wishes...and most of the time he wishes to pay call on the city-state's young maidens...despite being older than mine own father. The rest of the time, he continues his "studies" of Sharlayan astrology—something he began almost twenty summers ago when he spent a twelvemoon in the now abandoned city-state training with the heathen astrologians. His bloodline protects him from the scrutiny of higher-ranking officials here, but it is his lack of talent which truly keeps the wolves at bay.

In other words, he is harmless. I am merely required to suffer his whims until I pass my examinations and get assigned a position at the Observatorium. Then, some new novitiate will be assigned the post and the cycle will continue as it has for almost two decades.

Tell me of this place.
The Athenaeum Astrologicum was founded by Saint Geunriol to serve as a place where astrologians such as myself might learn and perfect methods used to read the stars. Since the discovery by Adaunel the Younger that the Dravanian Horde were using the relative position of a celestial body we now refer to as the dragon star to determine their attacks on the Holy See, we have ever been seeking to decipher the dragons' code. Theories constructed here are subsequently taken south to the Observatorium where they are put into practice.

Ah... We also training in Sharlayan astrology—a school of star reading neither recognized or approved of by the Athenaeum, the Observatorium, or the Holy See.

The only reason I even mention it is because I have been...ah, commanded to do so by Lord Jannequinard.

Tell me more of astrology.
Astrology originated thousands of years ago in Sharlayan, and was introduced to Eorzea when the Sharlayans founded their colony in the Dravanian hinterlands. It remained a minor field of study, eclipsed by larger ones such as conjury and thaumaturgy, until three centuries ago when an Ishgardian astrologian by the name of Adaunel the Younger discovered that the stars could be used to determine the movements of the Dravanian Horde. It was then that Ishgardian astrology was born, the focus moving from fortune-telling and fate-scrying to something actually useful—preventing the death of knights by knowing when and where the Horde would arrive.

You will not see an Ishgardian astrologian carrying about a star globe or an astrolabe. You will not see him consulting with a divining deck or gazing into the stars, hoping to draw forth its aether and use it to manipulate fates. You will not hear talk of the gates of the seven heavens or the chantings of minor spells woven to heal cuts or enmusculate sword arms. Well, you will not hear these things as long as you keep your distance from Lord Jannequinard.

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