Hedgemole Cricket

Hedgemole Cricket Icon.pngHedgemole Cricket  Fisher icon.png
An amphibious vilekin found swarming about the Quickspill Delta.
Stack Size: 99
Sells for: Gil Icon.png x 14 HQ Icon2.png16
Recommended Level: Fisher Icon 5.png 130
Noconverticon.png Nodyeicon.png Nocresticon.png Noprojectableicon.png Desynthesizableicon.png Nostorableicon.png Nocollectableicon.png
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Acquisition Uses
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Fishing Overview:
Type: Rivers Aquarium Type: None
Prime Locations: Dravania - The Dravanian Hinterlands
Baits: Stonefly NymphPurse Web SpiderBrute Leech
Smallest: 1.9 im Largest: 4.6 im
This tiny vilekin has the capacity to live on both land and in water, using its powerful barbed forelegs to both burrow and to swim. Its reproductive capacity is immense; however, since both fish and birds feed on the cricket, its population remains fairly controlled.
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Fishing Locations:
Culinarian Icon 5.png
Potential Results:
Fine Sand Icon.png Fine Sand
Brown Pigment Icon.png Brown Pigment
Allagan Silver Piece Icon.png Allagan Silver Piece
1-3 Water Crystal Icon.png Water Crystal
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