Locus Terribilis

Map65 Icon.png Lv. 72   Locus Terribilis
Zone: Il Mheg - Timh Gyeus  (11.0-28.8)
The irismoth Necropsyche has come to feast on the sweet nectar of Il Mheg's flowers─which would be a tolerable state of affairs if she weren't a giant irismoth. As it is, she stands to drain all the area's blossoms of liquid and life before she has finished breakfast.
Experience Gil Bicolor Gemstone
Expicon.png243,000 Gil Icon.png144 Bicolor Gemstone Icon.png12
World: The First
Landmass: Norvrandt (Landmass)
Region: Norvrandt
Zone: Il Mheg
Area: Timh Gyeus
Coordinates: 11.0-28.8
Level: 72
Type: Notorious Monster