Monkeying Around

Map66 Icon.png Lv. 75   Monkeying Around
Zone: The Rak'tika Greatwood - The K'mul Astropolis  (23.2-14.5)
Starting NPC:
Wood raiders have snuck into the Ronkan ruins and have made off with several artifacts. The defenders of the ancient treasures are, as one might imagine, displeased that they have become the playthings of these dastardly simians, and go about reclaiming the relics, prizing them from the thieves' dead paws if necessary.
Delivery NPC:
Item Delivered:
Experience Gil Bicolor Gemstone
Expicon.png297,000 Gil Icon.png150 Bicolor Gemstone Icon.png12
World: The First
Landmass: Norvrandt (Landmass)
Region: Norvrandt
Zone: The Rak'tika Greatwood
Area: The K'mul Astropolis
Coordinates: 23.2-14.5
Level: 75
Type: Gather Items