Mount Yorn

Zoneicon.pngMount Yorn
When Nyunkrepf Nyunkrepfsyn brought the ark known as Nyunkrepf's Hope to the lands of Gyr Abania with powerful teleportation magicks, he actually intended to bring the people he'd rescued from the floods to the islands in the Northern Empty, near his homeland. Initially, he believed they had arrived on the Isle of Yorn, but upon discovering that they were not, in fact, on the islands that would become Sharlayan, they decided to keep the name—Mount Yorn.
Zone: The Peaks
Region: Gyr Abania
Landmass: Aldenard
World: Hydaelyn
Type: Outdoor
Aetheryte: Ala Ghiri
Weather: varies
Expansion: Stormblood
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Castrum Abania (Landmark)



The Bull's Bath

Harvesting (1)
Item Node (Slot) Node Req. Gathering Req.
Alyssum 3 Level:70 Level: 68
Perception HQ Icon.png 664
Edit Harvesting: Mount Yorn
Lightning Crystal 5 Level:70 Level: 26
Edit Harvesting: Mount Yorn
Gyr Abanian Carrot 7 Level:70 Level: 66
Perception HQ Icon.png 638
Edit Harvesting: Mount Yorn
Twincoon 8 Level:70 Level: 69
Perception HQ Icon.png 677
Edit Harvesting: Mount Yorn
Timeworn Gaganaskin Map 1-8 Level:70 Level: 70
Perception HQ Icon.png N/A
Edit Harvesting: Mount Yorn
Timeworn Gazelleskin Map 1-8 Level:70 Level: 70
Perception HQ Icon.png N/A
Edit Harvesting: Mount Yorn
Hingan Flax 4 Level:70 Unspoiled
Tome of Botanical Folklore - Gyr Abania
Level: 70 ★★
Perception HQ Icon.png 870
Edit Harvesting: Mount Yorn
Fishing Holes (1)
Location POS Level Type Requirements
The Bull's Bath 23.8-33.3 68 Freshwater Gulleye V
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