Not without Incident

Mainquest1 Icon.png Lv. 61   Not without Incident

Journal detail hr1 07.png Acquisition
Lyse: Mor Dhona - Fogfens - Revenant's Toll (x:22.3, y:8.5)

Map33 Icon.pngClosest Aetheryte: Revenant's Toll

Journal detail hr1 08.png Requirements
071201.png61Tales from the Far EastMainquest1 Icon.png Tales from the Far East (Level 61)

Spacer2.png Any Disciple of War or Magic (excluding limited jobs) (Level 61)

Journal detail hr1 03.png Rewards
Journal detail hr1 04.png Description
Lyse thinks it is time you returned to Limsa Lominsa.
Journal detail hr1 01.png Objectives
  • Speak with Alphinaud at the ferry docks.
  • Speak with the Kraken's Arms deckhand.
  • Speak with Carvallain.
  • Use the Duty Finder to enter the Sirensong Sea.
  • Speak with Carvallain.
Journal detail hr1 02.png Unlocks Quests
071201.png61The Man from Ul'dahMainquest1 Icon.png The Man from Ul'dah (Level 61)

  • Lyse thinks it is time you returned to Limsa Lominsa.
  • Having spoken with the Doman refugees of Revenant's Toll, you have gained a greater understanding of their homeland, as has Lyse. Duly educated, you depart for Limsa Lominsa, where Captain Carvallain and the crew of the Misery are preparing for your journey to the other side of the world.
  • Returned from their various errands, Alphinaud and the others may board the ship at any time. As is all too often the case, however, Alphinaud elects to let you “do the honors” and inform the deckhand of you and your comrades' readiness.
  • Before you and Alisaie board the Misery, Urianger arrives bearing a cryptic warning and a practical gift: a rapier made for your young companion. Moved by the gesture, her steely demeanor softens, and you sense that the rift between the two may have finally begun to heal. Alas, there is no time for further conversation, as Carvallain declares that it is time to depart.
The voyage is smooth and almost entirely uneventful... Almost. On a day like any other, while conversing with your comrades and the captain below deck, the ship lurches violently. Moments later a deckhand barges into the room, speaking of strange things in the water, and a mysterious force dragging the Misery off course. With a sigh, Carvallain goes to investigate─but not before asking you to join him.
  • Though he puts no stock in Sea Wolf superstitions and faerie tales, Carvallain explains to you that the “things” in the water his sailors refuse to name are the souls of deceased women said to lure sailors to their deaths. Though the very thought is enough to cause Alphinaud considerable distress, Alisaie flatly concludes that whatever the cause of your troubles, you have no recourse but to surrender to the current, let it take the Misery where it will, and deal with whatever you find there. Carvallain duly agrees, and the matter is settled.
※Challenge the Sirensong Sea with other players via the Duty Finder, or with a party of NPCs via Duty Support. Both systems are accessible from the main menu as well as the dungeon's entrance point.
  • With the demise of the mysterious being the sailors call Lorelei, the clouds part, leaving you and your comrades free to resume your journey aboard the Misery. But what wonders await you in distant Kugane?
  • As the ship sails into port, you and your comrades line the deck, marveling at the many colors of the city. From the corner of your eye you spy Lyse, standing apart from the others, her lips moving silently. A prayer or an oath, perhaps. But it is not for you to know...
  • And so you disembark, strangers in a strange land. What wonders and perils await you in this island nation on the far side of the world?

Right. No point waiting around here, is there?
We should head back to Limsa Lominsa. Alphinaud said to meet at the ferry docks, I think?
Quest Accepted
The Misery is the finest ship ever to sail the Rhotano, and I'll not hear any man say otherwise!
A surfeit of sumptuous foods, wondrous sundries, plenty of clean undergarments... Yes, I do believe we have everything we need for a lengthy voyage!
It's times like this I'm glad we've got Tataru taking care of business.
"An army marches on its stomach." Tataru took that lesson to heart.

You are returned, Forename. I trust you learned much from our Doman friends in Revenant's Toll.

I am eager to hear all─though that can wait until we have left port. We will have time enough to talk on our journey to Kugane.

Our spice-trading friends have completed their preparations. Assuming you have completed yours, you may inform the deckhand that we are ready to depart.

Something left undone, my friend? If not, let us be off.

All set, lad? I'll see you to the ship if so.
Board the Misery?
Yes No

Player7 Icon.png The Unending Journey: # 1: Voiced cutscene start.
Twelve be praised! Full sure was I that I had come too late.
Urianger? Tell me you haven't come all this way just to see us off.
Nay, my lady. Ere you quit these shores for eastern climes, I wished to share some words of seeming import.

"Look ye where the sun doth rise, see crimson embers, dark'ning skies...

Look ye where the sun doth fall, see azure lost amidst the squall."
Well that sounds suitably foreboding. Another one of your prophecies, I presume?
Of Far Eastern origin, aye. It is mine earnest hope that this ancient wisdom may serve to guide you on your journey, for what dangers lie in wait for you upon those distant shores are yet beyond my knowing.
<sigh> A parting gift befitting your roundabout ways. Thank you.
I have more than words for you, my lady.
It's beautiful... Is it for me?
Though undeniably powerful, your aetherial blade taxeth you greatly in the wielding. Not so this rapier, which shall serve you just as well 'gainst all but the most formidable foe.
Impressive... It feels as though it's attuned to my aether. I shall treasure it.
Honored guests! Say your farewells, for the moment of our parting draws nigh! A fair wind blows, and I mean to follow it!
It would seem our ship is set to sail. Pray give my regards to Thancred and the others. And...take care.
Player7 Icon.png The Unending Journey: # 1: Voiced cutscene end.

Player7 Icon.png The Unending Journey: # 2: Voiced cutscene start.
A fine day, is it not? Fair winds and following seas.

The Misery is enjoying herself.

Nevertheless, it would not do for you to spend the entirety of our voyage above deck. Let me show you to your quarters.
Aaah! Is it supposed to do that!?
Not under normal circumstances...
Captain! You're needed on deck. Somethin' queer's afoot. The winds died down, the waters went still, and all of a sudden we were dragged off course...
"Dragged"? By what?
Can't rightly say, sir, but some of the lads are mutterin' about seein' things in the water. Things as shouldn't be there...
Oh, for the love of─ If you will excuse me a moment.
...Actually, might I persuade you to join me? Loath though I am to admit it, I have a bad feeling about this.
Player7 Icon.png The Unending Journey: # 2: Voiced cutscene end.

How in the blue blazes did you─ Ugh, naught for it but to get our fastest ship to take you to the Misery.

This ain't right. This ain't right at all.

Player7 Icon.png Cutscene start.
Hmm... Odd. Most odd.
Well? Do you have any idea what's going on?
...No. As the man said, despite the absence of wind and current, the Misery is somehow being pulled off course.
Well, why not fire up the ceruleum engines you have hidden below?
An excellent suggestion based on knowledge you should not have. Alas, our engines appear to be malfunctioning for reasons that escape my engineers at present...
I'm telling you, Captain, it's them...things the lads saw...
"Things"? I don't suppose I could convince you to attempt something more descriptive? An adjective, for example.
Sea Wolf superstitions and faerie tales, naught more... But if you must know, the “things” which he is so reticent to name are the souls of deceased women said to lure sailors to their deaths.
Yeees, indeed... If it is neither the sea nor the weather which is responsible, then it is probably a predatory entity of some sort─perhaps a siren or some such.
For all we know, it could be a fellow "spice trader" employing magicks to seize and plunder passing vessels.
Regardless, we have but one recourse: to let the current take us where it will, and deal with whatever we find there.
What a thoroughly pragmatic suggestion. Oh, I am beginning to like you, girl.

Once we arrive at our destination, my crew shall remain with the ship to defend it while we venture forth to deal with the cause of our troubles.

I assure you the feeling is not mutual. Once we arrive at our destination, be it a vessel or an island or something else, Lyse and I will remain with the ship to defend it in case of attack. Forename, I believe you would be the ideal choice to venture forth and deal with the cause of our troubles.

Then it is settled! I know not what awaits us, but it will rue the day it reeled us in!

The Duty Finder has been updated with a new regular duty.

The Sirensong Sea Now Accessible
Player7 Icon.png Cutscene end.

I'm not saying that I believe beyond a shadow of a doubt that vengeful spirits are plotting our demise at this very moment! I'm just saying we cannot discount the possibility!
(The fiery one─Alisaie, was it? 'Tis a pity she holds our profession in such disdain. She would make an excellent pirate.)
I'll make sure Tataru stays below deck until we know it's safe.
Alphinaud was terrified of ghost stories as a child. I'm glad to see that some things never change.
Wh-What? Why are you looking at me like that? I am calm and collected as ever! Carry on!

Player7 Icon.png The Unending Journey: # 3: Voiced cutscene start.
That appears to be the last of them.
Word from the Misery. Repairs are complete, and we may resume our journey without further delay.
I swear, if I never hear another ghost story, it will be too soon...
Player7 Icon.png The Unending Journey: # 3: Voiced cutscene end.

Glad that's over and done with. Sorry about the delay, eh? We'll be in Kugane before you know it!

Player7 Icon.png The Unending Journey: # 4: Voiced cutscene start.
( Lyse MainIcon36.png )
I remember the sea. The smell of the salt and the crash of the waves as we drew closer to Kugane...

The only port open to outsiders in Hingashi, across the Ruby Sea from Othard. From Doma.
All the colors of the rainbow, all the peoples of the world, all in one place.

I wish you could have seen it...
Player7 Icon.png The Unending Journey: # 4: Voiced cutscene end.

Strange... Is it just me, or is the ground swaying?
I...I don't know what I was expecting, but it wasn't this.
It's very...colorful, is it not?
By the Twelve, I have never been happier to be back on terra firma... Our voyage has instilled in me a new appreciation for surfaces which do not move of their own accord.
Thanks again for, uh, saving us from certain death at the hands of Lorelei and whatnot. We'll not soon forget it.

Congratulations. You now stand in Kugane, the western port of Hingashi. Regrettably, the only port in this nation open to foreign trade.
Oh, and I do apologize for the unforeseen difficulties which befell us during our journey. Needless to say, your assistance in overcoming them was much appreciated.
Quest Complete

Myriad delights await you, should you elect to explore and experience─assuming you are sufficiently open-minded, that is. I, alas, cannot afford to linger...

Greetings, sir, and welcome to the Kugane branch offices of the East Aldenard Trading Company. Do you have an appointment?
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