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Zones: Gridania
Locations: Gridania
Last Words

"Greetings, friend. I am Prosperlain, officer at arms of the Gods' Quiver, and I have been charged with the keeping of records concerning the races and clans in the lands of Gridania. The records are open to the public. Should you wish to know something, you need only ask."

Gridania's most populous races

The Wildwood of the Elezen

We Wildwood have lived amongst the trees for nigh on nine hundred years. We share the same tall, slender physiques as our Duskwight brethren, but are known for our sharper vision--a trait which lends itself well to our prowess with the bow. Our clan is also known for its innovative genius.

The carpentry of Gridania's immense wooden structures of the leather trade--these and more are the products of Wildwood ingenuity, handed down through the ages.

The Duskwights of Elezen

The Duskwight are cousins to us Wildwood, and the same blood of the first Elezen courses through both our veins. We are not entirely unlike in appearance, but generations spent in the darkness of caves have created rift enough between our ways of life.

Mind you, i bear their kind no ill will. I simply keep the records. And the records state that the Duskwight are generally believed to be...shall we say, unruly, and stubborn. Many turn to thievery and banditry to survive, and are seen as a disgrace to the nobility espoused by the Wildwood. Should you encounter any beyond a city's boundaries, you had best be wary.

The Keepers of the Moon of the Miqo'te

The Keepers of the Moon are the more numerous of the two Miqo'te clans you will see here in Gridania. Even so, their kind are few enough, as many and more care not for life in the city.

They have the characteristic feline eyes and long swaying tails and I daresay that in comparison to the Seekers of the Sun, they tend to be a bit more reticent and reserved. Time was, our own Gods' Quiver used to clash with the Keepers that were out hunting in the Twelveswood. But these days we deal with them friendly enough, trading what crops and hides are to be had.

The Beast Tribes

The Ixal

The Ixal are the sworn enemies of Gridania--craven birdmen who live in the reclusive canyons and valleys of the eastern reaches of Abalatia's Spine. They oft breach the Hedge and trespass into the twelveswood, foraging for plants or hunting small game. Theirs and ours is a timeless war.

The scholars tell us that the stunted wings and coarse feathers of the Ixal are vestiges of a time when they could fly freely through the skies. But they were not content with their gift, and sought ever greater power to oppose the very winds that bore them. They learned to build ships full of air that allows them to move in great numbers, appearing suddenly from above to attack the unwary. For the nonce, it is all we of the Gods' Quiver can do to oppose them.

The Sylphs

The Sylphs are a wee folk of the Twelveswood, or The Black Shroud as outsiders call it, who speak the language of the trees. They may appear adorable at first glance, but when their fury is on them they lust for blood as deeply as any of the other beast tribes. Irreverant gatherers and hunters, and even wayward travelers stumbling through the trees are oft taken by the greenfolk and never heard from again.

Yet we have come to learn that they mean only to protect the wood as we do--in their own way. They are not considered to be absolute enemies as other beast tribes are. Indeed, Gridania even maintains some dealings and exchanges with the sylphs, though their lack of societal structure lessens any impact that might be had.

Gender: Male
Race: Elezen
Clan: Wildwood Elezen
Affiliation: Gridania
Occupation: Officer at Arms
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