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Rising Panic

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Kipih Jakkya here, bright-eyed and sharp-eared, bringing you a report on the recent rampages of beasts and beastmen alike.

As mutterings about the imminent arrival of the Seventh Umbral Era swell into a deafening chorus of unease in and around the city-states, it appears the beastmen, too, are falling prey to the infectious rumblings of fear.

According to recent reports, roving gangs of Qiqirn and goblins have begun attacking travelers on the roads of Thanalan. While such incidents are certainly not unheard of in the lightly patrolled borderlands, these attacks have taken place in plain sight of the gates of Ul’dah. Never before have these beastmen been so bold, or shown such disregard for potential reprisals.

Mayhap, as some scholars have put forth, the looming threat of Dalamud has driven them into a self-destructive frenzy. Or perhaps they simply care not for consequences in their frantic rush to hoard supplies in preparation for the “end of the world.”

And while we are speaking of Thanalan, dear reader, let us not forget the rumors concerning the unusual numbers of cactuars careening around the countryside. Marcette, a naturalist and writer for Eorzean Geographic, postulates that exposure to the eerie and ever-present light of the red moon is responsible for the seedkin’s heightened state of agitation.

With both beast and beastman acting in such unpredictable fashion, a journey into the wilds is more dangerous than ever. Be you adventurer, merchant, or intrepid reporter, I urge you to remain wary—only the gods know what new dangers await us beyond the sanctuary of the city walls.

Till next time, may the Twelve watch over you and keep you safe.

Kipih Jakkya