NPC Icon.pngSabina  Merchant
  Hyur / Midlander / Female

Zone(s): Idyllshire - Rowena's Center for Cultural Promotion  (5.8-5.2)
Occupation: Merchant

Tell me about Gordian gear.

Well you see, we've got a contract with a group of goblins that're just itching to analyze any Illuminati technology they can get their hands on. They like to call the fruits of their efforts “Gordian.”
Even the simplest piece is enough to make them giddy, so all you'd need to do for your very own equipment is bring us some bits of Illuminati machinery, or even pages of their so-called manifesto. Our goblins get to tinker, and you get a shiny new piece of gear. Not a bad trade if you ask me!

Tell me about Midan gear.

Ever since the left arm of that primal lifted itself out of the Thaliak, our goblin friends' demand for even the tiniest bolts or scraps of knowledge has been insatiable. Say they need it to make their “Midan” gear.
We've barely been able to provide them with enough to keep up with their research. Can't deny their skill at what they do, though. Bring us anything you think would be of use and you can test out their equipment yourself.

Tell me about Alexandrian gear.

Our goblin artisans have been tripping over themselves with excitement ever since they got their hands on the Illuminati technology that's been leaked from the inner chambers of the steel colossus. Been using it to piece together their latest work─they've taken to calling it “Alexandrian”─which they insist is their most impressive ever.
I suppose you know the routine by now, but if you manage to find any─and I quote─“bittybobs, whirlycogs, or tatterpages” that might help them further their efforts, we'd be happy to exchange it for a sampling of their wares.

Gordian Parts
Gordian Manifesto
Gordian Exchange
Midan Parts
Midan Manifesto
Alexandrian Parts
Alexandrian Manifesto

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