Shady Premonitions

Sidequest2 Icon.png Lv. 50   Shady Premonitions
Rewardsicon.png Rewards
XP Gil Poetics Relations
Expicon.png24,000-103,680 Gil Icon.png609
Allagan Tomestone of Poetics Icon.png
Vanu Relations Icon.png 50
Guaranteed Rewards
Vanu Whitebone
Vanu Whitebone
Informationicon.png Description
Muna Vanu is scratching his head, puzzled.
  • The difficulty of this quest will be synced to your current level.
Objectivesicon.png Objectives
Issuing NPC: Muna Vanu
The Sea of Clouds -The Blue Window -Ok' Gundu Nakki (6-14)
Type: Vanu Vanu Quest
Repeatable: Daily
Quest: Sidequest1 Icon.pngIn the Skycage over the Sea
Reputation: Trusted
NPCs Involved: Linu VanuCowering Zundu
Mobs Involved: 6th Legion Deathclaw
NPC Locations
Muna Vanu in The Sea of Clouds (x:6.6, y:14.5)
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Linu Vanu in The Sea of Clouds (x:6.2, y:14.3)
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Cowering Zundu in The Sea of Clouds (x:11.6, y:11.6)
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Cowering Zundu in The Sea of Clouds (x:15.2, y:10.5)
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Cowering Zundu in The Sea of Clouds (x:20.3, y:9.5)
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Sidequest4 Icon.png 
Linu Vanu in The Sea of Clouds (x:6.2, y:14.3)
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  • Muna Vanu tells you that a foreboding rumor has been floating on winds from Ok' Zundu in the east. Speak to Linu Vanu to hear more about the curious whisper.
  • Linu Vanu tells you the nestlings of Ok' Zundu are anxiously claiming the advent of an airborne beast of Zundu myth. Curious of the tribe's myth and its palpability, he asks that you seek out one of the Zundu nestlings and listen to what they have to say.
  • You speak with the unnerved Zundu nestling, who tells you he has spotted the legendary beast's feathers scattered northeast of Ok' Zundu, directly feeling the “bite” of impending darkness. He asks you to challenge the beast in a daring display of strength.
  • The fallen feathers that allegedly came from a mythical beast which attacked the nestlings of Ok' Zundu are not feathers at all, but metal claws from an encroaching Garlean legion. Mythical beast or not, the claws still pose a considerable danger. Speak with the cowering Zundu to find the location of the other “feathers.”
  • The Zundu nestling is impressed by your combat with the Garlean metal claws, and guides you to the other location the magitek was sighted. Wait at the designated spot until the enemy compels you to display another courageous performance.
  • You have defeated the Garlean metal claws with a daring display of fearlessness. Speak with the Zundu nestling nearby.
  • The Zundu nestling is confident that the legendary beast is satisfied with your bold movements, running home to tell the other nestlings about the birth of a new legend. Return to Ok' Gundu Nakki to relay the outcome to Linu Vanu.
  • Linu Vanu has already heard whispers on the wind about the outcome of the search for the legendary beast and how you narrowly avoided the end of the world. He expresses gratitude for listening to the nestling, and states that the Gundu tribe will also remain on the lookout for the claws.
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