Skies Aflame

Mainquest1 Icon.png Lv. 85   Skies Aflame

Journal detail hr1 07.png Acquisition
Tataru: Old Sharlayan (Zone) - Archons' Design (x:9.2, y:11.4)

Map33 Icon.pngClosest Aetheryte: Old Sharlayan (Zone) → Old Sharlayan Aetheryte Plaza

Journal detail hr1 08.png Requirements
071201.png84Returning HomeMainquest1 Icon.png Returning Home (Level 84)

Spacer2.png Any Disciple of War or Magic (excluding limited jobs) (Level 85)

Journal detail hr1 03.png Rewards

Experience Points

Honey Yellow Dye
Honey Yellow Dye
Millioncorn Yellow Dye
Millioncorn Yellow Dye
Raisin Brown Dye
Raisin Brown Dye
Allagan Silver Piece
Miscellaneous Reward

Dungeon Icon.png Vanaspati (Level 85)

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Journal detail hr1 04.png Description
Tataru is furrowing her brow in consternation.
Journal detail hr1 01.png Objectives
  • Head to the main hall.
  • Journey to Thavnair.
  • Speak with Ahewann.
  • Use the Duty Finder or Trust to enter Vanaspati.
  • Speak with Ahewann.
Journal detail hr1 02.png Unlocks Quests
071201.png85The Blasphemy UnmaskedMainquest1 Icon.png The Blasphemy Unmasked (Level 85)

  • Tataru is furrowing her brow in consternation.
  • A visibly distressed Tataru informs you of grave tidings from far-off Radz–at–Han. It would appear your fellow Scions have already assembled in the main hall to discuss the situation, and you resolve to join them as soon as you are able.
  • The news from Radz–at–Han is dire indeed. The heavens burn red, and unholy beasts run rampant, preying upon the people─indeed, the Final Days have come. With Krile and Tataru remaining behind to support your expedition as best they may, you prepare to depart with your companions to investigate the precise nature and extent of this calamity, and to combat it to the best of your ability.
  • Thavnair is truly the stuff of nightmares. More disturbing than the rampaging beasts, however, are the words of Ahewann, satrap of Radz–at–Han, who shares with you the revelation that the monstrosities that plague the city are his own countrymen, transformed by forces unknown. The largest and most fearsome of the creatures─dubbed a “blasphemy” by the local populace─has fled north after wreaking havoc on the city. The dragon Vrtra, guardian of Thavnair, and the Radiant Host have already been dispatched in pursuit, and the satrap would have you join them.
  • At the docks, Ahewann briefs you on the plan of attack. You and your fellow Scions are to circle to the north side of the island by boat, and hunt for the blasphemy deep within the sacred jungle of Vanaspati. Looking out over the waters, you steel yourself for the battle to come.
※Speak with your companion NPCs outside the instance entrance if you wish to enlist them for this duty.
※Use the Duty Finder if you wish to complete the instance alongside fellow players.
  • You and your companions succeed in putting down the blasphemy, thereby eliminating the greatest threat to the people of Thavnair. There is little cause to rejoice, however, as yet more disturbing news has come to light: the ill-fated men-turned-beasts were bereft of all their aether─not only their lives, but their very souls are beyond saving. With newfound resolve to uncover the true cause of the transformations and put an end to them for good, you and your companions make to survey the area one last time before returning to Radz–at–Han.
  • Though the blasphemy itself has fallen, the battle against the beastly horde rages on in the skies above. Entrusting the task of defending the island from above to the dragon Vrtra─who grudgingly allows Estinien a place upon his back─you prepare to return to Radz–at–Han with your companions. There, you will reconvene with Ahewann, that you might share the knowledge you have acquired and see how the city fares.
  • Ahewann welcomes you back to the city, and reports with some relief that the lingering beasts that yet plagued the city have been dispatched. Though the immediate threat has passed, however, it is no time to rest easy, for there is no telling where and when the next transformation might occur...

Oh, Forename! I was just about to call for you.

I'm afraid we've received another call for assistance. This one comes from Radz–at–Han...

The others have assembled in the main hall to discuss the situation. You must join them at once!
Quest Accepted

I heard all about the Final Days from Krile, but I had no idea we'd feel the impact of it this soon...

Player7 Icon.png Cutscene start.
Ah, there you are.

Our worst fears have come to pass. But moments ago, we received grim tidings from our contact in Radz–at–Han.

Vile beasts have appeared as if out of nowhere, claiming one victim after the next. What's more, they say the very sky burns above them...
Good gods... Are the Final Days already upon us?
It would appear so. Sadly, that is all the information we have at present. No doubt the people of Radz–at–Han are busy fighting for their lives...
Then we must go at once! They need our help!
Agreed. Krile, you'd best remain here with Tataru and gather what knowledge you can. You are in no condition for a long journey, I imagine.
...Very well. Similar phenomena may have been observed elsewhere, and if so, we must know about it at once.
Be safe out there, yes?
Let us make first for Yedlihmad. We must prepare ourselves for what may lie ahead.
Player7 Icon.png Cutscene end.

I'm glad for Krile's support. I'll also call upon Hoary Boulder and the others to assist us. They will be our eyes and ears in the field, as they have been many times before.
I would rather accompany you to Thavnair...but Raha's concerns are well founded. The last thing I would want is to be a burden.
And so I will remain here with Tataru, and do all I can to gather knowledge that might serve us in the battle to come. Godsspeed in your journey, Forename.
If the might of Vrtra is not enough to hold these fiends at bay, Radz–at–Han is in dire straits indeed. We must go at once.
In ancient times, the phenomenon was first observed in places where the celestial currents had grown weakest. 'Twould seem there is a stagnancy of aether in the skies above Radz–at–Han unbeknownst even to Vrtra.
With the fall of the tower in Thavnair, the Hannish were beginning to enjoy a semblance of peace. And now this.
We do not wield the creation magicks that the ancients did, yet still these abominations appear. Whatever could be the cause?
If this calamity has indeed come to Thavnair, it is all too likely that Corvos across the strait finds itself in a similar predicament.
Even now, it remains an imperial province, and as such, it may be some time until we can ascertain the situation there. We can only hope that Krile and Tataru will be able to provide us with some insight sooner rather than later.
No similar creatures have been sighted here in Sharlayan. That said, the early signs may manifest in other regions ere long. We must be prepared for every eventuality.

Player7 Icon.png Voiced cutscene start.
And lo, vile beasts did rise...

Leaving naught in their wake but blood and ash.

Sun scorches earth and boils seas...

And our sins ascend unto the heavens─

Three dooms to unmake all we were.
The sky burns. The Final Days...are truly upon us.
...My friends. I trust you have heard the news.
We have. What can you tell us of the situation, Your Excellency?
Last night, the isle was rocked by tremors, and the earth itself cried out.

Aloft, the heavens began to burn. From all about, unholy beasts─the likes of which we had never seen─came forth in fury and rage.

...No. To say they "came forth" would be...inexact.

The people of Radz-at-Han themselves transformed into these baleful fiends.

Though the phenomenon was observed throughout our lands, the first creature─the largest and most dreadful of the lot─wrought havoc upon us here, in our fair city.

Though they bear superficial resemblance to divinities of legend, they are ungodly abominations. The people decry them as "blasphemies."

The large one's rampage has since taken it to the northern reaches of the island. I mean to dispatch our Radiant Host in an attempt to quell the threat.
And what of Vrtra?
Vrtra, too, makes for the north of his own accord. And yet...

He knows the blasphemy and its minions were but yesterday his beloved people.

I pray his boundless compassion and mercy does not deter him from taking unenviable but necessary action.
...Understood. I ask that you allow us to aid you in quelling this threat.
You would risk your lives to help us yet again? I have no words to express my gratitude.

Our regiments approach the north from several directions, with a number of units set to depart from the docks of Yedlihmad.

They will make landfall in an area of dense jungle, where one can expect to encounter dangers even beyond the fell beasts we hunt.

I leave you to your preparation. You will find me at the docks when you are ready to depart.
We're as prepared as we'll ever be. Let's go.
Player7 Icon.png Voiced cutscene end.

Local Dialogue
As much as I'd like to scurry under the satrap's protection, who knows what will happen once I set foot outside this town. I think I'll hold back for a while, see how things unfold...
Wh-What are we meant to do in this situation? The Radiant Host never prepared us for this!
Word has it there are many refugees suffering further inland. Since these goods won't be leaving Thavnair, I thought I'd send them all there. I can only hope it does them some good.
The sky! The sky is burning! We need to organize a town-wide evacuation! Surely we shouldn't just stay here...?
My parents are on Alnair. I want to check on them, but with things as they are, there's no way to get there. All I can do is pray for their safety...
Even if we have to flee the island itself, we can't just leave Yedlihmad standing empty. Someone needs to stay here to oversee the docks... Someone like me, I suppose.
I've never seen the sky cloud over like that... My heart's telling me to flee inland, but I can't just leave my boat behind.
The satrap's shield doesn't extend to Yedlihmad, let alone Alnair. I shudder to think that they are left to their own meager devices.
They say we should evacuate to the ward, but would it even protect us from...this?
What? Don't look at me. I've never seen the sky like this either!

Local Dialogue
These may be strange times we're living in, but we fishermen can't exactly up and leave Akyaali: the Radiant are counting on us to supply them with the alchemical ingredients they need.
Oh, what dreadful calamity is this!? What are we supposed to do!? I-I must keep calm... Yes, keep calm and remember the teachings... The light within, the light within...
What's happening? the world ending?

Local Dialogue
I've been working so long that I feel like I'm about to collapse. But I must persevere─the wounded are depending on me.
We're still getting some ingredients delivered, but I doubt we'll be able to make enough medicine to meet the Radiant's needs. And yet, there's little we can do about it with the trade routes how they are...
That sky is making all of us nervous, but it's the animals which suffer most. They're awfully sensitive to this kind of looming danger...
The Great Work appears to have escaped the worst of it, but I worry for our stonecutter friends at the quarry. They are exposed to the elements out there. Vulnerable.
We alchemists have our hands full concocting medicine for the wounded, but fortunately, I don't need hands to answer your questions. Go on.
I hear the situation outside is most grave. But I cannot afford to worry or fear─people need my medicine, and I must deliver as much as I can as soon as I am able.
I'm trying to focus on the teachings of the divinities to keep calm. There's so much to be feared these days, but we must stay strong...

Local Dialogue
Worried for us, are you? You needn't be─the Radiant Host will not fall so easily.
Just worry about yourself. A formidable warrior though you may be, we would not have you die in our land and on our watch.
We're taking a lot of casualties. They say our own citizens are turning into beasts and attacking us.
What in the Manusya's name is happening? I don't understand...
The sky is burning, and we're beset by monstrosities... It's utter chaos everywhere you turn. We're doing all we can to keep our people safe, but the longer the situation drags on, the harder pressed we will be...

Local Dialogue
No clue what's going on, but things don't seem to be good. Surely no one's going to get mad if we leave our stations now.
At a time like this, I can't help but worry for our alchemist friends. I pray they are safe and well...
Something tells me you're not here to buy giantsgall... Pity. What is it, then?
Quarrying under these conditions is admittedly nothing short of ridiculous, but I can't exactly run away─not on my own, at least─so my only real choice is to hunker down and keep working.
If we were to drop everything and run away, there'd be no one to supply giantsgall, which would effectively mean no supply of armaments for the Radiant Host. I won't abandon 'em to their fate; nay, scary though it may be, I'll carry out my part to the very end.

Local Dialogue
I heard the most dreadful shriek, and then─all of a sudden─the sky erupted into an eerie shade of crimson! What in the world is happening!?

Local Dialogue
I saw the strangest creature just now. What was that, I wonder?
Awfully noisy of late, isn't it? Could swear I heard someone outside shouting about monsters or something.
Did you hear that just now? It sounded like something howling, though I am not sure if it was man or beast...
Did you hear that sound earlier? A deal different from the noise of that large earthquake, wouldn't you say? It was almost as if a great horde of beasts was stampeding across the land.
There is blood in the air─thick and foul. What horrid thing has befallen us?
The color of that sky─it is burned into my mind's eye. It makes my heart hurt to so much as think of it.
Whatever that noise was, it sounded rather ominous... Is it truly safe for us to keep working like this?
Never have I seen the sky painted such a violent, uncanny red.
That great rumbling, this ominous sky─none of it portends anything even remotely good. And now there's some terrible crying noise in the air as well! When will it end?
Word has it that terrible beasts roam freely about the city. Better to stay put here than try to flee and end up at their mercy.

Local Dialogue
A high-pitched scream piercing the air, and the skies set aflame... Something tells me it will be a while before we're flying again.
While the tower may be gone, conditions still aren't exactly favorable. It's going to be a while until we're flying again.

Local Dialogue
Ever since that awful sound rung out, the hamsa have become even more skittish than ever. That said, I can hardly blame them...
There is a foreboding chill in the air. Perhaps I should move the hamsa back inside their cages.

Local Dialogue
One moment there was that terrible noise, and the next, the sky changed. Perhaps my eyes deceived me, but I could have sworn I saw some giant shadow cross the clouds. Do you think it an omen?

Local Dialogue
No sooner had the weather turned than those nasty beasts started running amok. We're safe here, though, surely?
These are dark times indeed. To be perfectly candid, I...I find I'm at something of a loss. I don't know what to do with myself now.
I've received word from the Radiant Host that strange monsters have appeared in town... We must help escort the citizens to safety!
The sky─ It's so red. Is it evening already? Or is the sun only just rising? Whatever. <yawn> I'm going back to bed.

Local Dialogue
I have heard tell from the satrap that you will assist us in bringing the blasphemy to heel. Go now─ We shall remain to keep the people safe from harm.
I've no idea what I saw. In truth, I can hardly describe it, but was some fell beast! And it appeared out of nowhere!

Local Dialogue
D-Did you see that just now!? What was that terrible thing!?
What was that!? M-More importantly, is anyone hurt? Was there any reported damage?

Local Dialogue
T-To think a beast like that would appear inside these walls...!
Men transformed to beasts...? I can scarce believe these horrors... But I must remain calm. My patrons and staff are depending on me.
Wh-Wha─ Wh-What was that!?

Local Dialogue
Wh-What is happening? H-How could there be more of those things!?

Local Dialogue
My hands tremble so much that at times I can barely hold a phial steady. But I must persevere─the people of Radz–at–Han are depending on our medicine.
Please, I haven't the time for idle chat. We must craft medicine, and quickly!
The Radiant Host have asked us to craft some medicine for them, but many of my comrades are still exhausted from helping forge the warding scales, so we're rather short on personnel...
Serpent's root... Aethersand... We're running low on practically everything. If we don't find a way to procure more─and fast─we'll be unable to fashion the medicines the people need.
The fire must burn hot at all times, you understand? I can't look away even for a second...which is a terrible bother because I need time to prepare my samples.

Stay strong! Every life we save matters!
Yes! We must save all we can!
Gracious Mrga...grant your strength to the Radiant Host!

Usually the most dangerous foe in a wyrm's domain is the wyrm themselves. If I were Vrtra, I would be as offended as I am horrified.
I shall survey the environs closely as we go about our search. There may be some clue as to how we can combat this phenomenon.
Don't worry. No matter how grim things might get, I won't lose heart. I'm ready whenever you need me.
So the beasts are not born of creation magicks run amok, but are rather the altered forms of the people themselves. In that sense, this manifestation of the Final Days differs from that which we witnessed in Amaurot.
...And for the worse, I daresay. If any man, woman, or child could become a beast at any moment, there is no telling whence the next threat might come. We must exercise extreme caution.
Innocent souls twisted and reformed into unholy abominations. I thought I had seen the last of such nightmares with the sin eaters...
We must act quickly, Forename! Every moment we tarry means another soul may be lost to this nightmare.
If it's true that the people themselves have transformed into beasts, why, even the Radiant Host could suffer the same fate. Or us, perish the thought...

Player7 Icon.png Cutscene start.
Everyone has assembled, yes? I thank you for lending us your aid in our battle against the blasphemy. Let us review our plan of attack.

I would have you board this boat and circle around to the north side of the island.

There you will find a dense jungle we call Vanaspati.

It is a sacred wood, home to many temples and a number of villages.

Vrtra and the Radiant Host have gone there ahead of us.

I ask that you join them, and do all in your power to destroy this blasphemy.
Player7 Icon.png Cutscene end.

I pray we are not too late to spare the settlements within Vanaspati the fate that has befallen our city.
Once we meet with Vrtra and the Radiant Host, they should be able to tell us more of the present situation.

Player7 Icon.png Voiced cutscene start.
Rrrrrruuu...ined. I'm...rrruuuined...
Y'shtola: As I feared...
What is it?
The beast was there...and now it is no more, yes?
Indeed, we saw it plain. didn't, did you?
I saw nothing. Not the blasphemy that perished here, nor the other men-turned-beasts. And because of this, I now see all too well...
There is no aether. Where the creatures should be, I saw naught but emptiness...
Emptiness? But that would mean...
Recall the words of the watcher. 'Twas a stagnancy of aether─a cessation of flow leading to decay and absence─that led the ancients to conclude their star was dying...

This is the same phenomenon. The instant these people are seized by the transformation, their aether begins to...rot and crumble away like dried mud...

Until, from their corporeal forms to their very souls, naught remains...
But the beast spoke with its dying breath! Surely, at least a sliver of the man it was endured!
...Mayhap so. But even if the process was incomplete, 'twas little more than a faint residue.
Gods be good... You're saying they cannot be saved?
Not by any means known to me.
...Or by any means at all, like as not. For there is naught left to save.
They return not even to the aetherial sea...
The beasts rage on, their hunger insatiable...

Even deprived of their master, they perpetuate his legacy of hate.

Once proud sons and daughters of Thavnair, all of them...and now I spill their blood!
Vrtra! My friends! I am heartened to see you safe.
You put your secret at risk.
Those closest to me already know the truth─a truth I must now share with one and all.

...Vrtra. Calamity has come to Radz-at-Han. Our fair nation is rent by screams of pain and despair.

More than ever, we require a strong leader to shepherd us through the storm. Reveal your true self to our people, Vrtra, and guide us to salvation!
What madness is this, Ahewann? Thou dost forget thyself.

Were we to reveal our duplicity, it would do naught but foster confusion and chaos.

Nay, I shall remain the satrap's loyal ally, and do battle with the beasts. Easing hearts and leading the people to safety is thy task, and thine alone.

I ask that you remain at Ahewann's side, and render unto him what aid you may.

I know not what lies ahead, but without you, Radz-at-Han will not survive.
...Take me with you.
I am as at home fighting in the air as I am on land. Take me with you.
Were my words unclear? I require no assistance. Thy place is at Ahewann's side.

It's the last thing you ever wanted─a linkpearl.

We'd gain much from knowing your elevated perspective. And it'll keep you from getting lonely─which I know you loathe.
You heard the man. Seems I'm coming with you after all.
Then I pray thy grip is iron. Be it on thy head if thou dost chance to fall.
Fair enough. Now─shall we?
I fear it is as Vrtra says: we will not survive this on our own. While I am loath to impose upon you again...
I would insist if you did not. 'Tis the very reason we have come.
Then once more I find myself without words to thank you properly. Let us return to the capital and plan our next course of action.
Player7 Icon.png Voiced cutscene end.

Worry not. I can see your aether, and that of our companions. We have not suffered the fate of those unfortunate souls.
After so long, and so many sacrifices, we finally found a way to cure the tempered. But these poor souls...they vanish without a trace. Is there truly no saving them...?
While Estinien and Vrtra defend Radz–at–Han from above, we on the ground must find a means to prevent these transformations...and soon.
All life must end in death. Yet death, in turn, gives birth to new life─such is the flow of aether. To think that natural cycle could simply be...cut off─the very thought makes me shudder.
The stillness in the air puts me ill at ease. We must be wary.
Our Radiant Host has eliminated the immediate threat to the city, though it pains me to know those beasts were once my own people...
There is no telling when or where the next transformation might occur. We must remain vigilant and steel ourselves for whatever is yet to come.
Quest Complete

You may now enter Vanaspati with a party of NPC avatars. To make use of this feature, open the Trust interface located under Duty in the main menu.

Local Dialogue
I saw it with my own eyes: some foul monster was stalking through the streets below! Thankfully one of the Radiant dispatched the fiend, but oh, what a fright it was... I hope no civilians were hurt!

Local Dialogue
As you can plainly see, I've my hands and arms full, so please─leave me to my work. I haven't the time to be talking to every curious person who passes through.
What exactly happened while we were gone?
Pray leave me alone with my thoughts. I do not wish to speak with anyone at the moment...
Some manner of beast found their way into the storehouses by the sounds of it. If only I had been here, this... No─ Best not to dwell on such things.
I heard tell of a death within Ruveydah Fibers. Something about a monster attack, was it?
It seems that some foul fiends infiltrated Ruveydah Fibers... 'Twas fortunate that I was not present at the time, but I fear for the safety of my comrades who were.
My friend has been missing since...the incident, let's call it. We used to take lunch together quite often, you know? It's strange... It feels like there's a part of my heart missing now.
The silkworms can't be moved, but the textiles and tools can be, which is some small relief. If only there were more time to see all this done!
If men can turn to beasts at any moment, then nowhere is truly safe. Still, I must find a way to keep the artisans safe from the threat.

Local Dialogue
It's clear that the burning sky is spooking the hamsa. They are skittish and sensitive creatures to begin with, and many of them are now refusing to eat or lay eggs almost entirely. My poor babies...
Is it true what they say? That the beast that rampaged through town was once a man? Gods help us if it is so...

Local Dialogue
Whatever is the meaning of this!? Where is the satrap!?
(- Raen Man -)
I... I saw it! That terrible beast...
(- Hyur Man -)
We escaped somehow, but... What in heavens' name is happening to our fair city!?
By the gods! Is everyone all right?
Surely the satrap will offer his wisdom and guidance to us...

Local Dialogue
Judging by the look of the sky, I'd say we're not out of the woods yet. Do be careful.
That gave me quite a fright... What in heavens' name was that thing that came screaming out of Mehryde's?

Local Dialogue
I-I can't rightly believe it myself, but I swear I saw some sort of...beast!
Seeing those unholy beasts run rampant in our very midst, I was on the verge of being consumed with fear. And yet, I must stay calm and strong, that I might be a beacon for all those who depend on me in these trying times. Speaking of which, is there anything I might do to assist you?
He had a wife, a child, and now... Ah, makes me ill to think of it.

Local Dialogue
Fortunate that Mehryde and the others were here. Without them, I... Well, I am not sure what I would have done!
I... Hmmm...


Huh? Oh, pardon me. I was just... A-Anyway, take a seat wherever you like. We're open for business, as per usual.

Local Dialogue
Forgive me, but my shop's closed until further notice. Needless to say, we've more pressing concerns these days...
Local Dialogue
The sky burns, and my countrymen are perishing by the dozens. What grim fate awaits our fair city?
That gargantuan beast that rampaged through our city─ I heard tell it was one of our own, transformed.
I would like nothing more than to devise a method to undo such a transformation, but alas...medicine must take priority. There are too many people injured and in need.
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