Striking Dummy

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A striking dummy is one of the training dummies set up around the world to aid you with your battle tactics. Hit them all you want.

World Locations of Striking Dummies for A Realm Reborn:

Zone Area Landmark NPC <pos>
Middle La Noscea Summerford Summerford Farms x5 Level 1 Striking Dummies x26.4 - y17.2
Central Shroud Jadeite Thick The Bannock x5 Level 1 Striking Dummies x24.1 - y19.7
Western Thanalan Hammerlea Scorpion Crossing x5 Level 1 Striking Dummies x26.5 - y24.4
Coerthas Central Highlands Whitebrim Whitebrim Front x3 Level 1 Striking Dummies

x3 Level 50 Striking Dummies

x13.2 - y16.8
Wolves' Den Pier Wolves' Den Docks Dueling Circle x4 PVP Striking Dummies x6.5 - y5.8
The Fringes East End Liberty Gate x4 PVP Striking Dummies x9.9 - y11.8

For player/free company housing striking dummies, please see: