Suit Up

Featurequest1 Icon.png Lv. 70   Suit Up
Rewardsicon.png Rewards
XP Gil
Expicon.png230,000-410,000 Gil Icon.png606
Guaranteed Rewards
Aether Current Icon.png 
Informationicon.png Description
•Quest Sync
Haimet is elated to have someone who can aid her.
Objectivesicon.png Objectives
Issuing NPC: Haimet
The Rak'tika Greatwood -The Ox'Dalan Gap -Fanow (29.4-17.8)
Type: Sidequests
Quest: Mainquest1 Icon.pngTop of the Tree
Required Items
Archer's Raiments Icon.png
Lore & Dialogue
Loremonger:Suit Up
NPCs Involved: Awe-inspiring ArcherSharp-eyed ArcherKeen-eyed Archer
Items Involved: Archer's Raiments
NPC Locations
Haimet in The Rak'tika Greatwood at (29.4-17.9)
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Awe-inspiring Archer in The Rak'tika Greatwood at (32.7-24.6)
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Sharp-eyed Archer in The Rak'tika Greatwood at (33-24.7)
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Keen-eyed Archer in The Rak'tika Greatwood at (32.9-24.4)
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Sidequest4 Icon.png Haimet in The Rak'tika Greatwood at (29.4-17.9)
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As I live and breathe, an ally of Ronka. It just so happens I have a vital task I would entrust to none other. Our Viis on patrol require new raiments, and I would have you deliver them to them at Bowrest.

They should be expecting you. I pray there will not be a repeat of your incident with chieftainess Almet.

Make your way to Bowrest and deliver fresh archers' garb to our sisters there. I am almost certain they will not shoot you down on sight.
An outsider, come from the village? How did you...?

Ah, Haimet spoke of you. An ally of Ronka, yes? Welcome to Bowrest.

This outpost serves dual purposes. Here we keep watch for any who would intrude on our home, and also for beasts that would feed it. We must stay ever alert, so that our arrows strike true.
I did not expect an ally of Ronka to come to Bowrest. What brings you here?

Ah, of course! Haimet said someone would be delivering these to us. They are made specially for archers, and will not impede our movements as stiffer material does.

Every so often invaders will come clad in steel from head to toe. However, their overconfidence makes them blind. Every defense has an opening, and that is where we take aim.
Oh, what a sight! It is not often we see so vaunted a hero as yourself in this remote area. What do you need from me?

Our new attire, wonderful! Indeed the fabric and design are everything Haimet made them out to be. This will aid us greatly.

The leather is made from the skin of rails, and is unsurpassed in quality. They are bestowed upon all who come of age and complete the rites. The particulars of said rites, save that for another time, lest I give you nightmares.
Thank you for your delivery. I will remember this well.
I cannot wait to wear this new outfit myself. I would not dare try it on now, however, not while Ronka's ally is standing right in front of me. Come back later if you wish to see it.
It is a great honor to don such magnificent attire. I could ask for none greater, truly.
Unless you have kept one for yourself, I see your deliveries are complete. Thank you.
Although I told them you were coming, I imagine it was an entirely different thing to actually speak with you. It shall not be long until you are accepted as one of our own. May we work together again, ally of Ronka.
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