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Sundrop the Beat

Featurequest1 Icon.png Lv. 50   Uses Quest Sync. Quest difficulty and EXP rewards will be adjusted to match your current level.  Sundrop the Beat

Journal detail hr1 07.png Acquisition
Linu Vali: The Sea of Clouds - The Blue Window - Ok' Gundu Nakki (x:6.3, y:13.3)

Map33 Icon.pngClosest Aetheryte: Ok' Zundu

Journal detail hr1 08.png Requirements
071341.png50Fishing for FriendshipFeaturequest1 Icon.png Fishing for Friendship (Level 50)

Spacer2.png Disciples of War or Magic (Level 50)

Vanu Vanu Relations Icon.png Respected Reputation (Tier 5) (990/990) with the Vanu Vanu
Journal detail hr1 03.png Rewards

Experience Points

Sundrop Dance
Miscellaneous Reward
Honored reputation with the Gundu of Ok' Gundu Nakki and Vanu Vanu Daily Quests
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Journal detail hr1 04.png Description
Even Linu Vali's crown of flowers cannot distract from the distressed look on her face.
※The difficulty of this quest will be synced to your current level.
Journal detail hr1 01.png Objectives
  • Speak with Sonu Vanu at Ok' Zundu.
  • Rendezvous with Linu Vali at the entrance to Ok' Zundu.
  • /dance atop the ancestral statue.
  • Report to Linu Vali.
  • Rendezvous with Linu Vali in front of Vundu Ok' Bendu.
  • /dance atop the ancestral statue.
  • Report to Linu Vali.
  • Speak with Linu Vali at Ok' Zundu.
Journal detail hr1 02.png Unlocks Quests
071341.png50Nest Side StoryFeaturequest1 Icon.png Nest Side Story (Level 50)

Journal detail hr1 07.png NPCs Involved
Linu ValiSonu VanuLinu VanuSanu Vanu

  • Even Linu Vali's crown of flowers cannot distract from the distressed look on her face.
※The difficulty of this quest will be synced to your current level.
  • The Vundu have discovered Ok' Gundu Nakki's existence, and are demanding that the Zundu surrender the refugees lest both tribes face total destruction. Sonu Vanu has called a meeting at Ok' Zundu to discuss this new threat. Follow the others to Ok' Zundu and speak with Sonu Vanu on your arrival.
※Please note that the difficulty of this quest has been synced to your current level. Furthermore, you may not proceed with a class or job that is different from when you accepted this quest.
  • Upon your arrival to Ok' Zundu the Vanu Vanu begin discussing the Vundu's demands. Sonu Vanu is willing to fight, but it seems his people are hesitant to join a battle they have little chance of winning. After some terse words and arguments, Linu Vali suggests that if the two tribes cannot win by virtue of numbers, then they should rob the Vundu of their will to fight with the sundrop dance. The plan is met with some agreement, but the Zundu's fighting spirit is not what it once was. They need a mighty warrior to show them the sundrop dance and rekindle the flames of fury in their heart. All present agree that you, as the one who defeated Bismarck, should be the one to motivate the Zundu with the sundrop dance. Linu Vali will teach you the steps, but first you must perform the initiation ceremony. Meet Linu Vali at the entrance to Ok' Zundu to begin the ceremony.
  • You find Linu Vali standing in front of a massive stone sculpture wrought in the shape of a birdlike creature. She explains that the statue depicts the mother of all Vanu, and that in order to earn the right to the sundrop dance, you must dance atop two such statues, baring your soul to their judgment. Ascend the statue and put your most energetic /dance on display.
  • Through your dance, you lay bare your spirit to the mother of all Vanu. Return to Linu Vali to tell her of your stirring performance.
  • Your dance impresses Linu Vali, and she guides you to the second ancestral statue. Follow Linu Vali to Vundu Ok' Bendu.
  • You find Linu Vali standing in front of yet another enormous Vanu Vanu sculpture, this time depicting the father of all Vanu. Once again, /dance on the statue with all the passion your spirit can muster.
  • The father of all Vanu has seen what your soul looks like. Return to Linu Vali to see what the final step of this ritual is.
  • Your trial is complete, and Linu Vali can now teach you the dance of her people. Follow her to Ok' Zundu to begin your first lesson.
  • Upon your arrival at Ok' Zundu, Linu Vali finally teaches you the sundrop dance. As you dance the steps, you can feel generations of Vanu ancestors give weight and power to your movements. After you master the dance, you perform it for the flagging Ok' Zundu citizens. They are so moved by your dance that they immediately agree to join the Gundu in their fight against the Vundu. Both tribes will practice their sundrop dance until the day of the decisive battle. When the time comes, be ready to lend the vigor of your dance as well.

The Sea of Clouds[edit]

The Blue Window[edit]

Ok' Gundu Nakki[edit]

Forename, black winds bring terrible news! The Vundu learn of Ok' Gundu Nakki's existence! Chief Honu storms into Ok' Zundu and demands that Chief Sonu surrenders us back to the Vundu! If Chief Sonu does not do as Honu commands, he threatens to smash our villages into splinters and toss the remnants into the clouds! Chief Sonu calls us to Ok' Zundu to discuss this turn of events, and he requests that Forename come as well. Quickly, to Ok' Zundu! Something must be done before Vundu bring ruin upon us! Hurry to Ok' Zundu, where Chief Sonu awaits.
Gundu could not escape searching eyes of Vundu forever. Come, netherling, there is much to discuss at Ok' Zundu.

Ok' Zundu[edit]

Vundu greed knows no bounds; it is as vast as the appetite of the White. Chief Sonu is anxious to discuss their threats. Speak to him, netherling.
Chief Sonu, Ok' Zundu faces destruction because of the Gundu. For that, Linu Vali offers a thousand apologies to every Vanu of Ok' Zundu.
Linu Vali, the fault lies not on the Gundu. As inevitable as floods that follow enduring rains, the Vundu's greed eventually swallows all. But we will not stand idly by. The time to fight back is come.
Chief Sonu, the Zundu will not accept this! We cannot ignore the might of the Vundu. Our tribe will not fight battle they cannot win.
Hmmm... A chief cannot ignore the voices of his tribe. If the Zundu do not fight as one, then Sonu sees no way through these troubled mists.
The Zundu cower in their huts before Vundu tempest─predictable! Very well, surrender us to Chief Honu. Joyous he will be to receive an offering from his slaves!
S-Slaves!? Enough of Linu Vanu's slights!
The Zundu only fight if victory is assured!? Even paissa calls them cowards! Gundu fight until the last Vanu! A warrior's death brings more honor than bondage!
Brother, be calm! You must think! Even if Zundu join us, to take up arms against the Vundu means certain death. But fighting is not the only way─we will send them fleeing with the sundrop dance!
Sister, do you not remember? When Vundu attack Ok' Gundu, they stand stoic as totem poles before the dances of our fiercest warriors. It is useless!
Do not forget, many Gundu betray their own that day, robbing us of the strength unity brings. But now we fight for a new home, and freedom. Let us dance as one, and drive the Vundu before us!
Linu Vali, that is no easy task. The Zundu live peacefully for countless moons, and they forget what it is to fight. If they dance before Chief Honu, and he casts his baleful gaze upon them, it is Zundu who run. Still, there may be a way. Perhaps if the Zundu see a mighty warrior's sundrop dance, then as rain breathes life into a wilting flower, their courage will be born anew.
A mighty warrior...
Ah, but does a mighty warrior not stand before us? The one who cast the White Himself down from the skies. Certainly he can rouse their vigor!
Chief Sonu is right! Forename's dance kindles Linu Vali's courage, washing away the fear from her heart! Forename, learn the sundrop dance, and show the Zundu a netherling's fury! Linu Vali teaches Forename the steps. But first, all who wish to learn the dance must submit themselves before our ancestors. Worry not, Linu guides you along the way. Come, Forename, meet Linu at entrance to Ok' Zundu.
Ah, the time is come for Sister to lead. Linu Vanu may be chief, but sometimes he wonders who is most fitting to sit in the Chief's Roost...

Ok' Gundu Nakki[edit]

Linu Vanu may be chief, but now is time for Sister to lead.

=Ok' Zundu[edit]

Sonu anticipates netherling's dance more than the coming of spring. Go, and master the sundrop dance!
Will our tribe agree to this?
Forename, we must first visit the ancestral statues. Two of them tower over islands in cloud sea, in the shape of great Vanu Vanu─the first of our kind. Forename must dance atop the statues, laying bare his spirit to the judgment of our ancestors. Only with their approval can Forename earn the right to the sundrop dance. Here lies the first statue: the mother of all Vanu. Go, Forename, and dance atop the statue with zeal!
Dance atop the statue with all the power you can muster!
You lose yourself in the dance, and lay bare your spirit to the Vanu Vanu ancestors! Submit your spirit to the Vanu Vanu ancestors with a rousing dance.
The violent winds of a monsoon gale could not match the ferocity of Forename's dance. One more statue remains: the father of all Vanu. Linu awaits at Vundu Ok' Bendu!

Voor Sian Siran[edit]

Climb atop the statue and show the father of all Vanu your dance. Do not hold back─the statue stands strong against the most thunderous stamps. Go, Forename, Linu Vali watches from here.
The father of all Vanu awaits your dance. Linu Vali watches from here.
You lose yourself in the dance, and lay bare your spirit to the Vanu ancestors! Submit your spirit to the Vanu Vanu ancestors with a rousing dance.
Such a dance! And with it, the ancestors of the Vanu know full well the constitution of your spirit. Does Forename not feel them smiling down in approval? No? Hmmm... Perhaps only Vanu can feel the warmth of their smiles. Nonetheless, it is time to return to Ok' Zundu. Come, Forename!
Forename submits his spirit before the ancestors, and earns the right to the sundrop dance. Pay attention, for it is easy to miss the subtlety of its movements among its fury. Learn it well, and reawaken the Zundu's courage!
Zundu Youth
Such power! Such strength! Netherling moves with fury of raging typhoon! Magnificent! The White Himself cowers among the clouds! Our hearts stir with fury! We will dance! Zundu will dance!
Netherling's dance rivals even Chief Uunu's in its wrath! The dark mists lift, and path we must walk becomes clear. Gundu and Zundu shall dance as one, and put the Vundu to flight!
The Vundu will flee like frightened gaelicats!
A Gundu totem pole has been built in Ok' Gundu Nakki to show reverence to the tribe's ancestors!
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