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Test World of Ruin

Featurequest1 Icon.png Lv. 70   Test World of Ruin

Journal detail hr1 07.png Acquisition
Nero: The Interdimensional Rift - Temporary Camp (x:19.8, y:25.1)

Nero tol Scaeva: The Interdimensional Rift (x:19.8, y:25.1) Map33 Icon.pngClosest Aetheryte: The Peering Stones

Journal detail hr1 08.png Requirements
071341.png70Won't Let You PassFeaturequest1 Icon.png Won't Let You Pass (Level 70)

Spacer2.png Disciples of War or Magic (Level 70)

Journal detail hr1 03.png Rewards

Miscellaneous Reward

Raidicon.png Sigmascape V4.0 (Level 70)

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Journal detail hr1 04.png Description
Nero seems unusually anxious to move things along.
Journal detail hr1 01.png Objectives
  • Speak with Alpha.
  • Use the Duty Finder to enter Sigmascape V4.0.
  • Use the Duty Finder to enter Sigmascape V4.0.
  • Speak with the Ironworks hand.
  • Speak with Jessie in Rhalgr's Reach.
Journal detail hr1 02.png Unlocks Quests
071341.png70In the Beginning, There Was ChaosFeaturequest1 Icon.png In the Beginning, There Was Chaos (Level 70)

Journal detail hr1 07.png NPCs Involved
NeroCidAlphaIronworks HandJessie

  • Nero seems unusually anxious to move things along.
  • Together, Nero and Cid present a profile of your final opponent in the Sigmascape─a magic-using jester by the name of “Kefka.” According to their research, the mage is wont to confound his opponents with subtle feints. Accordingly, Nero has adjusted his monitor to give him an unusually clear view of the battle, and will attempt to warn you of impending deceptions. Speak with Alpha to put Nero's strategy to the test.
※In the event that you leave the Interdimensional Rift, you may re-enter by speaking with the Ironworks hand at the Yawn.
  • Alpha stands ready to enter the Sigmascape with you. Keep your eyes open and your mind sharp, for it is time to do battle with the illusive Kefka!
※Sigmascape V4.0 can be accessed via the Duty Finder.
  • You have defeated Kefka, a victory which should signal the end of your struggles within the Sigmascape. It is time to leave and return to the Fringes.
  • After descending to congratulate you on your triumph, Omega proceeds to deliver its theory on the secret of your inexplicable combat potential. You are, it contends, subconsciously restricting your own performance save when placed in mortal danger. As such, unlocking your “true” capabilities should logically be a matter of threatening you with death... Before you know what is happening, you find yourself trapped in a prism of energy, with scant moments to live. But just when all seems lost, Midgardsormr uses the last of his strength to assume his original form, and intervenes to rescue you from an untimely end. The Father of Dragons then fades into slumber, satisfied that his guidance is no longer required... You are still reeling from your ordeal when Cid arrives, yelling about Nero. But at the sight of you, he bites his tongue, and bids you make a swift exit to the lip of the Yawn.
  • You return to the outside world to learn that Nero has been transported to Rhalgr's Reach having collapsed. Make your own way back to the settlement, and call on the waiting Jessie.
  • As you are speaking with Jessie, a weary Cid approaches bearing the news that Nero will be incapacitated for some time. Even as exhaustion and injury begin to take their toll on your companions, it is plain that Omega's trials will only become more dangerous. You have little choice therefore but to take Cid's exhortations to heart, and temper body and mind to withstand whatever monstrous opponents Omega has in store for you next.

This is it...

The final battle to conquer the...<cough>...Sigmascape.

...We've put together a profile of your next opponent.

You've encountered some fantastical foes in here, but this time you'll have the novel experience of fighting an actual person. His name is “Kefka”...and he's a jester.

According to the data, his preferred mode of fooling didn't just bring the house down, but the whole world.

Apparently, he found comedy in the tragedies of others, and condemned countless thousands to death for his own amusement.

Hm hm... That a jester should bring such misery. 'Tis almost amusing.

Nevertheless, we must treat this villain with all seriousness. His rise to godhood and subsequent rule over a shattered world is clearly documented in the records.

Kefka is a formidable mage, and a cunning one besides. Your tactics must account for both his power and his trickery.
You've been working on a solution, yes? Will it be enough?

Will it be enough? Have you ever known me to do anything by halves?

The jester's face paint is a mask for his intent. If you only watch the surface, you'll be fighting at a disadvantage.

To put it bluntly, Kefka will seek to deceive you. Even as you predict his actions and adjust your position, his true attack will reveal the feint for what it was.

This is where things become interesting... I have tuned this monitor to allow me to observe the Sigmascape with greatly enhanced clarity.

If I observe a discrepancy between Kefka's behavior and the impending attack, I will endeavor to warn you. The timing will be critical, of course.
How confident are you of this strategy?

I predict a fifty percent chance of success! Any delay, however slight, in reacting to his feints will render my warnings all but pointless!

Isn't it exciting? There is no safe way to practice this, hero─we must test our tactics on the field of battle!

...I'm afraid he's right. I'll lend you all the support I can from this side.

Make what preparations you need, and head into the Sigmascape. We can't let this jester have the last laugh!

“Embrace your destruction... It is the fate of all things.”

“But people can always rebuild, and new lives will always be born!”

...A fragmented conversation that accompanied Kefka's data. His was the first line, but there was no mention of who uttered the reply.
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then delete me
What will you say?

You admire this villain.

In life, there is always hope.


...Perhaps. I admire the idea of upsetting the status quo.

Go on, champion. I tire of waiting for the fun to begin.

...How predictably forthright of you. I'm sure it was a hero much like yourself who gave the original response.

Go on, champion. I tire of waiting for the fun to begin.
Quest Accepted
Nero still seems unwell. How much of that coffee did he drink?
to you, sir. Will you be descending into the Yawn?
Enter the Interdimensional Rift?


Kweh, kweh kweh, kweh!
Alpha is clearly poised to spring into action. You may enter Sigmascape V4.0 whenever you are ready.
Let's see this through, Forename. One battle at a time!
Are you asking my permission? By all means, let's get things underway.
to you, sir. Will you be descending into the Yawn?
Enter the Interdimensional Rift?
to you, sir. Will you be descending into the Yawn?
Enter the Interdimensional Rift?
Let's see this through, Forename. One battle at a time!
Are you asking my permission? By all means, let's get things underway.


Kweh, kweh kweh, kweh!
Player7 Icon.png Cutscene start.
Player7 Icon.png Cutscene end.

Sir! The chief has already departed for Rhalgr's Reach. A few of our people were on hand to help him transport Nero.

Oh, and I was told to tell you that Jessie expects a full report as soon as it's convenient. And by that, she generally means “now.”

Forename! I was told you'd made it out of the hole, but nothing beats seeing you with my own two eyes.

In case you're wondering, Nero was taken straight to the infirmary. The chief should be back soon with news if you don't mind waiting...


...How is he?

Not good. It seems one of Omega's nastier minions paid him a visit in our absence. He's putting on a brave face, but having seen his injuries, I'm surprised he kept going for as long as he did.

The chirurgeon's confined him to bed. Even should Omega extend its next “invitation,” Nero won't be coming with us.

...Midgardsormr is taking a lengthy nap now, isn't he? And it won't be long before our base camp is lost to the rift again...
When the time comes, I'll join the expedition myself. The challenges will only get harder, and you'll need someone reliable at your back.

I appreciate the offer, Jessie. And I may yet take you up on it...when the time comes.

But let's not make any decisions just yet. I have a lot of thinking to do─about what's happened, and about what lies ahead.
The poor thing. He seems worried...
Manual : Insert the correct Q & A's below into a table
then delete me
What will you say?

Thank you for trying to save me!

Don't worry─we'll get Omega in the end.

Well that got a smile out of him. We may not understand what he says, but I think we can understand how he feels.

Right! Much as I'd like to stay and chat, we all have work to do. Sooner or later, we're going to have to face Omega itself, and we've all seen what it's capable of.

We need to be stronger. We need to be ready when Omega calls on us again. Let's make sure that we are.
Quest Completed
If you haven't spoken with Jessie yet, it's probably best not to keep her waiting! Not to worry: I'll keep curious travelers from tumbling into the Yawn.
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