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Zone(s): Seasonalachievementicon.pngUl'dah - Steps of Nald  (10-8)
Affiliation: Ul'dah
Occupation: The Songbirds

Good to meet you. I'm Ulala─soon to be Eorzea's premier songstress. And you, sir, are soon to be my biggest fan!

Starts Quests (1)
Name Lvl XP Gil Type
Ulala's Grand Performance &000000000000001500000015&000000000006793700000067,937 3360 200 Event Quest
Involved in Quests (7)
Involved in FATEs (1)

Additional Dialogue
How did you become a Songbird?
When I heard from a friend that the royal seneschal was looking to cast people for an ensemble of sorts, I promptly rushed over to the Sapphire Avenue Exchange to secure my place on the register!
Honestly, what choice did I have? With my good looks and bell-like voice, I was born to be a star!
While I was unable to find him on my first try, I set out for the Exchange every day thereafter and finally came across him on my tenth trip. It was all smooth sailing from there!

What are your interests?

It goes without saying that I love to sing and dance. Outside of that, I spend most of my free time reading... What? There's no need to look so astonished!
Most recently, I read a transcription of one of the wandering minstrel's tales about a powerful black mage. A friend from the Ossuary recommended it to me. It was so interesting, I devoured it all in one sitting!
As much as I enjoy reading, I also love spending time outdoors wandering the town! In fact, just the other night Masha, Narumi, and I went down to the Sapphire Avenue Exchange to browse the markets for tiny trinkets and shiny new accessories!

Tell me something about your family.

Seeing as I'm small and have such a winsome smile, everyone often mistakes me for the baby of the family but I actually have a little brother. Aside from him, it's just me and my parents.
As my father always likes to tell anyone who will listen, he met my mother on a rainy evening when he was in Ul'dah for work. It was love at first sight, and not long after that fateful day, church bells filled the air and they were married! Romantic, isn't it?
I'm a fairly versatile person, so even as a child I would always help out around the house by doing the cooking, cleaning, and sewing. Without me, I honestly don't know how my family would have managed!
Why don't you visit us sometime? My parents always love having guests over!

What are your aspirations for the future?

Well, that's an obvious one, isn't it? My dream is to become the greatest singer in all of Eorzea─nay─the realm!
Don't look at me like that! While this doesn't make anything I said earlier any less true, I will admit I'm also actually quite satisfied with things as they are now.
There really is nothing more I could ask for. Every day I move a step closer to becoming the singer I've always wanted to be, with two of my best friends at my side. I suppose, in a way, that's the true dream.
Pre-Calamity Dialogue
Welcome one, welcome all!
During 1.x, she was a Merchant at The Coffer & Coffin in Western Thanalan at X9-Y27.
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