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Unquiet Atomos

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Kipih Jakkya here, bright-eyed and sharp-eared, bringing you another report on the entity known as Atomos.

Allow me to refresh your memory, dear reader, of the menace in question.
Atomos is the nightmarish creature that suddenly began appearing in the vicinity of the aetheryte camps. This horror, easily recognized by its massive maw, has the frightening tendency to manifest itself in midair without warning...and then just as mysteriously disappear. While present, the entity is often witnessed siphoning some manner of energy from the aetheryte, as well as summoning strange monsters to run rampant in the area.
The creatures called forth by Atomos have sown chaos and panic, their intrusions leaving many and more feeling harried and hunted. But they are not the focus of this article.

For Atomos itself has begun inflicting harm upon any who draw near. It seems this unpredictable and terrifying visitor is growing ever more dangerous.
But fear not, gentle reader, for all is not doom and calamity.
Though Atomos has proven impervious—oblivious, in fact—to anything thrown at it until now, it appears that the creature is beginning to sustain damage from ordinary blows. Scholars theorize that its presence on the material plane has solidified, thus allowing it to feel the effects of physical actions. There is much, however, that we still do not know about its true nature.

Yet despite the mysteries that remain unsolved, could this not mean that a determined force of adventurers could conceivably slay the floating invader? Such an endeavor would, naturally, be rife with danger, but if the attempt were to succeed...
If my words have inspired any heroes to confront Atomos, I beg that you do so with the greatest of caution. I will, as always, strive to bring the latest developments on this situation to light.

Till next time, may the Twelve watch over you and keep you safe.

Kipih Jakkya