Wind-up Cursor

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Wind-up Cursor  Achievement Certificate Icon.png
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Modeled after the ivory glove of Oschon, the Wanderer, does this clockwork hand follow you...or guide you?
Statistics & Bonuses:
Repairs, Recycle & Style:
Sells for Unsellable
Noconverticon.png Nodyeicon.png Nocresticon.png Noprojectableicon.png Nodesynthesizableicon.png Nostorableicon.png Nocollectableicon.png
Acquisition Uses
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Sold by Merchants (1)
Merchant Price
Apkallu Falls (10-6)
Wind-up Cursor
 x 1 for Achievement Certificate Icon.png x 2
Used to Summon

Lord of Verminion Information
Wind-up Cursor (Minion) Icon.pngWind-up Cursor  Achievement Certificate Icon.png
Lord of Verminion  Cost: 15  Gadget
HP: 400 ATK: 55 DEF: 40 SPD: ★★★
Strengths: LoV Eye Icon.png Auto-attack: Single-target
Special Action: The Finger Reduces DEF of all enemies within range by 50%.
30 Area Icon.png
Type: Enfeebling Points: 20 Duration: 15s

If we are to believe the slurred ravings of a self-proclaimed goblin theologian deep in his cups, this seemingly inconspicuous white glove is actually the "Hand of Fate" by which all of us are controlled from a dimension beyond the aether.

I trust ye had enough fingers to help ye through the tallyin'. - Yulgi Honalgi

Acquisition: Received after your first monthly payment.
Requires: Wind-up Cursor
Behavior: Obedient
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