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A Frosty Reception

Mainquest1 Icon.png Lv. 82   A Frosty Reception

Journal detail hr1 07.png Acquisition
This quest requires you to fight enemies in a level 82 instance with a 60 minute time limit.
Tataru: The Lochs - The Ala Mhigan Quarter (x:36.5, y:32.2)

Map33 Icon.pngClosest Aetheryte: The Ala Mhigan Quarter

Journal detail hr1 08.png Requirements
071201.png82Best of the BestMainquest1 Icon.png Best of the Best (Level 82)

Spacer2.png Any Disciple of War or Magic (excluding limited jobs) (Level 82)

Journal detail hr1 03.png Rewards

Experience Points

Edit A Frosty Reception's Miscellaneous Reward
Journal detail hr1 04.png Description
Tataru is desperately trying to retain her composure as she prepares to see you off on another perilous journey.
Journal detail hr1 01.png Objectives
  • Speak with the Ironworks pilot.
  • Infiltrate the supply depot
  • Set explosives on the magitek weaponry
  • Find a place to hide, then relay your progress
  • Access the control terminal
  • Withdraw from the supply depot
  • Assist A-Ruhn-Senna's troops
  • Assist Emmanellain's troops
  • Assist Sicard's troops
  • Head north and join the vanguard
  • Defeat the tempered imperials
  • Defeat Vergilia van Corculum
Journal detail hr1 02.png Unlocks Quests
000001.png83The Culture of CeruleumSidequest1 Icon.png The Culture of Ceruleum (Level 83)
071201.png82Tracks in the SnowMainquest1 Icon.png Tracks in the Snow (Level 82)
071221.png80Bear BaitingSidequest1 Icon.png Bear Baiting (Level 80)
071221.png80Your Inventory Is Not FullSidequest1 Icon.png Your Inventory Is Not Full (Level 80)

  • Tataru is desperately trying to retain her composure as she prepares to see you off on another perilous journey.
  • You stand on the cusp of another adventure into parts unknown, where Tataru's lovingly woven garments may be your only protection against the unforgiving climate of the frozen north. Thankfully, most of the journey will be made by airship, and your pilot stands at the ready.
  • Almost immediately after landing in Ilsabard, you are drawn into a confrontation with a sizable force of tempered imperials. Thancred's bravery and ingenuity are instrumental in tipping the scales in your favor, although Vergilia and her IIIrd Legion troops prove stiff opposition nonetheless. Having taken them into custody in order to cure them of their tempering, your contingent marches onward to Garlemald.
  • Your party decides to make use of an abandoned village to establish a temporary base of operations, which is granted the moniker of Camp Broken Glass for the constant sound of ice cracking underfoot.
※You can now travel to Garlemald by speaking with the Ironworks pilot in the Ala Mhigan Quarter.
  • With the airships safely moored and the tempered imperials receiving treatment, Alphinaud informs you that Lucia wishes to decide on a course of action with the Scions. Before that, you must round up Y'shtola and G'raha Tia, who have been exploring the vicinity.
  • Y'shtola is particularly sensitive to disturbances in ambient aether, and since drawing close to the imperial capital, she has been beset by a strange malaise. She posits that it is likely caused by the monstrous tower looming on the horizon, where she senses vast amounts of aether gathering. Fortunately, she should still be well enough to participate in the meeting, and she agrees to join you soon.
  • G'raha Tia has busied himself investigating the nearby residences, and his findings strongly suggest that much, if not all of the local populace, has been tempered. Without any villagers present to verify this theory, however, the current evidence can only be considered circumstantial at best. Putting aside his work for the time being, he makes his way towards the meeting place.
  • Now that you have successfully infiltrated Garlemald, Lucia outlines the contingent's plans for scouting the vicinity. She assigns you, Alisaie, and Alphinaud the task of searching for survivors in the outskirts of the capital, which despite being within the city walls, are largely covered in vast swathes of ice and snow.
  • Alisaie, like many members of the contingent, has yet to acclimatize herself to the unrelenting cold of Ilsabard. As she points out, even the people of Garlemald would soon perish in such conditions if deprived of warmth. Though you know not what awaits in the frozen wastes, you grit your teeth and prepare to venture forth.

I'm told the airship pilot has been sent to meet you.

Ah, there he is!

All right, this is where we go our separate ways. Do be careful, won't you?
Quest Accepted
I modeled your clothing on what Alphinaud and I wore when we journeyed from Lord Haurchefant's "Falling Snows" to Ishgard for the first time.

In those days, I barely knew one end of a sewing needle from the other, and as you've always had very...individual tastes, I let you pick your own outfit.

I'd like to think my skills have improved since then─but do you know what's more important than skill? Heart and soul! There's plenty to be found in each and every one of my works!
You must be a Disciple of War or Magic of level 82 or above to proceed.
It's an honor to finally meet you! We of the Garlond Ironworks will be ferrying you and your contingent across the mountains and into Garlemald.

For many of us, it will be something of a homecoming. Our illustrious founder was only our most notable imperial defector.

For that reason, the company is committed to the success of this expedition.

Our resources are at your disposal, and if there is aught we might do to be of further assistance, please do not hesitate to ask!

If you are ready to depart, I will ready the engines.
Upon boarding the airship, several cutscenes will play in sequence.

It is recommended that you set aside sufficient time to view these scenes in their entirety.

In addition, you will be required to participate in battle. Your progress will be saved at certain points. In the event that you are defeated, you will be able to try again from the most recent of these.

Please note that if you enter battles associated with other quests or log out from the game, this progress will be lost.
Player7 Icon.png Voiced cutscene start.
Ilsabard...divided in twain by a vast mountain range.

Those who would traverse its jagged peaks face peril at every step. But why go by foot when one can simply fly?

On the outskirts of the imperial capital, in the frozen wastes of the Magna Glacies...

The winds howl in icy protest, as if to warn against further trespass...
We've received word from Thancred's reconnaissance party.
They have sighted a detachment of heavily armed imperials.
Survivors of the civil war, perhaps?
Perhaps. But there is more to it than that...

Maxima reports that they are led by Vergilia, legatus of the IIIrd Legion, which comprises the bulk of their number.

However, they are also joined by several members of the Ist.
From what I recall, the IIIrd Legion fought for Nerva in the war of succession following Varis's death.
The Ist, on the other hand, were under the direct command of the Emperor, and rejected Nerva's claim to the throne. These legions were enemies.
Indeed. In fact, our sources claim that it was a conflict between them that sparked the civil war.
Yet now these former foes cooperate to defend a ruined Garlemald from invasion...
Then it is all but certain they have been tempered.
So what's the plan? If me and my crew was out reavin', we'd charge straight in, no messin' about. But that ain't what we're here for.
Quite right. Soldiers or no, they are people of Garlemald. The very ones we have come to aid.
Direct confrontation is unavoidable. Nevertheless, we must make every effort to limit casualties on both sides. Rather than kill them, I would remove them from the field.
How so? Savage beatings, disarmament, and imprisonment?
Not impossible, but easier said than done in the heat of battle.
Having observed the opposition, I imagine Thancred had something to suggest?
He did. He and the other scouts have already infiltrated a supply depot some distance beyond the imperial detachment's current position.
Stored within is a stockpile of magitek armaments, and once we give the signal, Thancred's team will destroy them all. In so doing, we will deprive frontline troops of materiel, and likely force the detachment to send men to investigate.
Divide and conquer... Not a bad idea.
Once the scouts have finished their preparations, we will split into two groups.

The first will form the vanguard, while the other brings up the rear with our supplies.

As for the Scions, I ask that you lend your assistance where you deem it needed most.

I would prefer, however, that you accompany the rear guard, and be prepared to join the van at a moment's notice. Kept in reserve as our trump card, so to speak.
Meanwhile, at the imperial supply depot...
Your proposal was well received. More specifically, they asked that we "destroy the imperials' toys in as spectacular a fashion as possible."
Y'shtola always did have a flair for the dramatic. She's not an easy woman to please, but I shall do my best to satisfy her thirst for fireworks.

All right. Once more, for my peace of mind.

Our first objective will be to rig the enemy's magitek with explosives. After we've withdrawn to a safe distance, we'll detonate them remotely.

Our second will be to issue a deactivation command to the automated units via the control terminal. If our calculations are correct, this signal should reach those deployed on the front line, giving our friends a much-needed upper hand.

The blizzard will help us stay hidden, so let's aim to get in and out before it passes. Trust in the plan, and we should all live to see tomorrow.
In the meantime, I will relay messages back and forth as the situation unfolds. You'll forgive me if I ask again, but...are you certain you wish to play the lone wolf?
Wouldn't have it any other way. Call it foolish and reckless if you like, but I'll get the job done. I always do.
Very well. I wish you the best of luck.
Player7 Icon.png Voiced cutscene end.
Duty Commenced
In the coming battle, you will fight as Thancred.
Assuming there is nothing else you wish to confirm, we may commence the mission as soon as you are ready.
What will you do?
Go over the finer details of the plan. Learn about mission-exclusive actions. Commence mission.
In the coming battle, you will fight as Thancred. You have two objectives:

1. Place explosives on the imperial magitek.
2. Deactivate the frontline magitek units via the control terminal.

If the guards detect and pursue you, enemy forces will become more aware of the threat you pose, as indicated by the threat awareness gauge.

The gauge will gradually fill until you defeat all alerted enemies.

If the gauge is completely filled, the guards will call for reinforcements and the mission will end in failure.

Use Swift Deception to avoid detection as you go about completing your objectives.
Success in this mission hinges on the following points:

Swift Deception renders Thancred invisible and increases his movement speed.

While active, enemy soldiers and magitek will be unable to perceive Thancred's presence, even if they are within close proximity. However, it has no effect on the guard dogs' acute sense of smell, and they will be able to detect Thancred regardless.

Moreover, this action can only be used outside of combat. It will also be unavailable when Thancred attempts to deactivate magitek fields or execute certain other actions.

Thancred's Silent Takedown will instantly render a soldier unconscious. It can only be used while Swift Deception is in effect.

Though it cannot be used on magitek or guard dogs, utilizing Silent Takedown whenever possible is essential in clearing a path to your objectives.

As guard dogs can detect Thancred even when Swift Deception is active, you can instead use a Bewilderment Bomb to distract them and sneak past unnoticed.

Conversely, Bewilderment Bombs have no effect on magitek or soldiers, so take care to choose the right tool for the situation.
Are you ready?
Yes No
Keep your wits about you!
It is time. We only have one shot at this, so let's make it count!
Glory be...

No...farther... the way...
Two on the gate... Could get messy if I'm not careful.
Use Swift Deception and infiltrate the supply depot.
One guarding the controls. Time he took a nap!
Use Silent Takedown to neutralize the tempered.
Now to set the explosives. Best keep quiet...for now.
Rig the inactive magitek weaponry with explosives.
Deactivate the magitek field to proceed farther into the supply depot.
So, they've got guard dogs, eh? No use hiding, they'll soon sniff me out. Luckily, I've come prepared.
Use Bewilderment Bombs to stun guard dogs!
(- Telocanis -)
Woof! Woof!
(- Telocanis -)
Rig the inactive magitek weaponry with explosives.
That should do the trick. Now to hide and send word.
This is Thancred. The explosives are in place.
Very good. All is proceeding as planned.
Head to the control terminal. It should be to the northwest.
Understood. Have the others wait at the rendezvous point.
That's it! The control terminal!
You succeed in disabling the automated magitek!
Over here!
(- Thancred -)
Damn, spotted!
(- Thancred -)
Seven hells...
(- Thancred -)
Must be losing my touch...
Our hated foe...

An intruder...

Must kill...
The tempered imperials are growing increasingly aware of your intrusion!
You manage to avoid detection by the enemy forces at large...for now.
(- Thancred -)
Not like this...
The alarum has been raised and your mission has ended in failure!
Duty Complete
Player7 Icon.png Voiced cutscene start.
You are returned—and none the worse for wear, to my considerable relief.
What news from our comrades?
They stand at the ready.
Excellent. Then let the fireworks begin!
A few moments later, at the rear of the Ilsabard contigent's supply caravan...
The blizzard's beginning to clear...

The vanguard should be engaging the imperials any moment now—if they haven't already.

Y'shtola and the others are with them, so I'm sure they'll be all right, but...

Wait! Something's coming!
Oi, oi! Looks like we ain't the only ones who sent out scouts!
Keep 'em away from the carriages! We lose those, and we're as good as dead!
Player7 Icon.png Voiced cutscene end.
Duty Commenced
In the coming battle, you will fight as Forename Surname.
Fighters—protect the others!
Keep them away from the carriages!

It's the supplies they're after!

Please, we're counting on you!
Glory be...

No...farther... the way...
Know when you're beaten!
Lights out!
They won't get past us!
Not a chance!
We shan't fail!
Let's put on a good show, eh?
Time for a song, I reckon!
Know when you're beaten!
Lights out!
A brief respite—but stay alert.
Keep the carriages safe!
Get to the carriage in front!
What impeccable timing!
Fear not, friends—the savior of Ishgard is here!
Keep them away from the carriages!

It's the supplies they're after!

Please, we're counting on you!
Know when you're beaten!
Lights out!
The carriages are in safe hands!
My instruments are picking something up!
Not a chance!
We shan't fail!
Not a chance!
We shan't fail!
A fine display, but the other carriages are still in danger.
Go on ahead—we'll hold the line!
We'll be fine! Do as you must!
We're the only ones still strugglin'?
Time we put our backs into it, then!
Keep them away from the carriages!

It's the supplies they're after!

Please, we're counting on you!
I've been itchin' for a good scrap!
Easy as splittin' rocks!
To victory—come hells or high water!
That big bastard's goin' straight for the carriages!
Stop it in its tracks!
Quick, broadside it!
You lot all right back there?
We're fine—and ready for more!
Hear that?
Get to the front and turn the tide!
Leave this to us! Go on, crack a few skulls for me!
No, really—we're quite all right, I assure you!
(- Alphinaud -)
Head north—that's where you're needed most!
Fear not, we have the situation well in hand.
(- Alisaie -)
Go on! There's no time to waste!
Duty Complete
Player7 Icon.png Voiced cutscene start.
"Remove from the field" was not a euphemism for "enthusiastically murder."
It's nothing that won't heal. In time.
The trouble is, their tempering has made them utterly fearless. Subduing them would be easier if they had the capacity to submit in the first place.
Well, this is the path our young charges would have us walk—and that we all agreed to follow. You knew it would be hard, yet still you pledged your lance, did you not?
That I did.
That's Vergilia! Damn it, I need to help the others take her down—
There's no end to them!
I was wondering when you'd turn up!
There's no stopping us now! Come on, let's show them what we're made of!
Player7 Icon.png Voiced cutscene end.
Duty Commenced
We have them now—Forward!
Glory be...

No...farther... the way...
(- Cocobuki -)
Not a chance!
The Duke of Destruction has descended!
The supply caravan is safe for the time being, and Thancred's team have thrown the enemy into disarray.
(- Cocobygo -)
We shan't fail!
(- Cocobani -)
We shan't fail!
Know when you're beaten!
Lights out!
(- Lyse -)
Right! Let them have it!
This is for your own good!
Know when you're beaten!
Now it's our turn!
As a raging bull!
(- Lyse -)
Nicely done, Pipin!
(- Chuchuto -)
Losing's not an option!
Open fire.
Only death awaits...
(- Lyse -)
Not good!
Hold on, I'm coming!
That's her—Vergilia!
(- Lyse -)
Here—this should keep you in the fight!
Thank you!
My hunger is far from slaked!
Could you be my...?
We will not succumb!
Do not fall behind!
All must bow before the Sun!
(- Lyse -)
Now that's taken care of, it's back to the fray!
(- Cocobuki -)
Hm hm hm... I've had quite enough of you!
Ha! Naught but child's play!
Easily evaded!
(- Chuchuto -)
Time to demonstrate the fruits of my training!
Prepare salvo...
Is everyone all right?
By thy lance!
Know when you're beaten!
Take position...
Fall back!
Keep the war machines at bay!
Kneel or die!
Prepare salvo...
Think you can kill me!? I would like to see you try!
The tempered call for reinforcements!
Haha! More fodder for my flames!
So many... At this rate, we will be overwhelmed!
I will not fall so easily! These curs will taste my wrath!
The tempered are attacking Sadu's Dotharli khun chuluu!!
More of them! Quick, lend Sadu a hand!
Make way! These whelps will rue the day they crossed my path!
30 seconds until Sadu completes the ritual of Falling Dusk.
None shall escape my chains! Now is your chance to strike!
Tremble before the Sun!
15 seconds until Sadu completes the ritual of Falling Dusk.
Hahaha! May your screams fill the air!
5 seconds until Sadu completes the ritual of Falling Dusk.

4 seconds until Sadu completes the ritual of Falling Dusk.

3 seconds until Sadu completes the ritual of Falling Dusk.

2 seconds until Sadu completes the ritual of Falling Dusk.

1 seconds until Sadu completes the ritual of Falling Dusk.
Duty Complete
Player7 Icon.png Voiced cutscene start.
Hah... A worthy adversary!
Rest. Recover. Reclaim yourself. Then we will fight again—to the death.
Sadu Khatun!
That was the last of them...

The day is ours, thanks to your timely arrival. What of the supply caravan?

Hmm. Outmaneuvered, but not outmatched. Good. Let us take the imperials into custody and rejoin our comrades.

And soon we shall arrive at the capital...
"So cold and unforgiving." Thus spoke Emperor Solus as he gazed upon his barren domain.

Eight hundred years it had been since the Garleans first set foot here.

Bested by the Corvosi after centuries of war and driven from fertile southern pastures into the blasted northern wastes.

In that garden of desolation, they clung to one another for warmth. Freezing, hungry, desperate. Hated.

The chosen forsaken.

In the year 1513 of the Sixth Astral Era, a young legatus named Solus single-handedly sparked the magitek revolution.

How did he conceive the machina that feed on ceruleum?

Once a common, soft-spoken soldier—how had he so quickly ascended through the ranks?

Like so many others, those who knew the truth are gone.

Taking in the capital with his eyes for the first time, I recall thinking to myself...

"Far colder on the earth than in the heavens." Yes, far colder indeed...bitterly so.
Not so much as a whisper...
The roads leading beyond the city walls would have been used less in recent years. Nevertheless, this was one of the most important gateways into the capital.
Abuzz day and night with activity, aye. Merchants passing through the checkpoint, many of them stopping at the local hostelries.
Surely they cannot all have been tempered...
We can consider the question after we have made camp.
If we spend any longer outside, we may well freeze to death where we stand. The tempered imperials, too.
This will be our temporary base of operations. Secure shelter for ourselves and the injured, and dispatch scouts to survey the surrounding area.
If we're plannin' on stayin' here a while, we ought to give this place a proper name.
Hmm... The constant sound of ice cracking underfoot makes me think of broken glass. An apt name, perhaps. But enough of this. To work, everyone!
Player7 Icon.png Voiced cutscene end.

The airship is ready when you are. But say the word and we'll have you in Ilsabard before you know it.
Travel to Garlemald?
Yes No

Local Dialogue
We finally managed to set up camp after marching through all that snow. I hope that whoever lived here doesn't mind us using the buildings for shelter.
We have come too far, risked too much to worry solely about our own hides, for there is so much more at stake.
It's not only thieves we need to watch out for, but wild creatures and the like. The smell from our cookpots draws them in, you see.
Gods, this place is cold! We have our share of chilly nights on the Steppe, but I've never experienced anything like this before!
Many of us took quite a beating on the Magna Glacies, but we all helped each other hobble through the snow and wind, sparing nary a thought for which delegation we each belong to. From now, we're all firm comrades, through thick and thin!
I'm the quartermaster here. It's my job to make sure the camp remains both well supplied and well maintained.
What wretched weather to be laboring in.
As if this work weren't hard enough!
Between guarding our supplies and keeping an eye on the tempered as they undergo treatment, we're certainly kept busy.
It's not only the tempered that need care, a fair few of our own were wounded on the Magna Glacies. If only we hadn't needed to defend the supply caravan, a lot more of us could've joined the front line.
We must remain as mobile as we are able in such temperatures as these. I fear that if we stand still for too long, the ice and snow may freeze our very bones.
Don't go shouting this about, but the truth is, during the occupation of Ala Mhigo, I was an imperial conscript. Still, for all the sleepless nights they've given me, my experiences during those long, awful years might finally be put to good use.
I knew we'd find the capital in a bit of a poor state, what with the aftermath of the civil war and a veritable "army of darkness" skulking about, but this is just ridiculous! No one said anything about automated warmachina stalking the ruins!
Mind you, if anyone's brave enough to take them on, they should serve as a decent source of spare parts and whatnot. The machinists will be chuffed to bits!
As a lot of Garleans'll strongly object to our presence here, we must be vigilant for those who might endanger the camp.
We Domans owe our freedom to our Eorzean allies, and I was one of many to volunteer for this endeavor. We will be glad to lend our assistance wherever it is needed.
Surname. If you wish to know aught of the current situation, you've come to the right person.
This is perilous terrain, you hear me? Keep your guard up at all times!
If any of these get too damp, it could spell trouble for us.
Am I ever glad to be stationed so close to a campfire!
Vergilia is in our care, along with the rest of the tempered. "Glory to Garlemald, glory to Garlemald," they still whisper in their sleep, even as they writhe in pain...
Once everything is in place, we will discuss our next move.
This is all that remains of Laterum... Homes become empty husks. If this is the state of the outlying villages, I dread to think what has become of the capital.
Hells' bells, this place is bloody freezin'! Rather be tied to the topmast in a storm than suffer this cold any longer! Anyone what can spare a swig o' rum? That'll sort me right out!
The tempered soldiers are sleeping soundly while they undergo treatment. There are too many to attend at once, but I and the other healers will see to all eventually.
We've asked the Ironworks members and some of our other comrades to stay with the airships. In the event we are discovered, we must be ready to move them swiftly to a safer location.
Raubahn taught me a lot about military strategy during exercises in the Fringes. Coordinating units with wildly different capabilities, surveying and securing hostile terrain, that sort of thing. Now, I have the chance to put his teachings into practice.

Shouldn't be long before we have a half-decent camp with so many helping hands. I was concerned the snow might hinder our progress, but our Ishgardian friends are used to working in conditions like these.
Sorry, I'm feeling...rather unwell.
Our comrades certainly haven't wasted any time establishing a base of operations...
In spite of the obstacles we've faced, our plan proceeds apace. Just a little farther and we will reach the capital itself.

Still, we mustn't get ahead of ourselves. As soon as the camp has been made fit for purpose, we are to discuss a course of action with Lucia.

Would you mind asking Y'shtola and G'raha to join us in that building to the northeast of the camp? Alisaie and I will meet you there.
A meeting? Yes, I'll make my way over once my head has cleared.

In truth, I've been feeling out of sorts since we arrived. The air is thick with a palpable aura of malevolence...

'Tis the monstrous tower on the horizon. Jagged, hideous, unholy... Even at this distance, its presence is overwhelming.

Much like the sensation I felt in the Tower of Zot, only far more terrifying. Aether flows unceasingly towards it, converging into a swirling mass of unfathomable power.

...For a blessing, the constant chill in the air is helping to anchor my senses in the here and now. Tell the others I shall be with you in a few moments.
You will be pleased to know most of the tempered have been quartered inside the nearby buildings and are receiving treatment as we speak.

I do however feel no small amount of guilt for commandeering civilian homes. The occupants may be long gone, but everything is exactly as they left it...

Considering the length of time that has clearly passed since, one would expect to find them ransacked. Strangely, there are no signs of anything having been stolen.

It's possible that everyone fled at the first sign of trouble, though it seems to me they left far too many useful possessions behind... Aye, although there is no conclusive evidence, I strongly suspect they were tempered.

Sorry, I was merely thinking aloud... You mentioned a meeting? I will make my way there.
Thank you for informing the others of our meeting.
When everyone is here, we will begin.
Player7 Icon.png Voiced cutscene start.
Our present situation is as follows.
Efforts to aid the people of Garlemald have begun in earnest. Moreover, having entered into the capital, the imperial palace is within our reach.
But before we proceed further, we must learn what has befallen this city, for therein lies the key to understanding and combating the Telophoroi's designs.
I have a suggestion, if I may.

Several of the imperial soldiers we captured on the Magna Glacies are members of the Populares and acquaintances of mine.

Once we have cured them of their tempering, they should be able to give a reliable account of the events leading to the capital's downfall.
A promising idea. I will assist the healers in their ministrations.
Of course, I will require a porxie of my own, assuming you can spare one.
Would you like a hand?
No, no, I am sure we will manage. Better that you take my place in the field. The noxious aether of this place disagrees with me, and as I shall need to draw on my own for the treatment, 'twould be prudent for me to remain within the camp.
This talk of curin' the tempered is all well and good, but I reckon the cold is a more pressin' concern.

All the houses 'round here are fitted with ceruleum heaters that could keep us warm and toasty. Problem is, the machines seem to have given up the ghost—and if we keep sittin' around, freezin' our asses off, we'll be next.

My smiths reckon that with the right parts, they can have 'em workin' again, but it won't be easy.
Understood. The machinists will assist them in the repairs.
The rest of us should either stand watch or survey the area.
We have made our presence known to the Telophoroi. They will be searching for us—if they have not already ascertained our position.
That we have seen no sign of them since the battle suggests they have yet to do so. However, I suspect they may be biding their time...
...Or perhaps we are beneath their notice.
In any event, we'll find no answers standing around here. Urianger, Estinien, and myself have visited Garlemald recently, so we'll lead the reconnaissance efforts. Perhaps bolstered by a few Bozjan and Dalmascan scouts from my previous excursion for good measure.
Don't forget about us Ala Mhigans. We have experienced scouts of our own.
Well now, this is turning out to be a rather sizeable team. With such numbers we should be able to cover a wide area with relative ease, including that surrounding the imperial palace.
How about you, G'raha? I've a feeling we'll find a use or two for that vanishing spell of yours.
'Twould be my honor to be of service, though I doubt that you of all people need rely on my tricks.
That leaves us with guard duty...
As a matter of fact, I have something else in mind for the two of you and Alphinaud.

Between here and the center of the capital lies the Eblan Rime. I would have you search the area for survivors.

Your keen sense of direction honed in your extensive travels should prove useful in navigating the ice fields.
What will you do?
If there are any survivors, we will surely find them. "Extensive travels" is something of an understatement, but I suppose if there's nothing else that needs doing... Ice fields! I love ice fields! ...Oh wait, no I don't.
I have faith that you will, and look forward to greeting you on your safe return.
This too is a vital task, and I appreciate your willingness to see it done. Rest assured that a serving of hot soup will be waiting for you.
Hmm. As ever, you do not want for enthusiasm. But given your experience traipsing about through Coerthas, I should be surprised if you let a little inclement weather dampen your redoubtable spirits.
And even if that were the case, the promise of hot soup upon your return would surely spur you to action.
You all have your duties. Let us make haste. May the Fury bless and keep you.
Player7 Icon.png Voiced cutscene end.

Local Dialogue
Most of the members of Lente's Tears and the Bozjan Resistance have joined the other scouts in the field.
And since Lyse and Pipin's troops are already keeping an eye on the airships, we of the Steppe shall guard the camp against intruders. Though in truth, it is we who are intruding in these lands...
Searching for survivors? Hmph. If they are truly strong, they will not require our aid. While you are gone, we will guard the camp against any man or beast foolish enough to challenge us.
My duty as sentinel will afford me little opportunity to seek my Nhaama, though perhaps one among our ranks—come bearing a hot meal or such—will prove worthy.
Standing atop an enormous edifice to cast their eyes down upon their dominion... These Telophoroi and the Oronir have much in common, yet even Magnai and his ilk would not stoop to stealing the minds of their subjects and enemies.
When the time comes to storm their stronghold, I shall lead the charge and leave naught but ash in my wake!
It was not the Garleans who named this place the Eblan Rime, but rather nomadic peoples in times gone by.

When my ancestors were forced to migrate here, they refused to accept this land as their new homeland. As such, they made a conscious decision to retain the original name.

Though the meaning of "Eblan" has been lost over the years, it has been theorized that it refers to the harsh conditions here, in much the same way the Magna Glacies was named. One thing, however, is certain—both regions are equally hazardous, so I bid you take all due care.
Thancred and the other scouts are all equipped with linkpearls, that they may communicate with us in case of an emergency.
Of course, we would all prefer they not place themselves in danger to begin with, but such is the nature of their work.
It's no use taking in all these Garleans if we're going to let them freeze to death. We need heat, for goodness' sake! I knew I should've brought more warming tinctures!
Several of the Temple Knights are off on reconnaissance at present. We Ishgardians have seen our fair share of frost in the past years, so we are more than ready for this icy bout.
The Hrothgar from Bozja, on the other hand, are having a devil of a time adjusting to these chilly climes. The warming stones we lent them seem to have helped, though.
Pray give me a moment to finish up designs on the ceruleum heater. I shall have it ready before you know it.
Truth be told, I've already warmed up after much heated debate with a Lominsan engineer. For a mercy, we managed to make an important discovery in the process.
Cocobygo! Cocobani! How many times must I tell you two to refrain from using magic around the Garleans!?
For now, we must trust that the engineers will complete the heating apparatus in due...due—<sneeze>—time.
Training is of vital importance, as it allows us to be ready at a moment's notice—obvious advice, I know, but it's worth reminding ourselves every now and then. So, any spare time I have, I spend in the betterment of my abilities.
And on that note—listen, everyone! Train, and train hard. Let's show our enemies that no freezing winds or icy hellscapes will break our spirits.
The machinists reckon all the interior heatin' was just left there consumin' ceruleum til there was none left. There were even pots sat on stoves, all the food inside burned to soot.
In any case, even if we had plenty of fuel, it's the magitek itself that's buggered. We'll have to either look for spare parts or make them ourselves.
Don't ye worry—Nothin' gets past me!
I made the mistake of asking Broenbhar if he knew of any effective methods of starving off the cold. According to him, working up a sweat from smashing boulders repeatedly with an axe works wonders, though that is hardly the sort of advice I was hoping for...
The tempered are being treated here. Some of the allied nations' best conjurers are tending to them, but it does not seem like everything is progressing smoothly.
What's more, some of the Garleans are prone to violent outbursts from time to time cause by their condition, which is why we're here.
I'm rather looking forward to hearing the songs of our comrades' homelands. I love a rousing melody no matter it's from!
Since the Garleans have found both their strength and their footing again, I shall ask to hear a song of their people, one that conjures visions of home.

There's this odd perception that Ishgardians have lived their whole lives in the snow, but it really wasn't that bad before the Calamity. And afterwards, well, I was rarely more than a few paces from a raging fire...
This dreadful place, on the other hand, is nothing but cold, cold, cold! And it's my understanding that Ilsabard has always been this way. Gods, can you imagine!?
I've never thought myself much of an explorer, though I suppose my adventures have taken me to all sorts of strange and distant places. With that in mind, traversing an ice field should be a simple feat!
Gods be good... If it's this cold with Tataru's clothing, I dread to think how we'd fare without it! I must remember to thank her when next we meet.
It makes me realize, too, that while the people of Garlemald have spent their whole lives in conditions like these, even they'd be hard-pressed to survive away from the warmth of their homes. If there are any survivors, we must find them, and quickly.
Quest Completed
So, it's into the Eblan Rime we go. But where do we even start looking in such a place?
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