NPC Icon.pngAugustiniel  Seasonalachievementicon.pngSidequest3 Icon.png
  Elezen / Wildwood / Male
Zone(s): Seasonalachievementicon.pngOld Gridania  (7-9)
Mob14 Icon.pngOld Gridania - Greatloam Growery  (4-6)
Affiliation: Gridania

I apologize, friend, but I have no time for small talk. I have been charged with the protection of these eggs until their carriers arrive. If you should come across a pair of adventurers, one wearing a pristine egg cap and the other a vibrant egg cap, direct them here immediately. Time is of the essence!

Involved in Quests (5)

Additional Dialogue
Sweet Words, Shadowy Dealings
Well, if it isn't my friend from Hatching-tide! Just couldn't keep away, could you? 'Tis a common affliction among my admirers—of which you are but one, needless to say. If you've come seeking my autograph, I ask that you return when our rehearsal is done.
Pre-Calamity Dialogue
Well met and well come, friend, to the Gridanian Mercantile House.
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