Bronze Lake Shallows

Zoneicon.pngBronze Lake Shallows
The formation of great underwater fissures during the Calamity saw nearly half of the water comprising Bronze Lake vanish in the span of a single night. The result was the uncovering of ancient Nymian ruins submerged for thousands of years—most notably the Wanderer's Palace, a temple dedicated to the god Oschon. [1]
Area: Bronze Lake
Zone: Upper La Noscea
Region: La Noscea
Landmass: Vylbrand
World: Hydaelyn
Type: Fishing Hole
Aetheryte: Camp Bronze Lake
Weather: varies
Expansion: Original
Patch: 2.0
Fishing Holes (1)
Location POS Level Type Requirements
Bronze Lake Shallows 33-24 30 Freshwater
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  1. Encyclopaedia Eorzea pg. 110