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Gargoyle Icon.pngGargoyle
Higher Taxonomy Ranks
Lower Taxonomy Ranks

     Greater Gargoyle
     Lesser Gargoyle

Common Drops
Name Levels Zone Info
Balidet 47 Outer La Noscea - U'Ghamaro Mines  (21-6)  Aggressive.pngFATE Icon.png
Barbatos ?? Southern Thanalan - The Red Labyrinth - Nald's Reflection (12-22)  Aggressive.png
Batraal 44 Dzemael Darkhold - Inner Hold - Altar to Saint Daniffen  Aggressive.png
Best Gargoyle 50 The Tam-Tara Deepcroft (Hard) (Zone) - Eternal Calm (Hard)  Aggressive.png
Gargoyle Usher 50 The Tam-Tara Deepcroft (Hard) (Zone) - Hardwood Altar (Hard)  Aggressive.png
Gnarled Gargoyle 50 Western Thanalan - The Footfalls  (14-8)  Aggressive.png
Gneissic Gargoyle 50 Amdapor Keep (Hard) (Zone)  Aggressive.png
Gruesome Gargoyle 50 Western Thanalan - The Footfalls  Aggressive.png
Hollow Gargoyle 35-39 Coerthas Central Highlands - Whitebrim  (11-17)  Aggressive.png
Lesser Gargoyle 16 Central Thanalan - The Clutch  (26-18)  Aggressive.png
Lesser Gargoyle 16 Western La Noscea - Quarterstone - Swiftperch  Aggressive.png
Manor Sentry (Gargoyle) 50 Haukke Manor (Hard) (Zone)  Aggressive.png
Sepulture Gargoyle 60 Void Ark - The Hold - Central Conveyance Unit (11-7)  Aggressive.png
Vassago 50 Labyrinth of the Ancients - Walk of Fire  Aggressive.png
Name Description
Corrupted Tail Slash a target with a vile tail, dealing damage and inflicting Poison.
Desolation Fire a beam of dark energy at a target.
Grim Cleaver Unleash a gale at a random target.
Grim Fate Slash foes in a frontal cone.
Grim Halo Whirl with blades, slashing nearby foes.
Sea of Pitch Create a pool of damaging shadows upon the ground.


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