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  Hyur / Midlander / Male

Zone(s): Ul'dah - Steps of Nald - The Quicksand  (12.0-9.1)
Affiliation: Ul'dah
Occupation: Levemete

Greetings, adventurer. I deal in the issuing of guildleves.

Gender Male
Race Hyur
Clan Midlander
Body Type Adult
(~70.2 inches)
Muscle Tone
Jaw Option 3
Eye Shape Option 2
Iris Size Large
Eye Color
Eyebrows Option 1
Nose Option 2
Mouth Option 2





Starts Quests (1)
Name Lvl XP Gil Type
Leves of Horizon &000000000000001000000010&Expression error: Unrecognized punctuation character "{".{{{Quest Number}}} 1710 215 Sidequest
Starts Levequests (90)



Name Level Name Classes Items Needed
Root Rush 1 Eustace Alchemist Growth Formula Alpha

One for the Books 1 Eustace Alchemist Leather Grimoire

Mercury Rising 1 Eustace Alchemist Quicksilver

A Jawbreaking Weapon of Staggering Weight 5 Eustace Alchemist Whispering Maple Wand

Distill, My Heart 5 Eustace Alchemist Distilled Water

On the Drip 5 Eustace Alchemist Eye Drops

Morning Glass of Ether 10 Eustace Alchemist Ether

Wand-full Tonight 10 Eustace Alchemist Budding Maple Wand

Using Your Arcane Powers for Fun and Profit 10 Eustace Alchemist Ash Picatrix

Shut Up and Take My Gil 15 Eustace Alchemist Ash Wand

Book and a Hard Place 15 Eustace Alchemist Engraved Hard Leather Grimoire

Kiss of Life 15 Eustace Alchemist Potion of Vitality

The Writing Is Not on the Wall 20 Eustace Alchemist Enchanted Silver Ink

Don't Forget to Take Your Meds 20 Eustace Alchemist Potion of Intelligence

Everything Is Impossible 20 Eustace Alchemist Budding Ash Wand

Sophomore Slump 25 Eustace Alchemist Goatskin Grimoire

Glazed and Confused 25 Eustace Alchemist Clear Glass Lens

Automata for the People 25 Eustace Alchemist Crab Oil

Stuck in the Moment 30 Eustace Alchemist Horn Glue

Riches' Brew 30 Eustace Alchemist Hi-Potion of Mind

Just Give Him a Serum 30 Eustace Alchemist Hi-Potion of Strength

Always Have an Exit Plan 35 Eustace Alchemist Poisoning Potion

Alive and Unwell 35 Eustace Alchemist Budding Oak Wand

The House Always Wins 35 Eustace Alchemist Blinding Potion

A Bile Business 40 Eustace Alchemist Shark Oil

A Patch-up Place 40 Eustace Alchemist Mega-Potion

Your Courtesy Wake-up Call 40 Eustace Alchemist Smelling Salts

Sleepless in Silvertear 45 Eustace Alchemist Potent Sleeping Potion

Quit Your Jib-jab 45 Eustace Alchemist Gold Needle

A Matter of Vital Importance 45 Eustace Alchemist Mega-Potion of Vitality





Name Level Name Classes Items Needed
Copper and Robbers 1 Eustace Goldsmith Copper Ingot

Arms for the Poor 1 Eustace Goldsmith Bone Brand

Needful Rings 1 Eustace Goldsmith Copper Wristlets

Gods of Small Things 5 Eustace Goldsmith Copper Earrings

I Ram What I Ram 5 Eustace Goldsmith Ramhorn Claws

Let's Talk about Hex 5 Eustace Goldsmith Bone Necklace

All That Glitters 10 Eustace Goldsmith Copper Ear Cuffs

An Offer We Can't Refuse 10 Eustace Goldsmith Decorated Bone Staff

The Tusk at Hand 10 Eustace Goldsmith Fang Earrings

Bad to the Bone 15 Eustace Goldsmith Brass Circlet (Sunstone)

Brothers in Arms 15 Eustace Goldsmith Brass Wristlets of Crafting

Forever 21K 15 Eustace Goldsmith Brass Ring

You Burnt It, You Bought It 20 Eustace Goldsmith Wind Brand

Perk of Fiction 20 Eustace Goldsmith Coral Ring

King for a Day 20 Eustace Goldsmith Decorated Copper Scepter

Thaumaturge Is Magic 25 Eustace Goldsmith Fluorite Ring

All Booked Up 25 Eustace Goldsmith Silver Magnifiers

Love in the Time of Umbra 25 Eustace Goldsmith Silver Ring

One Man's Trash 30 Eustace Goldsmith Horn Ring

A Little Bird Told Me 30 Eustace Goldsmith Malachite Bracelet

He Has His Quartz 30 Eustace Goldsmith Silver Circlet (Goshenite)

Lode It Up 35 Eustace Goldsmith Mythril Ring

Actually, It's Loyalty  35 Eustace Goldsmith Aquamarine Bracelet

Burning the Midnight Oil 35 Eustace Goldsmith Fire Brand

It's My Business to Know Things 40 Eustace Goldsmith Red Coral Armillae

Coral on My Mind 40 Eustace Goldsmith Red Coral Ring

When We Were Blings 40 Eustace Goldsmith Mythril Ear Cuffs

Green and Bear It 45 Eustace Goldsmith Tourmaline Choker

Gold Is So Last Year 45 Eustace Goldsmith Electrum Circlet (Amber)

The Big Red 45 Eustace Goldsmith Red Coral Necklace


Name Level Name Classes Items Needed
Trew Enough 1 Eustace Weaver Hempen Chausses

The Unmentionables 1 Eustace Weaver Hempen Underpants

Not Cool Enough 1 Eustace Weaver Hempen Undershirt

A Taste for Dalmaticae 5 Eustace Weaver Amateur's Dalmatica

The Adventurer's New Coat 5 Eustace Weaver Hempen Tabard

Just for Kecks 5 Eustace Weaver Hempen Kecks

Hat in Hand 10 Eustace Weaver Straw Hat

Keep It under Wraps 10 Eustace Weaver Cotton Turban

Workplace Safety 10 Eustace Weaver Cotton Scarf

Better Shroud than Sorry 15 Eustace Weaver Cotton Kurta

Read the Fine Print 15 Eustace Weaver Cotton Shepherd's Tunic

Don't Trew So Hard 15 Eustace Weaver Initiate's Slops

Doublet Jeopardy 20 Eustace Weaver Cotton Doublet Vest of Gathering

Don't Sash Me 20 Eustace Weaver Cotton Sash

Hitting Below the Belt 20 Eustace Weaver Cotton Breeches of Crafting

I'll Be Your Wailer Today 25 Eustace Weaver Velveteen Wedge Cap of Gathering

He's Got Legs (Levequest) 25 Eustace Weaver Velveteen Sarouel

Piling It On 25 Eustace Weaver Velveteen Shirt

Our Man in Ul'dah 30 Eustace Weaver Velveteen Work Gloves

By the Short Hairs 30 Eustace Weaver Velveteen Robe

By the Seat of the Pants 30 Eustace Weaver Linen Chausses

Crunching the Numbers 35 Eustace Weaver Linen Hat

Edmelle's Hair 35 Eustace Weaver Linen Wedge Cap of Gathering

Private Concerns 35 Eustace Weaver Linen Trousers

After the Smock-down 40 Eustace Weaver Linen Smock

Party Animals 40 Eustace Weaver Linen Deerstalker

Cool to Be Southern 40 Eustace Weaver Woolen Kecks

Glad As a Hatter 45 Eustace Weaver Felt Hat

Seeing It Through to the End 45 Eustace Weaver Woolen Smock

Full Moon Fever 45 Eustace Weaver Felt Chausses




Involved in Quests (1)

Pre-Calamity Dialogue
Hello, then. What brings ye by? Wouldn't happen to be interested in some local levequests now, would ye? Gods know I've more o' the bloody things than I know what to do with!
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