A Simple Solution

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 Lv. 15   A Simple Solution
Battlecraft-15-Camp Drybone-Levequest-Header.png
Rewardsicon.png Rewards
Experience Gil
Expicon.png2,688 Gil Icon.png166
Possible Items
Toothed Ramhorn Staff Icon.png Brass Cudgel Icon.png Decorated Copper Scepter Icon.png Bronze Buckler Icon.png Square Ash Shield Icon.png Brass Bastard Sword Icon.png Brass Viking Sword Icon.png Iron Hoplon Icon.png Brass Knuckles Icon.png Hard Leather Himantes Icon.png Hunting Hat Icon.png Ash Mask Icon.png Bronze Celata Icon.png Cotton Tabard Icon.png Cotton Cowl Icon.png Bronze Cuirass Icon.png Cotton Shirt Icon.png Hard Leather Eyepatch Icon.png Goatskin Mitts Icon.png Hard Leather Ringbands Icon.png Bronze Gauntlets Icon.png Decorated Bronze Mitt Gauntlets Icon.png Cotton Trousers Icon.png Cotton Tights Icon.png Padded Hempen Trousers Icon.png Fingerless Hard Leather Gloves Icon.png Goatskin Leggings Icon.png Hard Leather Boots Icon.png Bronze Sabatons Icon.png Hard Leather Belt Icon.png Rope Belt Icon.png Bronze Plate Belt Icon.png Hard Leather Crakows Icon.png Hard Leather Lightpouch Icon.png Brass Gorget Icon.png Fang Necklace Icon.png Hard Leather Wristbands Icon.png Brass Wristlets Icon.png Brass Ring Icon.png
Informationicon.png Description
A pair of mischievous shape-shifting imps charged with setting over a hundred different fires, many of which led to the deaths of humble farmfolk, have escaped from their inescapable cell in the Marasaja Pit. After conducting a realm-wide search to capture the villainous voidsent, the Brass Blades believe they finally have cornered them somewhere in Drybone. To ensure that they do not let the criminals slip through their fingers, the Blades are seeking adventurers to assist in the search process, which involves collecting fireflies and casting them on tuco-tucos - any of which could be the imps - to dissolve the creatures' glamours.
Objectivesicon.png Objectives
  • Report to Eastern Thanalan.
  • Use a glowing abdomen to reveal target's true form, then defeat it.
  • Mischief-maker Imp: 0/3
Brass Blades, Aalot Rand of the Orchid
Issuing NPC: Poponagu
Eastern Thanalan - Drybone - Camp Drybone (13-24)
Classes: Disciples of MagicDisciples of War
Type: Battlecraft
Guildleve: Veracity
Duration: 20m
Location: Camp Drybone
Wanted Target: Masterless Thrall
Required Items
Mobs Involved: Evenfall FireflyDrybone Tuco-tucoMischief-maker Imp
Items Involved: Glowing Abdomen
Reward Details
Name Type Level iLevel
Cotton Tabard Icon.png Cotton Tabard Body 16 16
Cotton Shirt Icon.png Cotton Shirt Body 14 14
Bronze Cuirass Icon.png Bronze Cuirass Body 15 15
Cotton Cowl Icon.png Cotton Cowl Body 15 15
Hard Leather Wristbands Icon.png Hard Leather Wristbands Bracelets 17 17
Brass Wristlets Icon.png Brass Wristlets Bracelets 16 16
Hard Leather Boots Icon.png Hard Leather Boots Feet 15 15
Bronze Sabatons Icon.png Bronze Sabatons Feet 15 15
Goatskin Leggings Icon.png Goatskin Leggings Feet 17 17
Hard Leather Crakows Icon.png Hard Leather Crakows Feet 15 15
Brass Viking Sword Icon.png Brass Viking Sword Gladiator's Arm 18 18
Brass Bastard Sword Icon.png Brass Bastard Sword Gladiator's Arm 15 15
Decorated Bronze Mitt Gauntlets Icon.png Decorated Bronze Mitt Gauntlets Hands 17 17
Goatskin Mitts Icon.png Goatskin Mitts Hands 17 17
Bronze Gauntlets Icon.png Bronze Gauntlets Hands 15 15
Hard Leather Ringbands Icon.png Hard Leather Ringbands Hands 16 16
Fingerless Hard Leather Gloves Icon.png Fingerless Hard Leather Gloves Hands 15 15
Hard Leather Eyepatch Icon.png Hard Leather Eyepatch Head 14 14
Hunting Hat Icon.png Hunting Hat Head 16 16
Ash Mask Icon.png Ash Mask Head 16 16
Bronze Celata Icon.png Bronze Celata Head 15 15
Cotton Trousers Icon.png Cotton Trousers Legs 17 17
Cotton Tights Icon.png Cotton Tights Legs 15 15
Padded Hempen Trousers Icon.png Padded Hempen Trousers Legs 15 15
Fang Necklace Icon.png Fang Necklace Necklace 17 17
Brass Gorget Icon.png Brass Gorget Necklace 16 16
Decorated Copper Scepter Icon.png Decorated Copper Scepter One-handed Thaumaturge's Arm 18 18
Brass Cudgel Icon.png Brass Cudgel One-handed Thaumaturge's Arm 15 15
Brass Knuckles Icon.png Brass Knuckles Pugilist's Arm 16 16
Hard Leather Himantes Icon.png Hard Leather Himantes Pugilist's Arm 14 14
Brass Ring Icon.png Brass Ring Ring 18 18
Bronze Buckler Icon.png Bronze Buckler Shield 14 14
Iron Hoplon Icon.png Iron Hoplon Shield 18 18
Square Ash Shield Icon.png Square Ash Shield Shield 17 17
Toothed Ramhorn Staff Icon.png Toothed Ramhorn Staff Two-handed Thaumaturge's Arm 17 17
Hard Leather Lightpouch Icon.png Hard Leather Lightpouch Waist 14 14
Hard Leather Belt Icon.png Hard Leather Belt Waist 17 17
Bronze Plate Belt Icon.png Bronze Plate Belt Waist 15 15
Rope Belt Icon.png Rope Belt Waist 16 16

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