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For Those We Have Lost

Mainquest1 Icon.png Lv. 60   For Those We Have Lost

Journal detail hr1 07.png Acquisition
Emmanellain: Coerthas Western Highlands - Riversmeet (x:31.3, y:36.8)

Map33 Icon.pngClosest Aetheryte: Falcon's Nest

Journal detail hr1 08.png Requirements
071201.png60Once More, a FavorMainquest1 Icon.png Once More, a Favor (Level 60)

Spacer2.png Any Disciple of War or Magic (excluding limited jobs) (Level 60)

Journal detail hr1 03.png Rewards

Experience Points

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Journal detail hr1 04.png Description
Emmanellain seems rather pleased with himself.
Journal detail hr1 01.png Objectives
  • Speak with Thancred.
  • Speak with the people of Falcon's Nest. 0/3
  • Speak with Thancred.
Journal detail hr1 02.png Unlocks Quests
071201.png60ConsequencesMainquest1 Icon.png Consequences (Level 60)

  • Emmanellain seems rather pleased with himself.
  • Per Lord Emmanellain's suggestion, you decide to partake of the food and drink in the nearby tavern. Desiring privacy, you opt for a secluded seat in the corner, and drink deep from a mug of mulled wine provided by a young waitress. You find yourself listening half-heartedly as she speaks of this and that...your eyes growing heavy, your limbs sapped of all strength. She turns, and through the haze you see her eyes, burning with contempt. You crumple to the ground, and as all fades to black, you hear her whisper to sleep, to sleep...
A grave, and a woman. No─two women, and a man. Countless graves, countless lives lost. A war that would never end, no─not for them. They came together, unwilling and unable to forgive, to forget. They learned of the conference and despaired...until she stepped forward. For she had a plan.
Thancred rouses you from your slumber, and from beyond the tavern doors you can hear the faint sounds of fighting. Bursting forth, you find chaos. Soldiers and civilians─some whom you recognize from your vision─lie dead and dying. From atop a wall she calls out. The woman from the tavern─from your vision. She cries out for vengeance against the Dravanians, and Emmanellain, in a panic, commands a nearby knight to act. As the crowd looks on, the knight shoots, striking her in the arm. Wounded and enraged, she decries the lordling and all for which he stands, before a second arrow silences her, and she falls from sight. All eyes turn to the young lord as he pleads his innocence, that all was a misunderstanding. But you know full well that it is too late for excuses.
  • In the wake of the failed protest, Lord Emmanellain retreats to the tavern, leaving you and Thancred to ensure that order has been fully restored. But, more importantly, having witnessed such a heavy-handed suppression, how will the people regard Ser Aymeric's efforts to ensure peace now?
  • You quickly ascertain that the people are uneasy and divided, harboring resentment towards the protesters, Lord Emmanellain, and even Ser Aymeric. Though there appears to be no risk of further violence, the peace conference clearly has no chance of success in this climate.
  • Thancred informs you that, for a mercy, the guards do not appear to have been responsible for any civilian casualties. Nevertheless, he agrees with your assessment. Misguided though her actions may have been, the protest leader's words resonated with many who have lost loved ones, as Thancred quietly observes...

Coerthas Western Highlands[edit]


Falcon's Nest[edit]

(I am sorry, my lord. Truly, I am...)
(“Selfless sacrifice” indeed.)
Just imagine: an end to the violence! Doesn't the very thought fill you with joy? You'll never have to fight again!
Are we truly the first, I wonder? Surely our forefathers tried to sue for peace in the past...
Not much longer now, eh? Wonder if I could sneak off to the tavern for a pint or three.
Oh, and this should of course go without saying, but let's keep those last few favors between us, yes? Artoirel wouldn't understand. Right, then─the first floor of those barracks has been converted into a tavern for the duration of the conference. Why don't you go and have something to eat?
For once, a suggestion with which I agree. Go on ahead, Forename. I will join you anon.
Welcome, welcome! Find yourself an empty seat, and I'll be with you in a moment.
Cold out, en't it? Here─a mug on the house. Let's get some color back in them cheeks! 'Fraid food'll be a bit longer than usual. We've got a lot of hungry folk to feed what with the conference and all. <sigh> So many people with cause to celebrate. To think there could be peace in our time, after all them years of fightin'... When I heard about the conference, I knew I had to come. I knew I had to be here─to do my bit. My husband, he...he died fighting the dragons, you see... And here we are, about to break bread with them. You all right, my lover? You look tired. Reckon you could do with a good long rest. After all you've done, I'd say you've earned it. Sleep, now...sleeeeeep. Sleep and leave us to our affairs. This was never your fight.

Unknown Graveyard[edit]

<sniffle> <sob> My son, they...they told me he walks in Halone's halls. Him and the rest of his unit.
...They told me the same.
I expect they think it's comforting. Every time I come, I cry. I cannot bear to remember, but to forget would be a thousand times worse. Yet that is what they would have us do. Accept this truth for the sake of peace. Bury the past and look to the future. But he was my future. My flesh and blood─my heart...
Is this it? Are we the only ones with the courage to oppose this madness? Cowards, the lot of them!
They think only of the prize─of the peace Ser Aymeric promises them. They know in their hearts it's a lie, but they go along with it anyway, desperate fools. But not I. Not I! I see the wyrm that killed my brother in my dreams every night! And I will not rest until he lies broken at my feet! Him and every last one of his accursed kin!
All this nonsense about kings of eld. As if I care what they did or didn't do! Makes no difference to me and mine! Have the dragons sued for peace in a thousand years? Have they bollocks! It's a bloody ruse is what it is! And Ser Aymeric and the rest of them have bloody fallen for it!
But what can we do? They believe, and naught we can say will ever change their minds. Whether we like it or not, man and dragon will come together at Falcon's Nest, and all will be forgiven. Forgiven and forgotten.
No. I will not let that happen. They will remember the true face of the enemy. I will show it to them. And we will rise up against them once more!

Hey! Hey! This is no time for napping! Do you have your wits about you? Good. Come with me─we have a crisis on our hands!
Hear me, brothers and sisters! Do not be fooled by the honeyed words of the Dravanians! The peace they promise is but a prelude to slaughter! Remember your husbands and wives, never returned from war! Your children, torn apart by fang and claw! All your loved ones, shown no mercy! Does not your heart cry out for vengeance!? Your blood boil at the injustice!? Remember the face of your enemy, brothers and sisters! Remember it and strike back!
You there! Don't just stand around gawping! Do something, man! Stop her!
Yes, yes, my lord!
Augh! See! See here the true nature of the highborn! With lies and deception they lead us to our doom, and dare we raise our voices in dissent─death is our reward! This is the choice they have given us, brothers and sisters! Death by dragon's fang or death by nobleman's command! Death to all we hold dear! I spit on your choices, nobleman! You will take no more from me... No more! NO MORE!
What have you done!?
I─ I only did as you ordered, my lord...
I gave no such order! I did not! I...I never meant for anyone to...

Gods, how could I have been so foolish!? She...she was right...
What was that fool of a lordling thinking!? What did he think would happen!?
I'm still not sure what they were about. I thought they might try to destroy the relief, but...
He was not wrong to want to subdue to leader as quickly as able, for she may have spurred others to further violence. But to fire on her as the crowd looked on was beyond reckless.
It wasn't just young ones struggling with the guards. Older folk attacked them as well, screaming bloody murder...
This was to be the end of it. Casualties at a peace conference, Fury take me...
She seemed like such a nice girl. Always greeted me with a smile when she passed. Never would've guessed she had it in her.
Pray forgive me, my lord. It's been chaos since preparations for the conference began, and I needed all the help I could get, and...and... How was I to know!? I only realized what had happened after we inspected the mug. Master Thancred tells me it was a sleeping agent of some sort...
Seven hells, the least he could've done is stop the bloody fool before he shot the second arrow!
You should've seen the looks on their faces as they left. There's no fixing this.
I daresay that could not have played out any worse, given that the first commander and Lord Artoirel are not here to take control of the situation. I spoke with a messenger who said that they would be returning shortly, but until they do, naught will be done. Lord Emmanellain has retreated to the barracks and is refusing to speak to anyone. Therefore it falls to us to ensure that order has been fully restored. Come, let us walk the streets and speak with the people.
So far, it would seem that the worst has passed...
My wife and I fell while fleeing with the others at first. The chirurgeons tended to our bruises afterwards. <sigh> Those mad fools have ruined everything, and for what?
I will never forgive them for this. Never!
I'd heard the rumors that the young lord was a drunken fool. What imbecile thought it would be a good idea to let him have the run of Falcon's Nest!? Well, I say him and Ser Aymeric take their bloody “change” and shove it up their arses. I'll not be taken in by that rot again.
She's right, you know. We're naught but tools to them, to be used and discarded as they see fit. We all saw it.
They were wrong to resort to violence, but when I heard her speak, her words were as a dagger in my heart. Who are we to decide that enough is enough? That their calls for justice can never be answered? Will this be the end of it, or will there be others like them and the True Brothers? I do not want to bear steel against my kinsman ever again. I do not know if I even can...
I'm tired of it. I'm just so tired of it all.
Well? What say you? So, the violence has passed, but the people are far from recovered. That is to be expected. For the moment, it appears that no innocents were harmed by the guards. The blame for all casualties can be placed squarely upon the protesters. Nevertheless, the people will not soon forget the image of a young lordling ordering the public execution of an unarmed protester─one whose words resonated with the hearts of many. After all, who among us has not lost loved ones...
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