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Prior to Garlean Empire's invasion of Eorzea and subjugation of Ala Mhigo, few city-states maintained organized militaries, opting instead to hire the services of mercenaries and hedge knights to champion their cause. Afterwards, however, city guard units were restructured into legitimate standing armies, leaving the majority of the realm's hire-swords with nowhere to pledge their fealty.

With their livelihood ripped out from under them, many of these men and women resorted to acts of villainy to survive. For fear of the situation worsening and the land falling into chaos, several respected leaders from around Eorzea gathered together and formed a network of guilds to provide these lost souls with the opportunity to redeem themselves by aiding others. Through the foresight and resolve of these leaders a new industry known as 'adventuring' emerged.[1]

Guild List[edit]

Adventurers' Guild Branches[edit]

Guild Guild Location Common Misnomers
Adventurers' Guild Carline Canopy The Adventurers' Guild
The Adventurer's Guild
Adventurer's Guild
The Carline Canopy
The Drowning Wench
The Quicksand
Drowning Wench

Disciples of War & Magic[edit]

Guild Guild Location Common Misnomers
Arcanists' Guild Mealvaan's Gate Arcanist's Guild
Archers' Guild Quiver's Hold The Quiver's Hold
Archer's Guild
Conjurers' Guild Stillglade Fane Conjurer's Guild
Gladiators' Guild The Coliseum Gladiator's Guild
The Coliseum
Lancers' Guild Wailing Barracks The Wailing Barracks
Lancer's Guild
Marauders' Guild Coral Tower The Coral Tower
Marauder's Guild
Musketeers' Guild Coral Tower The Coral Tower
Musketeer's Guild
Pugilists' Guild Platinum Mirage The Platinum Mirage
Pugilist's Guild
Rogues' Guild Dutiful Sisters of the Edelweiss The Dutiful Sisters of the Edelweiss
Rogue's Guild
Thaumaturges' Guild Arrzaneth Ossuary The Arrzaneth Ossuary
Thaumaturge's Guild

Disciples of the Hand[edit]

Guild Guild Location Common Misnomers
Alchemists' Guild Frondale's Phrontistery Alchemist's Guild
Armorers' Guild Naldiq & Vymelli's Armorer's Guild
Blacksmiths' Guild Naldiq & Vymelli's Blacksmith's Guild
Culinarians' Guild Bismarck Culinarian's Guild
The Bismark
Carpenters' Guild Oak Atrium The Oak Atrium
Carpenter's Guild
Woodworkers' Guild
Woodworker's Guild
Goldsmiths' Guild Eshtaime's Lapidaries Goldsmith's Guild
Leatherworkers' Guild Atelier Fen-Yll Tanner's Guild
Leatherworker's Guild
Weavers' Guild Sunsilk Tapestries Weaver's Guild
Clothcraft Guild

Disciples of the Land[edit]

Guild Guild Location Common Misnomers
Botanists' Guild Greatloam Growery Botanist's Guild
Fishermen's Guild Fisherman's Bottom Fisherman's Guild
Fishermens' Guild
Puller's Guild
Pullers' Guild
Fishers' Guild
Fisher's Guild
Miners' Guild Amajina & Sons Mineral Concern Miner's Guild
Amajina and Sons Mineral Concern

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