Heroic Reprise

Sidequest1 Icon.png Lv. 40   Heroic Reprise
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Rewardsicon.png Rewards
Guaranteed Rewards
Edge of Darkness
Informationicon.png Description
Fray is pleased to see you, as always.
Objectivesicon.png Objectives
  • Rescue the pilgrims!
  • Defend the pilgrims!
Issuing NPC: Fray: Foundation - The Fury's Mercy (x:11.4, y:12.2)
Type: Job Quest
Unlocks: Declaration of BloodSidequest1 Icon.png
Class: Dark Knight
Quest: Sidequest1 Icon.pngThe Voice in the Abyss
Lore & Dialogue
Loremonger:Heroic Reprise
NPCs Involved: Isembard
Mobs Involved: Silver Axe BeakGolden Axe BeakGore Horde LancerGore Horde ThaumaturgeGore Horde Battle DrakeBloodshower Atabb Chah

Fray in Foundation - The Fury's Mercy (x:11.4, y:12.2)
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Fray in Eastern Thanalan - Wellwick Wood - Burgundy Falls (x:28.1, y:24.7)
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Fray in Eastern Thanalan - Drybone - Camp Drybone (x:14.2, y:23.6)
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Fray in Eastern Thanalan - Sandgate - Amalj'aa Encampment (x:17.5, y:28)
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Isembard in Eastern Thanalan - Drybone - Camp Drybone (x:13.9, y:23.6)
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Fray in Eastern Thanalan - Sandgate - Amalj'aa Encampment (x:18, y:27.7)
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Sidequest4 Icon.png 
Fray in Eastern Thanalan - Drybone - Camp Drybone (x:14.2, y:23.6)
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  • Fray knows you have not heard the voice in some time, and so he hopes to help you as he did before. Join him in eastern Thanalan and prepare for communion.
  • It begins, as always, with an offering of blood. Seek out and slay axe beaks. Fray is watching.
  • Something is lacking, but you cannot say what. Well, it is done. Perhaps Fray will be satisfied.
  • A flicker of annoyance spasms across your face. How pointless, you think, and Fray smiles, for he knows your heart. Remember this feeling. Treasure it. It will serve you well in your next communion in Camp Drybone.
  • How dare Isembard interrupt our communion! As if pilgrims have not been kidnapped before! Yet here you are again, forced to risk life and limb to rescue fools who should have armed themselves. All because there is no one else. So be it. Raid the Amalj'aa encampment and rescue the prisoners.
  • Fortunately, Amalj'aa are far better sport than peistes, eh!? And the beastmen were happy to keep coming, howling with rage for their fallen kin, no matter how many you slew! Fray's chuckling is infectious, and you find yourself sharing his grin.
  • Fray suggests you refrain from cleaning the blood from your equipment. Let Isembard see what you accomplished firsthand.
  • Isembard's eyes wander to the bloodstains, only to flee a moment later. You can hear the fear in his voice as he thanks you for saving the pilgrims. Fray ought to find that amusing.
  • Those who have never known true sacrifice quake at the sight of it. You know this because Fray knows this. Extend your hand and prepare for communion.
  • “Serve... Save... Slave... Slay...” The voice drones on, each word resounding in your heart as the tapping of hammer and chisel. “Sacrifice is to renounce that which binds you,” Fray says. “To recognize that which matters─and forsake all that does not.” Serve... Save... Slave... Slay... Fray knows you cannot continue to carry all these burdens. Heed his warning, before it is too late.

    ※The next dark knight quest will be available from Fray upon reaching level 45.

You look well, Forename. More determined.

You have not heard the voice since last we spoke. I know. But worry not.

If your affinity with your darkside is as strong as I believe, then communion is all you require.

Come with me to the Burning Wall. You know what you must do.

It begins, as always, with blood. A confirmation of your identity.

There are axe beaks here which have grown ferocious beyond reckoning. Vile creatures, eager to prey on man and beast alike.

Offer yourself to them. They will come.

Then make an offering of them to me.
No more words, Forename.
Ahhh, now that is the Forename I've longed to see!

You resent this, don't you? This “pointless” trial.

Perhaps you even resent me for subjecting you to it.

Remember this feeling. Treasure it. I want it smoldering within you when we commune in Camp Drybone.

Close your eyes and hold out your hand towards me. Breathe deep through your nose─let the air fill your lungs, then let it pass from your lips. Slower, slower...
Listen to my voice. Listen to your heartbeat. Listen for the other...
Thank the Twelve, it is you! Forename!

Isembard, remember? It must have been ages since last we spoke!

To think that you would end up slaying the Lord of the Inferno! When you first came through looking for our missing commonfolk, I took you for a─

Ah, but this isn't the time to reminisce! I sought you out because I need your help!
...Do tell.
Not long ago, an Amalj'aa raiding party attacked a caravan on the road and abducted several pilgrims!

We reported the incident to both the Brass Blades and the Immortal Flames, but it seems neither is in a position to muster forces at present.

You know what lies in store should they not be rescued soon. Please, Forename─there is no one else!
Really? Charge into an enemy encampment filled with Amalj'aa warriors and free some fools who should've armed themselves!?
Risk life and limb to do the work of a dozen men all because you bloody asked!? Is that it!?
What will you say?
What choice do we have? That's what we do.
But what choice do we have, eh? Like you said─there's no one else. We'll bring them back.
But that's what we do, isn't it? Every godsdamned time. Fine. We'll bring them back.
I...I... Thank you for... They were bound for the encampment to the southeast...
Then so are we.
They...they were bound for the encampment to the southeast...
The nerve of some people, after all you do for them...
They're inside, just as Isembard said. Mere moments away from being tempered, I'm sure.
Well, what are you waiting for? It's time to play the hero!

They're not far ahead. Lead the way.
Abducted Man
Gods bless you, adventurer!
Keep moving! We're not free just yet!
Gore Horde Lancer
Rally! Do not let him escape!
Of course there's more. There's always more.
Run! Get yourselves to Camp Drybone!
Bloodhower Atabb Chah
You will pay for your insolence!
Oh, what a day! What a lovely day!
I've had my fill. Let's go.
You think this is it!? You think this ends with me!?
Abducted Man
No... No!
Abducted Maid
I...I can't...
Abducted Man
I think I need to sit down...
Heh heh, just didn't know when to leave off, did they?

Neither did you though, eh? I mean, look at yourself. Most of that's not even your blood!

Leave it. You've nothing to be ashamed of.

Let's go and give Isembard the good news.
Isembard ought to know what you did. Show him.
W-Welcome back, Forename! I heard you really gave those Amalj'aa what for! G-Good show!
I'm sure you're eager to be on your way, so I won't waste any more of your time...but th-thank you! Come back whenever you like!
We're fine, Forename! No need to linger on our account! Pray be on your way!
Those who have never faced death do not scruple to condemn others to it. They know nothing of true sacrifice, and are weak for their ignorance.

In sacrifice there is strength. In sacrifice there is liberation.

Close your eyes and hold out your hand towards me. Breathe deep through your nose─let the air fill your lungs, then let it pass from your lips. Slower, slower...
With every breath you grow lighter and slip further into the abyss...
On a throne of bone he waits...

Serve... Save... Slave... Slay...
They come to entreat his judgment...

Serve... Save... Slave... Slay...
One by one, in solemn procession...
...So. What did you hear this time?

Hm. And there I was thinking you were on the verge of discerning the truth...

Your affinity with your darkside grows stronger by the day. And yet...there is a hesitation.

Listen to me, Forename. You have performed great deeds and saved countless people. You are a hero to the realm...

But you are no dark knight.

A dark knight accepts that he cannot save everyone─that sometimes, he is fortunate just to save himself.

Sacrifice, Forename, is to renounce that which binds you. To recognize that which matters─and forsake all that does not.

At the very least, you must realize that you cannot continue to carry all these burdens...

Unless you wish to die a slave.

...I'm fine, just a little...just a little tired.

The communion is ended, and with it, our time together. But we shall meet again, as we did before.

The Silver Axe Beak will use Slumber Breath to inflict Sleep, while the Golden Axe Beak will use Numbing Breath to inflict paralysis. As this is not an instance, you may use players or chocobos to assist. Later in the instanced fight, you will be joined by Fray who will play the part of conjurer to help attack and heal. You will be facing a few weak lancers and thaumaturges at the start, but once the pilgrims are rescued and make their way to the exit several waves of amaljaa and war drakes will spawn. You must defeat them all, and finally their leader, to beat the fight. There are also some Amaljaa blocking the eastern exit, but it's currently unknown what effect slaying them before freeing the pilgrims has, if any. Edit Heroic Reprise's Notes

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