In Good Faith

Mainquest1 Icon.png Lv. 75   In Good Faith
Rewardsicon.png Rewards
XP Gil
Expicon.png660,000 Gil Icon.png1,239
Informationicon.png Description
Urianger stands over Runar, ready to begin his ministrations.
Objectivesicon.png Objectives
Issuing NPC: Urianger: The Rak'tika Greatwood - The Ox'Dalan Gap - Sleepaway Common (x:30.5, y:17.3)
Type: Main Scenario
Unlocks: A Test of StrengthSidequest1 Icon.png
Down FeathersSidequest1 Icon.png
In Pursuit of KnowledgeSidequest1 Icon.png
Just the Two of UsSidequest1 Icon.png
Out on PatrolSidequest1 Icon.png
Proving Your WorthSidequest1 Icon.png
Reach for the StarsSidequest1 Icon.png
Rock SolidSidequest1 Icon.png
Stand on CeremonySidequest1 Icon.png
The Burden of KnowledgeMainquest1 Icon.png
Thoughts and PrayersSidequest1 Icon.png
Quest: Mainquest1 Icon.pngThe Aftermath
Required Items
Aetherial Lamp Icon.png
Lore & Dialogue
Loremonger:In Good Faith
NPCs Involved: RunarThancredMinfiliaEmet-SelchAlmetUimetCymetY'shtola
Items Involved: Aetherial Lamp

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Rest, Forename, I prithee. I shall attend to Runar's ministrations.
Though I am loath to trust him, I suppose we have no choice. For now, at least.
Do you really think he can bring her back?
Could it truly be within his power to pluck Y'shtola from the Lifestream as he claimeth? 'Tis a feat beyond even the greatest practitioners of the arcane. Yet if he would attempt it, we cannot well stand in his way.
By the blessed Dark, there is yet hope!
I confess, I do not fully understand what is happening here─but I gather we were right to bring this man to you.
We found him asleep in the shade of a tree near the ruins. A fine way to behave when one's companions are in dire straits.
I am relieved to know he is an acquaintance of yours. Though I see you are not close. If he should displease you, we would be happy to deal with him...
Now then, if I'm to fetch her for you, I will require a suitable place to work. We must find somewhere that resonates strongly with the Lifestream.
And by we, I mean you. To that end, I give you this─an aetherial lamp of my own design.
Keep it close as you venture out into the woods. The brighter the glow, the stronger the location's resonance with the Lifestream. Once you've found a likely spot, all you need do is whistle.
You do know how to whistle, don't you, hero? Just put your lips together and blow.
Well, what are you standing around here for? Get searching! You do want to save her, don't you?
Did Emet-Selch not return with you?
Though I struggle to form the words...I am glad that Emet-Selch was here.
We can but pray Y'shtola never does anything so reckless again..
Urianger once told me that being immersed in the Lifestream can cause irreparable harm to the body. Do you suppose Y'shtola is all right?
In all of history, there are but few who have returned from a misadventure in the aetherial sea possessed of mind and body both.
To have done so twice beggareth belief. 'Tis plain Y'shtola wanteth not for favor among the Twelve.
By all that is dark, Master Matoya is returned! She stands here before me yet still I cannot believe it.
We are both gladdened and relieved to see your companion returned hale and whole.
With your friend returned, you will resume your exploration of the ruins, yes? But say the word and we shall assist you.
It was fate who brought you to us, and Fate who returned your companion to you. She yet smiles on Ronka, I am sure of it.
What a touching reunion that was. It fair brought a tear to the eye. But as we both know, such tender moments are nothing if not momentary.
Before long, they will remember their many differences, and return to squabbling.
What will you say?
Answer 1
!You're wrong. They're better than that.
!Says the arch Bringer of Chaos.
Oh, if I had a gil for every time one of you heroes made that claim...
Ah hah hah! Flattery will get you nowhere, dear boy.
But seriously, we Ascians do what we do for the greater good. For the Rejoining.
Though we may sow the seeds of chaos, it is man who tends them, he who reaps their bountiful harvest.
But I grow tired of these arguments. If you would kindly refrain from retorting and return to your customary brooding silence, I will take it as thanks for rescuing your companion and leave it at that.
Now, we mustn't keep your friends waiting.
I told you, I tire of these inane arguments. Shouldn't you be getting ready to slay the next Lightwarden or something?
My apologies for having put you all through such an ordeal. I could see no other way to save the Night's Blessed. Happily, both they and I yet live─thanks to you.
But our work here is not yet done. We must make ready to enter the Qitana Ravel, and put the Lightwarden to the sword.
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