In from the Cold

Mainquest1 Icon.png Lv. 83   In from the Cold

Journal detail hr1 07.png Acquisition
This quest requires you to fight enemies in a level 83 instance with a 25 minute time limit.
Lucia: Garlemald - The Eblan Rime - Camp Broken Glass (x:14.5, y:29.9)

Map33 Icon.pngClosest Aetheryte: Camp Broken Glass

Journal detail hr1 08.png Requirements
071201.png83Strange BedfellowsMainquest1 Icon.png Strange Bedfellows (Level 83)

Spacer2.png Any Disciple of War or Magic (excluding limited jobs) (Level 83)

Journal detail hr1 03.png Rewards

Experience Points

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Journal detail hr1 04.png Description
Lucia has further news for you.
Journal detail hr1 01.png Objectives
  • Reach camp Broken Glass within the time limit
  • Find the magitek reaper's identification key and fuel
  • Searched wrecked magitek reapers for fuel
  • Carry the ceruleum tank to the immobilized magitek reaper and refuel it
  • Board the magitek reaper and clear a path
  • Disembark the magitek reaper and proceed to Camp Broken Glass
  • Proceed while avoiding tempered imperials
  • Assist the civilians in defeating the creatures
  • Assist the civilians in defeating the transformed imperials
  • With the last of your strength, crawl to Camp Broken Glass
Journal detail hr1 02.png Unlocks Quests
071201.png83Gateway of the GodsMainquest1 Icon.png Gateway of the Gods (Level 83)

  • Lucia has further news for you.
  • Lucia tells you that the contingent has made excellent progress in their plans to provide heat and sustenance for the remaining Garleans. As there is nothing so dire as to require your expertise, she asks that you check on Y'shtola.
  • After speaking with Y'shtola, you settle in for a restful supper with comrades old and new. Alas, the moment of peace is shattered by a great wave of aether from the Tower of Babil. Though members of the contingent are protected by their warding scales, the imperials are not so fortunate, and wail as the tempering force begins to twist and torment their minds. You move to help, but are caught off guard by the sudden appearance of Fandaniel, who puts you to sleep and whisks you away...
When you awaken, you find yourself seated at a table set for dinner across from Zenos, as a smirking Fandaniel looks on. It is then you realize that your body is not your own, your soul having been extracted and placed within borrowed flesh. Your hosts then proceed to wax poetic about the primal Anima─summoned with the corpse of Varis himself, Fandaniel reveals─and Zenos's unflagging desire to cross swords with you once again.
  • To spur you to accept his demand for a rematch, Zenos takes control of your true body, and you are forced to pursue him through half of Regio Urbanissima to prevent him from deceiving and harming your comrades. You catch up to him in the nick of time, but it appears there will be no celebrating this small victory, as Fandaniel gleefully announces that the Final Days are soon to begin. Having at last returned to Camp Broken Glass─and yourself─you take a moment to settle back into your body before reassuring your comrades that all is well.
  • Alisaie, like the others, is less than pleased with recent events, and more motivated than ever to put a stop to the cruel machinations of the Telophoroi. The time to defeat Fandaniel and Zenos once and for all draws nigh!

I assume you're curious about how matters have progressed here in your absence. Quite well, as it happens.

Now that we've procured ceruleum from Tapper's Den, the recently repaired heaters can provide much-needed warmth.

Furthermore, we've prepared sufficient food for everyone. Those from Tertium shall find a hot meal waiting upon their arrival.

There's one for you, so go ahead and get some well-earned rest. I believe that we're capable of wielding a ladle or two without your assistance.

On your way, might I ask you to seek out Y'shtola? She was but recently attending to the wounded, but she's meant to be taking a rest herself. See that she is.
Quest Accepted

Were it not for you, Alphinaud, and Alisaie, the people of Tertium may well have perished. Though they may not realize it yet, they owe you their lives.
You must be a Disciple of War or Magic of level 83 or above to proceed.

Yes, yes, I have been taking proper breaks and imbibing sufficient water. But what of the Warrior of Light? You and the twins have an established history of reckless disregard for your own well-being.

We're all fortunate that none of you landed yourselves in my care. I've already quite enough to deal with, between the tempered and the Ist's wounded.

Alas, though I can mend their bodies, the toll their experiences have taken on their hearts and minds is another matter altogether.

For their sakes, we mustn't waver─but nor must we rush ahead in eagerness to see the day won, and in so doing invite disaster...
Upon settling down for supper, several cutscenes will play in sequence.
It is recommended that you set aside sufficient time to view these scenes in their entirety.
Settle down for a restful supper?
Yes No
Player7 Icon.png Voiced cutscene start.
Is that all of them?
The last of those who agreed to join us, yes.
We left heaters and provisions for those who wished to stay behind. They won't last forever, but hopefully they'll last long enough.
For now, I think everyone's earned a rest.
We'll see to those in need of medical attention, so take the others with you and get yourselves some hot soup.
Warmth, at last...
Marvelous, isn't it?
All thanks to the resourceful machinists of Ishgard, I might add. On their behalf, I bid you warm yourself to your heart's content!
Hold on. Your people might've scribbled a few things on a piece of parchment, but it was our Lominsan smiths that put the bloody things together.
Well, be that as it may...we single-handedly got the interior heating up and running again, didn't we?
The hells you did! We were there every step of the way!
"We"!? You barely raised a finger to help, you ale-sodden reprobate!
I did a damn sight more than you, you lily-livered bilge rat!

At ease, man. There's nothing funny in it.

I'm from Ala Mhigo, but was a conscript until recently. Used to eat this with the officers.
Apparently, it's adapted from a Steppe recipe. This is my first time trying it, and I have to say it's not half bad.
Hmm... It's a bit too flavorful for my liking...
Perhaps compared to what you're used to.
It's the little things that make life worth living, don't you think?
I know this is not a dream, and yet...

I felt the same way at the Dragonsong War's end. Every morning I would step outside and need to be reminded that it wasn't my imagination. That my world had been forever changed.

And just as I had grown accustomed to the idea, again you change my world in ways I never thought possible.

Were it not for you and your fellow Scions, the rifts between man and dragon and myriad tribes might never have been bridged.

The Grand Company of Eorzea, the Ilsabard contingent... We owe it all to you.

We've shed many tears in recent days. Of pain and sorrow. Triumph and joy. I much prefer the latter.
What will you say?
As do I. We often don't have the luxury of choice.
I am honored to fight by your side. As an Eorzean and Garlean both, I shall do all in my power to bring my peoples together.
Indeed. We can but do our utmost to unite these disparate peoples and lead them to victory.
It is a remarkable achievement─everything that I and the Populares had hoped for and more.
Would that it had come sooner.
Indeed. Too many are not here to see it. And yet...there is a warmth in my breast. As if they still share in this moment.
Yes. I know what you mean.
On a night like tonight, the wind and cold seem to pass me by.
We...have gained the power...take back...rightfully ours.
What? Emperor Varis?
They are being tempered! The talismans─quickly!
Save me, brave hero!
Ahem! My lord has requested your presence, and I would hate to disappoint him...
Player7 Icon.png Voiced cutscene end.

Player7 Icon.png Voiced cutscene start.
The experiment was a success, but I fear our time is short.

I shall begin the preparations. is time for you to awaken.

Good morrow to you. Here─have a taste before it gets cold.

Oh, but be sure to remove your helmet. Take a moment, too, to familiarize yourself with that borrowed flesh.

So? How does it feel? I, for one, find those first moments within a new body to be most refreshing!

We had a magitek engineer by the name of Aulus to thank for this method of soul extraction and implantation. I believe the two of you met briefly in Ala Mhigo?

His was a rather sticky end, wasn't it? Thankfully, he was thoughtful enough to leave behind his mindjack technology. I took the liberty of making some improvements─and selecting you as my esteemed test subject.
What will you say?
Give me back my body! This is such a pain in the arse.
And permit you to go on a righteous rampage instead of partaking in this delicious meal? I think not.
Come now, to us Ascians, it is no different from trying on new clothes. Why not make the most of it by partaking in this fine cuisine?
I must say, I have gone to great lengths to reunite you with my lord.

When I discovered that his "friend" was in this neck of the woods, I suggested inviting you over for dinner.

He never deigned to respond, but I took his silence as a resounding yes!

Oh my! Daddy is pleased his grumpy little boy has finally found his playmate!

Ah. Exposition is in order.

The Garlean Empire has long outlawed all forms of religion. No gods to worship, no risk of summoning. Brilliantly simple.

But people, being people, must turn to something or someone in their hour of need. Who, then?

Why, His Radiance the Emperor, of course.

As you have observed firsthand, Garlemald has seen better days. The legendary Solus zos Galvus─dead. Provinces near and far─in open rebellion. Our bold new Emperor─assassinated! And that last one even sparked a civil war! What rotten luck.

The people cried out for salvation, their earnest pleas─one might even call them prayers─a supplication united for the Empire to reclaim her former glory.

And so their will did manifest, channeled through the corpse of none other than Emperor Varis himself!

And lo, the savior was born! The embodiment of the Garlean spirit, their Anima!

It calls to its subjects, compelling them to take up arms and fight.

And just as the wealth and power gravitate towards the Empire's capital, so too does aether, from every corner of the globe!

The towers with which you and your allies have been so preoccupied were created as an extension of Anima itself. An ingenious design...

Would you not agree, my lord?
Does the pursuit of prey you have bested before excite you?

Of course not. Absent the challenge, the thrill, your prize is a hollow victory. Butchery.

Perhaps you think that to be the extent of my promise. I have no doubt fallen in your estimation since Ala Mhigo.

Fair enough. But do not let your disdain deprive you─deprive us─of an opportunity to craft an even more majestic moment of euphoria.

I have been honing my craft as I set the stage for our reunion.

Wheresoever there is suffering and despair, you appear, to fulfill your duty as defender of this star.

The chaos and destruction that my hordes have wrought...are my gifts to you alone.

At a loss for words? No matter. As you will learn, I have only just begun.
Oh? Will you not finish your meal?
There is only one thing that can sate my hunger, and it would seem my friend has lost his appetite.

I had hoped this display of civility might prove an entertaining diversion, but clearly we are above such pretensions.

While my lifeless body was in the posession of the Ascian, I too claimed another's as my own.

It was an enlightening experience, to fight in an unfamiliar form. Flaws and failings in my technique were plain to see.

Whence rises one's true strength? The flesh? The soul? Perhaps you should like to discover the answer for yourself.

Oh dear! Whatever would happen if my lord were to greet your friends as you? I shudder to imagine what carnage he would wreak!
We'd better hurry if we want to avert the bloodbath. You can thank me later for my generosity.
Player7 Icon.png Voiced cutscene end.

Player7 Icon.png Voiced cutscene start.
Ah, there it is. Your camp, I believe.

If I were to hazard a guess, I would say that you─the other you─is making his way there as we speak.

Alas, this you will have to walk from here. Or run, if you can manage it. My lord would be cross if I made it too easy.

Such ingratitude. I'd not squander this fighting chance. After all, you've obstacles enough to overcome─right on cue!

Tempered soldiers, with standing orders to kill those not sworn to Anima.

Under normal circumstances you would make short work of them. But on this occasion, the odds are not so heavily stacked in your favor.
Player7 Icon.png Voiced cutscene end.

Duty Commenced
In the coming battle, you will fight as Unknown Imperial.
(- Fandaniel -)
Quickly now!
(- Fandaniel -)
Come along!
Glory... be...
Glory Garlemald...
Time to familiarize yourself with that new body...
Might I suggest a little fight to the death?
Not bad at all, given your diminished capacity!

Nevertheless, 'twould perhaps be prudent to keep to the shadows...

...Scurrying about like a rodent!
The tempered imperial has breathed his last...
What will you do?
Inspect the fallen imperial. Pay your respects.
You find a medical kit!
The unfortunate soldier was carrying a medical kit.
You may use medical kits to restore depleted HP. While you can only carry a limited number, more can be found by inspecting fallen soldiers or wrecked magitek.
You offer a silent prayer for the deceased.

Were you in possession of your own body, you may have had the capacity to subdue rather than slay this tempered soldier.

In this battle, you are unable to use the full extent of your powers. To reach Camp Broken Glass quickly, you should avoid combat whenever possible.

If you are discovered, your foes will give chase. The magitek units are especially powerful, and your chances of defeating them in your current state are slim at best.



Must kill... Kill them all...
Scanning for targets...

Scanning for targets...

Intruder detected...

Intruder detected...
Scanning for targets...

Scanning for targets...

Intruder detected...

Intruder detected...
This magitek reaper's fighting days are over.
This magitek reaper's fighting days are over.
However, you find a medical kit in the cockpit!
This soldier has breathed his last.
This soldier was cut down from behind.
Upon closer inspection, you discover a medical kit.
A young imperial lies dead.
Upon closer inspection, you discover a medical kit.
Whoever this once was fought until the bitter end.
Upon closer inspection, you discover a medical kit.
This poor soul appears to have been slain by the tempered.
Upon closer inspection, you discover a medical kit.
You find a medical kit!
The sack contains a medical kit!
This magitek reaper's fighting days are over.
However, you find a vial of fortis in the cockpit!
You imbibe the fortis, and it fills you with newfound strength!
The sack contains a vial of salutaris!
You imbibe the salutaris, and it begins to soothe your wounds!

Immobilized Magitek Reaper
If interacting with the Immobilized Magitek Reaper without the key or fuel. If interacting with the Immobilized Magitek Reaper with the key but without fuel. If interacting with the Immobilized Magitek Reaper with the fuel but without the key.
This magitek reaper's leg has been damaged, but the weaponry should still function. You may be able to clear a path if you can find the identification key and fuel.
You have inserted the identification key, but the magitek reaper cannot be activated without fuel.
You have refueled the magitek reaper, but it cannot be activated without the identification key, which may still be in the possession of the pilot.

Fuel-concealing Wreckage
If the Fuel-concealing Wreckage is found before interacting with the Immobilized Magitek Reaper. If the Fuel-concealing Wreckage is found after interacting with the Immobilized Magitek Reaper.
According to the gauge, some ceruleum remains. The magitek reaper itself, however, is damaged beyond repair.
The ceruleum gauge indicates that some fuel remains. You should be able to remove the tank and carry it to another location.
You drop the ceruleum tank!
Pssst! Over here!
I'm inside this building. Come quickly!
Ungh... Someone, help...
You've not been turned? Thank goodness... I thought I was the only one left.
Ungh...the bastards got my hand when they took down my magitek reaper. If you can repair its leg, though, it should still work. Here, take this key.

Wounded Imperial
If the Wounded Imperial is spoken to before the fuel. If the fuel is found before speaking to the Wounded Imperial.
If it's run out of ceruleum, you might be able to find more in the wreckage.
If I had the use of my hand, I might've stood a chance out there. Please, send help if you can!
As for me, I've got no choice but to wait for help to arrive. If you find any of my comrades...let them know where I am, would you?

Scanning for targets...

Scanning for targets...

Intruder detected...

Intruder detected...
Scanning for targets... Scanning for targets...

Intruder detected... Intruder detected...



Requesting reinforcements...

Requesting reinforcements...
Alerted to your presence, magitek reinforcements have arrived!
You there! Please, help us!
This way!
You're one of us, right?
We need your help!
We'll make it out of this—together!
We owe you one!
Is everyone all right?
Thanks, stranger!
We have to get back to the shelter!
Unnnh... Ungggh...
What was that voice...?
They've found us—get ready!
It's going to explode!
Get behind the armor!
Hide behind the magitek reaper to survive the blast!
Agh! The machina's done for!
I can't die here...
Mother...forgive me...
Damn it...
Take...the fuel...
What a way to go...
What a shame! You were too slow to keep my lord from your friends. Let the slaughter begin!
Duty Commenced
Player7 Icon.png Cutscene start.
Unable to escape the blast, you begin to lose consciousness...
Player7 Icon.png Cutscene end.
You crawl to safety and regain consciousness!
Duty Commenced
Player7 Icon.png Voiced cutscene start.
It is a miracle we were able to restrain the tempered without suffering casualties.
A welcome one. A-Ruhn-Senna and the others have their hands full as it is. Thankfully, there are enough scales for everyone.
And what of Jullus? His symptoms were particularly severe.
They were, but others fared still worse, including some brought back from the Magna Glacies.

As those in most desperate need take priority, it may be a while before he receives treatment.

But rest assured that he will. In the meantime, we must find our missing friend. May the Fury guide you.
Of all the bloody times for a disappearing act...
Right when the first wave struck. We'd be fools to think it a coincidence.
But where even to begin the search? No one saw him leave in the chaos, and we've no trail to follow.
While I know full well he can handle himself, I worry all the same.
Ah. Speak of the devil...
Well! Time to call off the search!
Hmph. Case closed.
That's him? Over there?
Aye, 'twould appear so. Thou art struggling to perceive his presence?
I am. Perhaps, in the aftermath of the wave, there is some residual effect interfering with my faculties, but...

Where have you been? We've been worried sick!
Now, now, all's well that ends well. Are you all right?
Are you all right?
...Who are you?
What will you say?
Enough, Zenos! Get away from them, you bastard!

Sadly, that is all we have time for today. The effect has run its course, and back to your own bodies you must go.

But where are my manners? You have all traveled so very far, and I have yet to pay my respects.

Though in my defense, I was ill prepared to receive so many uninvited guests. As such, preliminary entertainments were in order.

A handful of tempered soldiers to hamper your progress. Refugees to command your attention while I siphoned their ceruleum from the shadows─particularly effective, that.

Charitable souls that you are, you bent over backwards to aid them, heedless of the delay. Predictable to a fault! And so my plan approaches completion unhindered.

Anima will soon have absorbed the requisite amount of aether, and then shall come the spectacle to end all spectacles!

The eldest and most powerful of primals will awaken, and all shall bear witness to the Final Days!
The gods themselves will be my meal. Your dear companions my dessert. Upon this world I'll feast, and death shall follow in my wake.
All your hate, all your rage, you will render unto me.
( Vrtra MainIcon36.png )
For upon thy life's reel wind too many threads. Of fate. Power. Weal, enmeshed with woe.

Most terrible still is the attrition wrought upon thy companions, as they are swept up in the storm of thine existence.

Take heart and protect them well. They will be your strength and your salvation.

Thank goodness. She's awake!
What will you say?
Is everyone all right? So I'm not dead yet?
Perfectly fine, yes. I hope the same can be said of you.
I am pleased to report you are very much alive.
Everything in working order?
That's a relief. Oh, and before I forget: thanks for coming to our rescue.
Given recent events, I would be surprised if you weren't feeling a bit poorly.

A hearty meal and a long rest would be my recommendation under normal circumstances, but these are anything but. If Fandaniel's boasts are to be believed, we must act quickly.

Once you've blown away the cobwebs, we can discuss preparartions for our assault on the Tower of Babil.
Player7 Icon.png Voiced cutscene end.

Local Dialogue
Like any son of Garlemald, I mourn the loss of the late Emperor—but I won't go sacrificin' myself in his memory. Call me heartless, but I plan to live what life I have left to the fullest.
Fortunately for me, I happen to know a thing or two about magitek. That knowledge was drilled into me for the purposes of war, but I'll happily use it to survive.

Local Dialogue
Ah, you've finally come around! From what I gather, you'd been through rather a lot, what with your sudden disappearance. Then, even when you did return, there was some sort of fracas, it seems. Someone did explain it to me, but I must admit, I found the whole account positively mind-boggling.
And once again, your timing is impeccable. Why, you've recovered just in time to join the foray into the enemy stronghold. I do hope you're feeling up to it!
The time is upon us. Neither you nor Estinien will break under the coming onslaught, of that I am sure. I too vow not to bend, to see us to victory. By my lance, I do swear.
According to my prospectometer, this operation is guaranteed to succeed!
Pray give the enemy what for, Forename, while we finish up preparations here!
All right, you lot! When we get the signal, we'll make the loudest racket Garlemald's ever heard!
Me an' the others'll cause enough ruckus to wake the dead, so you lot should have an easy time sneakin' in.
Greetings, Forename. A pity that our paths will be diverging on the battlefield, though we shall see each other again once the dust has settled, worry not. And when we do, you shall find me stronger than before.
The time has come for me to head to the front line.
You see, with so many healers needed to treat the tempered, our allies want for support on the battlefield. That's where I come in.
It has all been leading up to this. As I'm assigned to the diversionary force, I doubt our paths will cross once the fighting starts, so I shall take this opportunity to wish you the very best of luck!
Truth be told, I am feeling more than a bit nervous. I have never been involved in something of such scale, but with Guydelot and the others at my side, I'm confident we will succeed.
We're still deciding who'll be staying behind and who'll act as a diversion. Emmanellain is to guard the camp, while Sanson and I join the van.
Jehantel may have already waxed philosophical on this topic, but it is here upon the battlefield that a bard shows their true mettle. Wherever swords clash and magicks crackle, our song shall be heard.

The body that you were forced to inhabit turned cold and stiff the moment you were returned to your own. Perhaps the soul it belonged to is long gone...
Let us pray it is so, for I doubt it would be better off in the care of Zenos or Fandaniel.
I will require a detailed report on what occurred whilst you were...not yourself. For the contingent, of course.
It can wait until later, however. For now, it's enough that you've returned.
Whatever that was, let's not do it again, eh?
Full glad am I to see thee awake and restored to thine own flesh once more.
Hm, yes...'tis still you...
My apologies─I realized too late that the aether emanating from the tower was distorting my perception. 'Twas likely a temporary effect, but I remain wary.
Are you certain that you've recovered? You mustn't push yourself, especially after an experience like that.
Thank heavens you're you again. Gave me quite a fright.
No apologies necessary, least of all to me. If anything, there's a strange comfort in knowing I'm no longer the only one to have been used as a villain's puppet. Though I pray you'll be the last...
You're certain you're well? Nothing out of place? No missing bits?

Good. Though I won't promise the same for Fandaniel and Zenos after I'm through with them...

How much must these people suffer before they're satisfied?

How many cruel, pointless tricks must they play?

Prelude to the Final Days or no, this ends now!
Quest Complete

So how shall we strike them down?
I realize my sister is...eager to proceed, but please be sure that you've fully recovered before you throw caution to the wind.
...I suppose your experience was a bit different, though. Unlike you, I had the pleasure of being stuck with Lahabrea while he went gallivanting about doing a poor impression of me. It adds another layer to the insult, believe you me.

Local Dialogue
Don't worry, we're making sure the refugees are well fed and looked after. I have to say, it warms one's heart seeing the smiles on their faces after they've filled their stomachs.
Though I wish we could share all of our provisions with the refugees, we have to plan ahead. We'll be in no position to help anyone if we starve to death.
Most of the refugees have become incredibly frail from their ordeals, both physically and mentally. We must be careful how we act around them, so as not to cause any undue distress.
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