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Inns or Inn Rooms are private, instanced areas for the use of players where they may partake in a few side activities, or log off from the game while their Character goes to sleep on the Inn Room's bed.


They can be unlocked by completing the following quests:

City-state Limsa Lominsa Gridania Ul'dah Ishgard Kugane Crystarium Old Sharlayan
NPC Staelwyrn Galfrid Zuzumeda Bamponcet Lyse Manager of Suites Alphinaud
Quest Just Deserts Spirithold Broken Way Down in the Hole Coming to Ishgard Not without Incident An Unwelcome Guest The Color of Joy

Once unlocked, you can access the Inns by speaking to the Innkeep.

Rested Bonus[edit]

When player characters enter an inn (or cities or areas near Aetherytes), they go into “resting mode,” accumulating a rested bonus as time passes. Even after players have logged out, the rested bonus continues to accumulate up to a maximum limit.

When player characters are sufficiently rested, they will gain a boost to their received experience points. This boost is only eligible when EXP is earned through combat, synthesis, or gathering items, and gives you a 50% bonus to the received amount.

  • When playing with maximum level job or class, the rested bonus does not decrease.
  • The bonus does not apply to experience points received as part of quest rewards or for completing levequests.

The Unending Journey[edit]

In the inn, players may access a compendium called The Unending Journey which contains a list of completed quests. They can also select and replay event scenes from this list.


See Category:Storable for the full list of storable items.
A private armoire capable of holding some untradable items. Though use of the armoire is free, the following restrictions apply:

Only items in 100% condition can be stored.
Multiple items of the same name cannot be stored.
Stored items will have their spiritbond values reset to 0.
Hermes' Shoes cannot be stored for a fixed period (approx. one day, Earth time) following use.

The same storage is accessible from the armoires in all four city inns. For example, an item stored using the armoire at the Mizzenmast in Limsa Lominsa can be retrieved using the armoire at the Roost in Gridania. Artifact armor for Jobs, Seasonal Event items, Achievement rewards, and "Exclusive Extras" such as Veteran Rewards are the primary types of items that can be stored.

Summoning Bell[edit]

Summons your retainers.

Crystal Bell[edit]

Summons the Aesthetician.

Toy Chest[edit]

Allows you to play the Parley, Concentration, and Slide I+XIV mini-games if you've unlocked them.

Glamour Dresser[edit]

The glamour dresser allows a player/user to consume Glamour Prisms to store items as glamour without the need to constantly re-consume glamour prisms to change the appearance of gear. This feature is available in every inn.