Kamlito Halito

This NPC was part of the original release of Final Fantasy XIV.
Unless otherwise documented, the NPC is missing, and presumed dead, from the Calamity.
NPCs determined to have survived should be updated using the ARR Infobox NPC template.
Removed Icon.pngKamlito Halito  MISSING
Missing NPC
Last Seen
Zones: Ul'dah
Locations: Arrzaneth Ossuary
Last Words

The wealth and belongings one amasses are not without meaning. They are glorious in their own right.

But for all their worth in life, in death they are mere fetters--chains which bind our souls to baseness.

Think on it, and you will see the truth in what i say.

Kamlito Halito.jpg
Gender: Male
Race: Lalafell
Affiliation: Ul'dah
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