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The Converging Light

Mainquest1 Icon.png Lv. 80   The Converging Light

Journal detail hr1 07.png Acquisition
Y'shtola: Kholusia - Shadow Fault (x:11.5, y:33.2)

Map33 Icon.pngClosest Aetheryte: Wright

Journal detail hr1 08.png Requirements
071201.png80Etched in the StarsMainquest1 Icon.png Etched in the Stars (Level 80)

Spacer2.png Any Disciple of War or Magic (excluding limited jobs) (Level 80)

Journal detail hr1 03.png Rewards

Experience Points

Miscellaneous Reward

Dungeon Icon.png The Heroes' Gauntlet (Level 80)

Unlocks ability to purchase Lugus Card
Edit The Converging Light's Miscellaneous Reward
Journal detail hr1 04.png Description
Y'shtola gazes out into the distance.
Journal detail hr1 01.png Objectives
  • Speak with Y'shtola in Eulmore.
  • Speak with Chai-Nuzz.
  • Use the Duty Finder or Trust to enter the Heroes' Gauntlet.
  • Use the Duty Finder or Trust to enter the Heroes' Gauntlet.
  • Speak with the Crystal Exarch.
  • Speak with the nervous guard.
  • Speak with the Crystal Exarch.
Journal detail hr1 02.png Unlocks Quests
071201.png80Hope's ConfluenceMainquest1 Icon.png Hope's Confluence (Level 80)

  • Y'shtola gazes out into the distance.
  • Eager to rendezvous with your comrades, Y'shtola sets off for Eulmore at a brisk pace, leaving you trailing in her wake.
  • You eventually catch up with Y'shtola at the aetheryte plaza, and together walk the last few steps to rejoin your assembled friends.
  • Your comrades listen intently as you recount your recent adventure in the depths, their faces turning grim at the revelation that Elidibus is a primal. Even as you ponder what your foe may do next, another starshower appears in the skies over Eulmore, this time accompanied by an illusion of Amaurot... Yet it does not end there, for you are promptly set upon by spectral warriors who emerge from arcane rings resembling those conjured in the Exarch's summoning rituals. Whatever the reason for this uncanny similarity, all agree that you must take the battle elsewhere lest innocents fall into harm's way. To that end, you resolve to board a waiting airship and fly for the Crystarium.
※Speak with your companion NPCs outside the instance entrance if you wish to enlist them for this duty.
※Use the Duty Finder if you wish to complete the instance alongside fellow players.
  • Not long into your flight, the airship sustains heavy damage and you are forced to land in the wastes of Amh Araeng. Wings thus clipped, you have no choice but to make your way back to the Crystarium on foot, with spectral foes dogging your every step. Though your route proves to be unexpectedly circuitous, aided by many a friend made during your time in Norvrandt, you finally emerge in the familiar environs of Lakeland.
  • So near and yet so far. But a short distance from the Crystarium, you are surrounded by an army of spectral warriors, halting your party's breathless advance. In an oft-repeated scene, your comrades duly volunteer to hold the enemy at bay while you alone press on to your destination, and so you leave them. As you plunge through the forest, you stumble upon the prostrate forms of the Exarch and Beq Lugg, who have apparently escaped a close encounter with Elidibus. In rueful tones, they inform you that the Ascian has stolen the Exarch's spirit vessel─and has thus acquired the means to control the Crystal Tower. Despite his fast-advancing crystallization, the Exarch expresses his determination to help you to put a stop to Elidibus's plot, and fixes his gaze upon the tower.
  • Nearing the Crystarium, the Exarch begs leave to make a brief stop at the Accensor Gate, hoping to send guards to Beq Lugg's aid.
  • While the Exarch is issuing instructions, Lyna arrives to take charge of the situation in the Crystarium. Knowing all too well what is at stake, the two share a brief but heartfelt moment, and then you and the Exarch forge on towards the city.
  • At the Exedra, the Exarch observes with satisfaction that the ward he and Beq Lugg raised over the tower still holds. Within awaits your foe, made mighty by the hopes of the countless heroes he has summoned from other reflections. At a word from you, the Exarch will lift the ward and open the way to your reckoning with Elidibus. See that you are ready.

Right─no more musing. We have taken far too long as it is.
Our friends await us in Eulmore, yes? Let us hurry and join them.
So the rumors have reached this far...
You certainly took your time. Did something happen?
Ah, there you are. Eventful trip?
We were starting to worry─but I see we shouldn't have. No?
'Tis my pleasure to report that we accomplished our task without further bouts of faintness─a feat we attribute to Tataru's most generous gift.
Yes, people have been talking about little else of late...
Oh, if it isn't Forename! I confess, I'm not entirely sure what's going on, but with you and your friends here, I'm sure it will all be all right in the end!
We have been apprised of the situation. Suffice it to say, we can ill afford to lose able-bodied citizens during this vital period of rebuilding.
It appears we are fashionably late.

Come. Our tale will not wait.

This will be my first time meeting Master Chai in his capacity as mayor. The fellow behind him is his advisor, I take it─Wrenden.
Player7 Icon.png Voiced cutscene start.
Forgive us our lateness.
Master Chai, my congratulations on your appointment. By all accounts, you are a capable mayor.
Oh, I have capable friends, my lady. I must say, it's good to see you looking hale and whole again.
The credit for that lies with my own capable friend, without whom I might never have escaped my abductor.
A primal... I suppose that would explain why Elidibus has been fostering faith in the Warrior of Light.

While you were enjoying your audience with the wandering heart of Zodiark, we were busy dispatching the last of the black-masked Ascians. A task which proved almost insultingly easy.

Formidable though we undoubtedly are, they were obviously sent to provide encouragement for budding heroes. One cannot help but wonder how many times the ploy has been used before...
Master Chai, you mentioned that the people of Kholusia are similarly enamored of the Warrior of Light.
Indeed. Though it's hardly surprising given the state of the world. Many are still struggling to find a purpose, and it's only natural that they should take comfort in the tales.
Then the fever has spread to every corner of Norvrandt.
We may have dealt with his black-masked minions, but it is plain Elidibus has yet to show his hand.
Oh my, what a spectacular sky!
Another starshower...
Wait, is that...
Did you hear that? That voice, calling out...
No, I didn't hear anything. But...
Why do I feel so... Like I've lost something dear to me...
Does Elidibus seek to awaken more people to the Echo with clearer visions of the Final Days?
In the name...of the Light...I shall vanquish...the Darkness...
I shall deliver the world from its doom!
And who might you be!?
Whoever they are, they've come for our heads!
No you don't!
They are not of flesh and blood.
I know this magick.
The rings are like unto those that the Exarch did employ in our summoning.
Are you saying the Exarch is summoning them?
Nay. Yet the similarity can be no mere coincidence...
Should we make a stand here? Or retreat to the Crystarium?
The aether churns around us. More of them will appear ere long.
To stay would only place innocents in harm's way. We must fight this battle elsewhere.
Take one of our airships! You can decide what to do on your flight to the Crystarium!
You are a capable leader in your own right, Master Chai. The citizens of Eulmore chose well.
It's settled, then. To the airship!
Player7 Icon.png Voiced cutscene end.
What will you d0?
Small talk. Form a party and enter the Heroes' Gauntlet.
We should first make for the western edge of Amh Araeng before bending our course towards the Crystarium.
This route will allow us to land and contend with the enemy if necessary. Given that they can appear out of thin air, we must be prepared for anything.
First the starshower, then these specters... And something tells me the worst is yet to come.

Urianger is right, though─the Exarch didn't send them. He would sooner harm himself than us.

But that only makes me want to get back to the Crystarium more quickly.
Cutting down that swordsman felt like slicing through thin air. I only wish his blade had felt similarly intangible.

We must lead them away from the civilians. The rest we can work out en route to the Crystarium.

There are sure to be a few surprises along the way, but we are nothing if not resourceful.
I think they were after us. Us specifically, I mean. And that's not all...
I sensed the aura of Light around them. As if they were blessed, like you and me.
Fiery stars illuminating a blackened sky... By this vision, many and more shall have awakened to Hydaelyn's voice.

And as Elidibus hath designed, their hearts shall swell with the desire for salvation. The desire which doth empower him.

We must needs move swiftly against him, ere this mania seizeth every soul, and his might exceedeth all measure.
If we are dealing with the selfsame magick employed by the Exarch, we may safely assume that our enemies are being summoned from other worlds.

Beyond that, all is speculation. But I would wager the fact that their summoning seems still less complete than our own has rendered them more susceptible to external influence. The suggestion to kill us, for example.

But I am musing again. Let us away ere more of them manifest.
What are you still doing here!? To the airship with you!
You can thank me later!
I don't know what this sky portends, but I do know it can't be good.
So please take care, and return to us safe and sound.
We will see that order is restored in the city. Go now, and do not look back.
Wh-Who were those ghostly figures? W-Were they the ones talking inside my head?
When the stars were raining down, I thought I saw a city in the sky. But then the fighting broke out, and when I looked again, it was gone...
Did you see it too? It was so beautiful! So heartbreakingly beautiful...
Damn it! Hang on to something!

Battle Dialogue[edit]

Hah! When I saw that airship come down, I had my suspicions, but it is you!
Ghen Gen
Come, Ghun Gun! Our friends need help!
Be careful, yes?
I haven't the faintest what's going on, but you'd best keep moving!
Ghun Gun
Come and visit us again!
Just when I think there's a commotion...
Lucky we chanced to be testing some Talos!
Take care, you hear?
Well, it's back to the workshop with this lot...
Spectral Thief
Like a gust of wind, I shall sweep away the pall of Darkness!

My swiftness knows no equal!

Fast as the Light that banishes the Dark!
Feo Ul
Hmph, when will you learn to call your lovely branch when you're in trouble? We'll discuss this later, but for now...onward!
Aenc Thon, Lord of the Lengthsome Gait
Oho, we meet again, and during such a festive occasion besides! Let us revel, my friends!
Come, come! Gather ye around, and lend an ear to my sweet melody!
This way, my brave sapling! This way!
Nu Mou
We Nu Mou are not wont to fight, but we know when we must!
Come, my lovelies! Come and join the fun!
Continue on, Forename! We will keep these ones busy!
Spectral Necromancer
I shall fight. For the world...and for you, my heart!

Embrace death!

Arise, my servants, and come to my aid!

Oh dear, tired so soon?

Very well, you may rest...but not in peace!

Hehe, such lovely blossoms of blood!

More! I need more to attend me! If you cannot stand, then crawl!

Come now, death isn't so terrible. Not when you have company, hehehe...

I would behold your beautiful blossoms! Let them bloom!

Plunge into the depths of oblivion!

Tainted though I am, I am still a Warrior of Light!

That I should lose again...
A pinch of pixie magic, and─presto─a secret passage to Lakeland!
Giott the Aleforged
Whatever's going on, you've got my hammer!
Steelarm Cerigg
Just another job for a bounty hunter.
Granson of the Mournful Blade
Watch me, Milinda! This time I fight not to avenge, but to protect!
Lue-Reeq of the Gilded Bow
I've had far worse than this lot.
Granson of the Mournful Blade
Not sin eaters by the look of them.
Steelarm Cerigg
Whatever they are, they're not to be trifled with.
Giott the Aleforged
Keep it steady, eh, catboy? Don't want no arrow in my arse by accident.
Lue-Reeq of the Gilded Bow
Wha─!? Do you take me for a craven!?
Compared to the Virtues, this is just a relaxing diversion!
Giott the Aleforged
Ugh, I would kill for a drink right now...
Lue-Reeq of the Gilded Bow
When this is over, I'll buy you as many as you want!
Steelarm Cerigg
Not ashamed to admit the offer of drinks has me fired up!
Spectral Paladin
My impregnable...
Granson of the Mournful Blade
Damn! We must find a way past his defense!
Lue-Reeq of the Gilded Bow
My arrows don't do a thing!
Giott the Aleforged
Right, you asked for it!
Have a taste of dwarven tradition, you airy glowing bastards!
Steelarm Cerigg
Ack, no bloody end in sight...
Granson of the Mournful Blade
Press on! We'll hold them here!
Spectral Berserker
Come, servants of Darkness! I'll bathe in your vile blood!

Darkness must die! Die, die, DIEEEEEE!

Ahhhhhh, my blood! It burns in my veins!
Player7 Icon.png Voiced cutscene start.
I think that's the last of them...
Apparently, even they have limits. Nevertheless, we should remain vigilant.
Urianger, something occurred to me while we were fighting. These enemies...
...Are heroes hailing from other shards, summoned hither to deliver this world from its doom.

Scant moments after the starshower did they appear─as yet more souls were inspired to walk the hero's path, no doubt.

Thus did hopes for salvation of realms near and far resonate and converge...lending still greater strength unto our adversary.
So that's Elidibus's game. But first things first: if the rings are the same as the Exarch's, then we need to ask him how that's possible.
The Crystarium is close. Let us press on.
They come!
So near and yet so far.
“In the chaos of conflict, one can always find an opening to exploit.”
Whoever taught you that is a wise man indeed. And good with a gunblade. But yes, I daresay we can create an opening wide enough for at least one of us to slip through.
That being you, of course─though others are welcome to follow in your wake. Ryne and I will keep our guests occupied.
Brave and selfless as ever. Yet the two of you may struggle to fool our foes, aetherically sensitive as they are.
Had you a comrade who could use destructive magicks to wreak havoc upon the ambient aether, on the other hand...
Very well, I too shall assist in the diversionary effort.
Oh, not this old dance again... Yes. Obviously, I'll stay and fight.
Alphinaud! I'm about to do a great many stupid and reckless things. Watch my back, would you?
And there you have it. Take care of yourself, my friend.
What will you say?
Make it a nice big opening, eh!? You don't have enough lives for this... Use your magic sparingly, do you hear?
We'll do our best!
Rest assured I have no intention of expending any of mine this day.
I shall not overexert myself without good reason. As for the others...
Finished? Then let's begin!
A short while earlier, in the Ocular...
...'Tis done.
Let me see! Let me see!
Yes! Your memories are preserved safely within! We've done it! We've done it at last!
I have inspected the other vessels. They are all ready to receive of our friends' memories.
Excellent, excellent!
I shall have my familiars bear word to them at once!
It was not until I observed the battle between Emet-Selch and the Warrior of Darkness that I realized what I must do.

I will summon heroes from other worlds unto the First, just as you did.

Their presence shall serve to empower me─granting me the strength to crush my enemy.
Though it pains me to disappoint you, I feel compelled to explain that the magick in question requires no small amount of preparation.
Ah, but you assume I require my champions to be summoned in their entirety. I do not. Their souls needn't even be whole.

My purpose requires no more than their burning desire to vanquish evil.

This I shall sear upon the aether, raising thereby an army of phantom heroes, to whom I shall whisper, as I have to so many over the ages...

“Here lies darkness. It must be destroyed.”
And you expect me to cooperate?
I do not require your cooperation. Your death will suffice. The magick, I shall have from your corpse.
Go, Lugus!
We must flee!
...But what is this?
Argh... Unnngh...

My friend... How did you...?

No matter... Elidibus... He took us unawares...
It was all we could raise a ward to hinder his steps... And so we fled...

But he took it... The vessel with the Exarch's memories...

Forgive me... Forgive me...
The vessel bears not only my memories, but my blood─the blood of Allagan royalty...granting him the means to control the tower.

With it, he has performed I know not how many summonings, calling forth heroes from across the rift.

And as you can see, the burden upon the tower is beginning to tell...
What will you say?
Leave him to me. I'm just glad you're alive. Make sure you stay that way.
If you mean to face him alone, I will not allow it. Not this time.

Elidibus has exploited the people's nobility. Twisted their purest intentions for terrible ends.

And I cannot let it stand. As Exarch, it is my duty to protect them. To defend their hopes and dreams.

So I'm going to the Crystal Tower, with or without your blessing─though I would rather it were with.

Thank you.
I'd join you...but I would only be a burden. Better that I remain here with my gremlins...
I shall send help. Stay strong, my friend, and take heart.

By binding Elidibus within the tower, we have done more than simply delay him.

Much like our adversary, I am not wont to show my hand prematurely. But the time has come to bring my strongest card to bear.

To the tower!
Player7 Icon.png Voiced cutscene end.
M-My lord! Sincerest apologies, but the way to your room is blocked at the moment. In their rush to see the starshower, a number of residents lost their footing and fell down the stairs, you see... Our chirurgeons are presently attending to them, and we ask for your patience and understanding until such time as they can be moved.
Don't worry about me─I merely need a rest... Go on, off with you! I'd be no help at all...
With your permission, I would make a brief stop at Accensor Gate─just long enough to send the guard to Beq Lugg's aid, you understand.

Were it not for them, we would never have escaped Elidibus, much less with the spirit vessels.

Though mine fell into our foe's clutches, Beq Lugg gathered up the rest at great risk to themself.

I must see that they are safe before we press on. Enough good people have given their lives that I might fulfill my duty.
Player7 Icon.png Cutscene start.
W-Warrior of Darkness! Exarch! Forgive us this paltry greeting. We were not notified of your coming!
It wasn't planned. I need you to assemble a rescue party.
Our friend Beq Lugg lies wounded in a clearing to the west. Pray go to their aid with all haste.
At once, my lord! M-May I ask how they came to harm?
There've been reports of enemies in our midst─specters who appeared after the starshower. Do they have something to do with it?
Yes. The man who attacked Beq Lugg is also responsible for the starshower and the appearance of the specters.

I have no time to explain, but know that the individual in question does not seek to do indiscriminate harm. If you do not bar his servants' path, they will not turn on you.

You are to leave this foe to us, understood? Meanwhile, I ask that you alert the rest of the guard, and focus on maintaining calm in the city.
I shall take charge of matters in the city. Find Beq Lugg─now!

“No time to explain”... Hmph.

The graver the matter, the less inclined you are to speak of it. Even when it is plain for all to see─like what is happening to you.
Lyna... This time there truly is no time.
I know, my lord. Were matters otherwise, I believe you would even be willing to speak of your past if pressed.

Yet I remain afraid to do so.

Afraid that what I might learn would make a stranger of you.

...Forgive me. There is no time.
What will you say?
Perhaps a few words are in order. We need to get going.
Indeed. Time must be made.
I know, my friend. I know. Just...grant me a moment. Please.
...Lyna. Do you remember the time you got lost in the tower when you were little, and I searched for you for hours on end?

And the cake I baked for your tenth birthday. That hideous lump the good people of the Mean covered up with beautiful candles...

And your hapless first encounter with the sin eaters as a guard. Afterwards, you threw yourself into your training, pretending nothing was wrong, though I could see the tears in your eyes...

All these moments that we shared, all the feelings that accompanied them...they are as real as aught that came before, and nothing will ever change that─will ever change what we mean to one another.

If I have made you worry, then I beg your forgiveness. Heavens know you deserve better.

Through the darkest of times, you have kept faith with me, standing tall as a proud daughter of the Crystarium─as an example to us all. I count myself blessed to have had you in my life, and I want you to know that.
Why do you speak so? As if this were our last meeting? Truly, you have a knack for making people worry.

Besides, it is you who are an example to us all. You who have led us through countless trials. And you who will lead us through countless trials to come.

So go, my lord. Do what you must.

...But take care.
Player7 Icon.png Cutscene end.
The ward holds. Excellent. Elidibus will still be within the tower.

Our foe's sole purpose is to destroy you, and to that end he has summoned heroes from other reflections, empowering himself with their hope even as they occupy your comrades. You will not best him as easily as you did in the depths. By any measure, the odds are now stacked firmly in his favor.

To wit, spare no preparation, my friend. I shall lift the ward only when you are ready.
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