Tiny Mandragora

Mandragora Icon.pngTiny Mandragora  Zoneicon.pngMob1 Icon.pngMob14 Icon.pngMob18 Icon.png
Level Range 4-9
HP 91
Tiny Mandragora.png
The enigmatic mandragora were first observed in the aftermath of the Seventh Umbral Era. It is not known whence they came, or if they even existed prior to the Calamity. There are those who insist that the diminutive seedkin are sentient, but further research is required to confirm such speculation.
Zone Level Drops Notes
Middle La Noscea - Summerford (22-20)
  FATE Icon.pngOvernight Migration
 4 Aggressive.png

Middle La Noscea - Summerford (22-17, 18-15)  5-7 Passive.png

Lower La Noscea - Cedarwood  5-8 Passive.png

Middle La Noscea (18-17)
  Guildhesticon.pngBasic Training: Enemy Parties
 9 Aggressive.png
Hunting Log (2)
Name Rank
Hunting Log: Marauder 06 1
Hunting Log: Rogue 06 1
Quests (2)
Name Level Starter Type
Further Afield &00000000000000060000006 Gurcant Main Scenario Quest
What's in the Box &00000000000000050000005 Thubyrgeim Class Quest
FATEs (1)
Name Level Location
Overnight Migration 5 Summerford
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