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  Elezen / Female
Zone(s): Idyllshire  (6.4-6.8)
Occupation: Hunter-scholar
After making minor progress within Clan Centurio
So you're the famous Forename, are you? Heh heh heh. The Clan's all abuzz with talk of the brave young adventurer who's joined our ranks.
Starts Quests (1)
Name Lvl XP Gil Type
Top Marks &000000000000005900000059 43200 1215 Sidequest
Involved in Quests (1)

Additional Dialogue
Don't you lump me in with these so-called treasure hunters─if you ask me, they're nothing more than a pack of thieves and vagabonds. I'm something much more respectable. I'm a bounty hunter.
Before joining Clan Centurio
Well, well, well... It's nice to see a friendly face around here for once. What aid can I offer to a fellow member of the Clan?
Tell me about the rank B elite mark. (Pterygotus)
The Thaliak River is a shining symbol of the Dravanian hinterlands─the great mother who blesses the land with the gift of water. But where the gentle and generous mother brings life, the cruel and merciless father─an oversized crustacean who rules over the Thaliak with an iron claw─brings only death. The great glutton will pounce on anything that moves, and chop up his prey with his tail pincers faster than you can say “ouch.” If you don't keep an eye on that tail of his, you'll be feeding the fishes in bite-sized chunks.
Tell me about the rank B elite mark. (Gigantopithecus)
Time and again, the residents of Idyllshire have come under attack from a huge, hairy beastkin─imagine if you crossed a Roegadyn with an opo-opo, and had it row a ten-tonze galley for a twelvemoon. I scoured the Sharlayan annals for a record of such a monster, and finally found it─it's a Gigantopithecus, a fierce beast native to the tropical jungles of the Cieldalaes. It was brought here as a youngling by a Sharlayan scholar, who raised it in a specially constructed glasshouse in some vain attempt to research its ecology. But when the exodus came, the callow whelp didn't think of taking his pet with him. Now it falls to the Clan to pick up the pieces.
Tell me about the rank A elite mark. (Slipkinx Steeljoints)
Have you heard of the Illuminati? They're a secretive fraternity of goblin scholars who are particularly active in this area, engaging in experiments that run the gamut from the unusual to the downright unnatural. Slipkinx Steeljoints's studies fall towards the latter end of the spectrum. He's a notorious scoundrel who thinks nothing of slaughtering innocents to test the effectiveness of his experimental weaponry. The brute dresses himself in a suit of mechanical armor that is nigh on impenetrable, and sets about passersby with technologically enhanced gusto. Honestly, these scholars are completely incorrigible.
Tell me about the rank A elite mark. (Stolas)
You'll never guess who put the bounty on Stolas's head─it was sent by a Sharlayan astrologian, all the way from his homeland across the seas. He lived here before the exodus, conducting his scholarly experiments. In one such trial, he used his magicks to bind an owl to him as a familiar. The test succeeded, but by some quirk of fate, the owl gained a prodigious intelligence, outstripping even that of its master. But when the exodus came, the owl revolted. It attacked its master, stole a tome of forbidden knowledge, and escaped into the hinterlands. It seems the tome contains secrets of such cataclysmic power that, for the safety of the realm, this owl cannot be suffered to live.
Tell me about the rank S elite mark. (The Pale Rider)
Another request sent by a Sharlayan scholar from the safety of his homeland. The fellow's uncovered an ancient prophecy, saying that in the end of days, a deathly knight will rise from the grave and bring death and destruction to Dravania atop an ashen steed. If the scholar is right, and this “end of days” does indeed refer to the Seventh Umbral Calamity, then this supernatural horseman should already be among us, but I don't see any death and destruction around here. Well, no more than normal, anyway... Honestly, I think it's all a pile of chocobo plop. There was an adventurer passed through the other day, said she'd seen a headless horseman out in the hinterlands when she was hunting for treasure...but believe you me, you can trust those looters as far as you can throw them!
After completing the final Clan Centurio quest and being allowed to take on Elite Hunt marks.
Pre-Calamity Dialogue
Well met, adventurer!
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