Macro Symbol 30 Icon.pngLocus
Seeking the peace of reason

Sheep in a peaceless season
Reason to keep believing
Waken the beast who's sleeping

Let go this destiny, you're caught in a trance
Ever marking time inside a dream, no sign of advance,
You see, the mortal coil we serve is taut like a spring
Step back! Two-step, two-step, two-step, one two three

Our world's a fantasy, no more than a test
Ever feeding off the fallacy creating this mess
Deep down inside this bleak machine with all of the rest
Break free! Two-phase, two-phase electricity

Time turning up the volume
Time turning on us always
No time enough tomorrow
For turning back to where we began

Twenty-two sectors tested
Fragments in one direction
Celestial noise detected
Delirium unsuspected

Static tuned in to reason
Time in the aether deepens
Transmissions blink uncompleted
Seven two three two three...<send>

Arrested destiny, alone in a trance
No escaping from this waking dream, no hope of advance,
You see, the mortal coil we serve is naught but a spring
Unwind! Too slow, too quick, too much to believe

Your world's a fantasy, you've failed the test
Ever forging all new fallacies creating more mess
Directly through this bleak machine, with all of the rest
DC! Dying, dying electricity

Falling back right into the system of
Falling back on all that's erased
When fighting back right out of this system
Means falling back right into this space

Yes, falling back right in with the system
Who'll see you falling back to the end
When falling back is better than simply
Falling back into pieces again

Silent steel breathing, breathing
Memory writing, reading
Error! Repeat deleting
Radicals flowing free and

Energy slowly seeping
Suspending all disbelief in
Synergy with our being
Synapses fire in three, then...

Acquisition: Reward from Of Endings and Beginnings.
Type: Raid
Duty: Alexander - The Arm of the Father (Savage)Alexander - The Arm of the Son (Savage)Alexander - The Breath of the Creator (Savage)Alexander - The Cuff of the Father (Savage)Alexander - The Cuff of the Son (Savage)
Composer: Masayoshi Soken
Arrangement: Masayoshi Soken
Vocals: Michael-Christopher Koji Fox, Masayoshi Soken
Lyrics: Michael-Christopher Koji Fox
Acquired from: Locus Orchestrion Roll
JP Title: ローカス ~機工城アレキサンダー:起動編~
Plays in Duties
Plays on Mounts