Master of Marksmanship

Sidequest1 Icon.png Lv. 30   Master of Marksmanship
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Guaranteed Rewards
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Informationicon.png Description
Rostnsthal seeks to evaluate your natural talent with a firearm.
Objectivesicon.png Objectives
  • Defeat basalt golems! 0/3
  • Defeat training incendiaries! 0/3
  • Defeat docile miacids and docile tigers! 0/4
  • Head for the Hermit's Hovel!
  • Defeat Rostnsthal!
Issuing NPC: Rostnsthal
Outer La Noscea -The Long Climb -Camp Overlook (19-17)
Type: Job Quest
Unlocks: Always the Last Place You LookSidequest1 Icon.png
Class: Machinist
Quest: Sidequest1 Icon.pngSavior of Skysteel
Lore & Dialogue
Loremonger:Master of Marksmanship
NPCs Involved: Stephanivien
Mobs Involved: Basalt GolemTraining IncendiaryDocile MiacidDocile TigerRostnsthal the Reborn
NPC Locations
Rostnsthal in Outer La Noscea at (19.6-18)
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Stephanivien in Outer La Noscea at (19.5-17.8)
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Joye in Outer La Noscea at (19.5-17.8)
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Stephanivien in Foundation at (8.2-10.2)
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Rostnsthal in Outer La Noscea at (16.9-16.3)
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Stephanivien in Outer La Noscea at (16.9-16.3)
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Joye in Outer La Noscea at (16.9-16.3)
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Sidequest4 Icon.png Stephanivien in Foundation at (8.2-10.2)
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  • Rostnsthal has agreed to test your potential, and instructed you in the fundamentals of firearm use. Meet the master of marksmanship in the Floating City of Nym, and submit yourself to his evaluation.
  • You have survived Rostnsthal's grueling evaluation, and succeeded in besting the instructor himself. Bound by his word, the master of marksmanship reluctantly agrees to return to the workshop...but not before informing Stephanivien of the reasons for his sudden resignation. Return to the Skysteel Manufactory, and speak with the financially frustrated chief machinist.
  • Though wishing to reward you more lavishly, Stephanivien's generosity is stifled by House Haillenarte's ailing coffers. The chief machinist instead passes on to you a message from Rostnsthal: master the skills you have learned if you would seek further instruction.
  • ※The next machinist quest will be available from Stephanivien upon reaching level 35.

...For a first-timer, ye look good an' comfortable with that carbine. Pity that comfort'll only last right up until ye shoot the bleedin' thing. Right, 'ere's a few pointers afore we start so's ye don't put a round through yer damn foot.

Aim the barrel at yer target, squeeze the trigger─not too bloody 'ard, mind─an' boom goes the firearm. Yer weapon can also 'old a limited number o' specialized bullets, which'll add some guaranteed kick to yer shots.

Don't forget to reload when ye get the chance. Ye don't wanna miss an openin' for a killin' shot 'cause yer too lazy to replace yer ammunition.

Next, let's talk about that contraption at yer waist. Now, I don't rightly understand it, but the boss tells me it draws on the aether in yer body an' turns it into the spark what'll feed some new devices 'e's workin' on.
Oh, and pray do not forget to carry your Soul of the Machinist. I based the design on the more traditional soul crystals, and it will act as a focal point for the energy conversions performed by the aetherotransformer. ...Ah, that would be the “contraption” Rostnsthal mentioned.
You have learned all machinist actions and traits to level 30. Detailed descriptions can be viewed in the Actions & Traits window, accessed under Character in the main menu.
Alright, that's all yer gettin' for the now. Follow me, an' we'll see 'ow ye fare in the field...or ye can throw yer carbine in the bushes an' flee like a musket-whipped cur. Them's yer choices.
You must persuade Rostnsthal to return to us!
His lordship has such high hopes for the manufactory's future. I'd hate to see him disappointed...
Hah! Willin' to take me test, then, eh? The rules is simple: make yer way towards the 'Ermit's 'Ovel, an' shoot what yer told to shoot.
I shall await you at the end of your trial, Forename. I have every confidence that you shall impress our instructor with your enthusiasm and potential!
Right, we're gonna 'ave us a good ol'-fashioned 'unt.
Joye'll be givin' ye instructions, while I eyeball yer marksmanship.
Golems'll be your first target.
Focus on gettin' a feel for range and rhythm.

Try to avoid them coeurls!
Ye don't want to waste yer ammunition.

Next up, we're huntin' for bombs.

You'll want to make quick work of 'em afore they explode!

I'd suggest tryin' out Reassemble, and workin' in some Rapid Fire.
Not bad, lad, not bad at all.
Let's set ye against some proper nasties, though, eh?
Ain't he done enough for a beginner?
Not by a long shot! I wanna see skins from a pair o' miacids, an' a pair o' tigers! want him to fail.
I ain't lettin' you cheat his lordship!
If you're gonna bend the rules, then so will I!
Do what ye gotta do, lass. I'll be waitin' for those skins at the 'ovel.
Cheatin' scum!
Come on, Forename!

Oh... Are we done?
I guess we're done...

Right! On to the Hermit's Hovel!
My bullets are spent...
Ye bring them skins, then?
Hmph. Even with young Joye's 'elp, ye did well, lad.
Huzzah! You will return to the manufactory with us, then?
I said 'e did well─not that we was done! Ye still got one last target to take down: me!
Forename's got talent, but even he can't win against Rostnsthal!
The man truly is being bothersome. Forename? Would you be so kind as to give the instructor a good drubbing?
Don't rush your shots!
Breathe. Think. Fire!
Good work, Forename!
You can win this!
Keep it up, Forename!
He's on his last legs!

A thrilling performance!
You've saved the manufactory!

Well, there you are, instructor─Forename has proven his potential beyond the shadow of a doubt. You are a man of your word, are you not?
Aye, I'll come back to yer bloody workshop. ...But do ye know why I left in the first place?
...To once more breathe the salty air of your beloved homeland?
Hah! I ain't got no love for La Noscea. In fact, I'd be 'appy if I never saw the place again.
Then why would you inconvenience us by fleeing to a locale you so clearly despise!?
For a sack o' gelt the size o' me bloody 'ead. I dunno who 'e was workin' for, but some bloke came around offerin' me good money to ship anchor. So I did.
Someone paid you to abandon the manufactory? Who would do such a thing...?
Like I said, I ain't never seen the sod afore. But if I show me face at the workshop, 'is boss is gonna want the gelt back, I reckon. Pity I already spent it all on grog...
Oh, no no no─you'll not wiggle through my grasp that easily. I shall pay this debt, and in return you will instruct every would-be machinist who walks through our door.
Well, ye've got one bugger worth teachin', at least. I guess it's back into the frigid arms o' Lady Ishgard for me...
W-Was that wise, me lordship? The Haillenarte coffers ain't exactly fit to burstin'...
Oh! Yes, you're quite right─we are rather short on coin. But I'm certain a thorough inspection of the ledgers will turn up a spare gil or two!
You can't put a price on good people, eh, me lordship?
That you cannot, my dear. Rostnsthal may be a touch standoffish at times, but none can dispute his eye for marksmanship.

Such talk aside, I sense the business he had in these parts was not concluded to his satisfaction. Would that the man would confide in me his troubles... I suppose I shall have to content myself with the thought of his return.

But you, Forename! You have exceeded my every expectation! Pray join me back at the manufactory that I might thank you in a manner that befits your accomplishments.
Ah, the savior of the Skysteel Manufactory! I had hoped to furnish you with a suitable reward, but a glance at the ledgers counsels me to wearisome prudence.

Thus, instead of presenting you with a firearm of the finest materials and latest design, I must humbly ask that you make do with the dated model I gave you at Camp Overlook.

Ah, and I must also pass on a message to you from Rostnsthal. He asks that you take the skills he has taught you thus far and “master 'em in the furnace o' battle.” Well, something to that effect.

I assume he means to offer you further instruction once you display a sufficient level of competence. And such a day can hardly be distant for one of your talents, eh, Forename!
Go carefully and slowly while taking down your marks, and despite the NPCs advice it may be a good idea to take out other mobs in the area so they don't aggro. Make good use of your ammunition, one method this editor found useful was to start with Lead Shot, Reload, alternate Split Shot and Slug Shot until out of ammo, then use Quick Reload and fire off one last Split Shot+Slug Shot combo. Try to combine Reassemble with a procced Slug Shot whenever possible, and use Blank and Rapid Fire whenever they are up.
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