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Ready to Fly

Mainquest1 Icon.png Lv. 55   Ready to Fly

Journal detail hr1 07.png Acquisition
Alphinaud: The Rising Stones (x:6.1, y:5.9)
Journal detail hr1 08.png Requirements
071201.png54A Brave ResolutionMainquest1 Icon.png A Brave Resolution (Level 54)

Spacer2.png Any Disciple of War or Magic (excluding limited jobs) (Level 55)

Journal detail hr1 03.png Rewards

Experience Points

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Journal detail hr1 04.png Description
Alphinaud has matters to attend to at the Rising Stones.
Journal detail hr1 01.png Objectives
  • Speak with Cid at the Skysteel Manufactory.
  • Speak with Estinien in Fortemps Manor.
  • Visit the Seat of the Lord Commander.
  • Speak with Estinien.
Journal detail hr1 02.png Unlocks Quests
071201.png55Into the AeryMainquest1 Icon.png Into the Aery (Level 55)

  • Alphinaud has matters to attend to at the Rising Stones.
  • Alphinaud asks that you return to Ishgard to check on the progress of the manacutter while he coordinates the ongoing search efforts with the remaining Crystal Braves. Make your way to the Skysteel Manufactory and speak with Cid.
  • Though confounded by your uncannily perfect timing, Cid is happy to announce the near-completion of the manacutter prototype. Whilst he and his employees make the final adjustments to their latest creation, he bids you visit Fortemps Manor, where Estinien awaits.
  • You meet with Estinien, who appears to have been kept apprised of recent developments by Tataru. With but a few minor touches to be made before the manacutters are ready to fly, the dragoon suggests that you disclose the details of your plan to Ser Aymeric. Proceed to the Congregation of Our Knights Most Heavenly, and speak with the guardsman within to be admitted to the Seat of the Lord Commander.
  • Alphinaud belatedly joins your audience with Ser Aymeric, and together you recount the long and difficult path that has led you to this point. Having listened to your plans, the lord commander eagerly offers his own blade for the battle ahead, forcing Estinien to remind him of his duties as the city's protector. No sooner has Ser Aymeric relented than Alphinaud moves to declare his determination to join you, only conceding defeat after some typically candid words from the Azure Dragoon. Inquire as to Estinien's reason for denying your fellow Scion his wish.
  • Estinien acknowledges Alphinaud's potential, but believes the task of defeating Nidhogg will be challenging enough without the need to carry an inexperienced ally. You are forced to concede that even with the power of the Eye, the outcome of the battle is far from assured...

Mor Dhona[edit]

Revenant's Roll[edit]

The Rising Stones[edit]

I must speak of future plans with the remaining Braves. Any information we uncover on the missing Scions will need to be shared with our allies across the realm─specifically, Urianger in the Waking Sands, and Tataru in Ishgard. While we are organizing our various channels of communication, I would ask that you call upon Master Garlond at the manufactory. I will join you in Ishgard as soon as I am able.
I am informed that F'lhaminn and her bodyguards, Hoary Boulder and Coultenet, went missing shortly after the feast. <sigh> Our list of absent friends grows longer...
'Twould seem the Ul'dahns no longer require my services. I shall return to the search for our missing companions...



Skysteel Manufactory[edit]

Forename! How in the seven hells do you do it? I was just about to send for you! We have but this moment completed the manacutter's first successful test flight! A few minor adjustments and she'll be ready to go. While we see to the finishing touches, you might want to pay a visit to Fortemps Manor─a dragoon by the name of Estinien was looking for you.

Loitering around here won't speed matters up. Leave the boys to apply the finishing touches, and go and see your friend.
We've been working on a second vessel while we perfected the prototype. Don't worry─they'll both be able to handle the winds you're expecting.
So sleepy... Hm? What!? I'm awake!
Just a few more adjustments, Forename. She'll be ready.

The Pillars[edit]

Fortemps Manor[edit]

You have fulfilled your obligations to the Ul'dahns, then? Mistress Tataru has been keeping me apprised of the situation. Once I learned that these “manacutters” of Master Garlond's were nearing completion, I saw no reason to tarry in the mists. For the present, Nidhogg seems content to remain in the Aery, plotting his revenge. Might not this be an apt moment to unfold our plans to Ser Aymeric? I think we have kept him in the dark long enough.


Congregation of Our Knights Most Heavenly[edit]

Ser Aymeric has been eager to speak with you. Pray proceed.
All stands ready, Lord Commander.
Ah, the moment has come, then?
Pray excuse my lateness. I paid a brief visit to the workshop to inquire about the manacutters. The engineers assure me that they are ready.
The Aery is now but a short flight away. Yet what a long and winding path we took to reach this point. Were it not for Master Alphinaud's proposal, we never would have attempted to parley with the dragons. Though our negotiations yielded little, our expedition with Lady Iceheart taught us much.
You took an unimaginable risk... I could scarce believe the tale Estinien told.
Aye, 'tis true that many of our countrymen would sooner die than join hands with the heretics' mistress, but 'twas through that most unlikely of alliances that we came to speak with Hraesvelgr.
A conversation that went rather poorly, as I recall.
In this instance, the journey was more important than the destination. Had we not slain Nidhogg's consort, Tioman, and put the great wyrm on his guard, the Dravanians would have arrived at Ishgard's walls long ago.
Aye, that they would. Full grateful am I for every hour of respite your actions have afforded us. Thanks to you, our defenses are much improved. 'Tis but a pity they won't be enough.
Thus you believe an assault upon the Aery represents the city's best chance of survival. Is that not so, Estinien?
I am under no illusions. Nidhogg's might is legendary. But with his eye in my possession, I can stifle his strength at the source. Victory will be hard-won, even so, and I shall be glad indeed to have the Warrior of Light at my side.
You shall have my blade as well. There are more of these “manacutters” to be had, yes?
Lord Commander, no!
How can I, a proud knight of Ishgard, stand by and do naught while an outsider risks life and limb for our homeland? I swore an oath to protect this city!
Pray leave the slaying of dragons to dragoons, ser knight. Your duty to command the city's defense is no less vital. Should we fail, and Nidhogg slip through our grasp, who, then, will hold the walls against him? Will you leave Ishgard in the hands of the Holy See's zealots?
There are others─
Who but you has the authority and the standing to orchestrate a city-wide defense? I do not, and neither does the Warrior of Light. That is why it is our place to fight, and yours to remain here, Lord Commander. What, you too, Master Alphinaud? By the Fury... You have shown some promise, but this adversary is far beyond your skills.
Your candor is appreciated, ser dragoon. I shall remain, then, and cheer you from afar.
Well, my friend, 'twould seem I have discouraged the last of the volunteers, and claimed the task as ours alone. But if any alive can best this wyrm, 'tis surely we two!
I have pricked Master Alphinaud's pride I fear. But had I been less forceful, the boy would have insisted on accompanying us to the Aery. Do not think me blind to his talent. With a few more campaigns under his belt, I have no doubt that Alphinaud will make a fine field commander. But one does not practice on an adversary such as Nidhogg. We shall be hard-pressed enough without the added worry of carrying a novice.
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