Polite Rough Serious Carefree Independent Lively
Greeting I have come, Mistress/Master. Nothin' fer ye to worry about. You summoned? Yes? <sigh> I hope this doesn't take long... You wish to see how a master handles a bazaar? Hello, hello! You called?
Greeting (on Venture) Do you require aught else, Mistress/Master? Ye know I'm in the middle o' yer venture, don't ye? What is it? What now? I'm busy. I trust there is a reason for this interruption? I came as quickly as I could! What is it?
Greeting (Venture complete) It pleases me to inform you that the venture is complete. Hey, I finished that venture o' yours. It is done. Well, that was exhausting... Your venture is finished. Guess what I finished!
Goodbye If that is all, I will take my leave now, Mistress/Master. Take care o' yerself, hear? Until we next meet. Well, it's about time. Good-bye. I believe thanks are in order. I'm off, then!
Goodbye (on Venture) I shall return to my duties forthwith. Right, then. Back to it. If you would excuse me. If there's nothing else... I shall return to your work. You've got it!
Starting Venture Your bidding will be done, Mistress/Master. Easy now, easy. I'm on it. And so it begins. Very well, if I must... I shall see to things from here. Leave it to me!
Completing Venture I pray this meets with your satisfaction, Mistress/Master. How's that grab ye? Take it. Let's not do this again for a while, shall we? Do not behave as though you are not impressed. Not bad, eh?


Polite Rough Serious Carefree Independent Lively
Greeting At your service, my lady/lord. What's it to be this time, love? What would you ask? I'm so sorry to keep you waiting, madam/sir. So very, very sorry. Quickly now, I've places to be. Well, if it ain't my favorite client! Always a pleasure, madam/sir!
Greeting (on Venture) Yes, my lady/lord? Somethin' else, love? Well? What is it? You couldn't have picked a more inconvenient time. This better be worth my time. What is it, madam/sir? Something urgent?
Greeting (Venture complete) My lady/lord, the venture you bid me undertake has been finished. I've got your goods, by the way. Let me know when you want 'em. I have something for you. Thank the gods that's over. My venture report is ready. Good news, madam/sir! The venture was a success!
Goodbye With your leave, my lady/lord. Don't you worry 'bout a thing. I got this. Farewell, then. If there is nothing else, madam/sir, I'll be going now. Is that all? Very well, until next time. Oh, will that be all today? Very well, but promise me you'll come back soon!
Goodbye (on Venture) Pray excuse me, my lady/lord. I'd best get goin'. Excuse me. Guess I'll get back to that venture you assigned me. That was not worth my time. I'll take care of it, madam/sir, don't you worry!
Starting Venture I understand, my lady/lord. Hah! I'll be back afore you know it. If that is what you would ask of me. I'll give it my best, madam/sir. Your enterprise is in capable hands, I assure you. I won't let you down, madam/sir!
Completing Venture May it please you, my lady/lord. How do you like me now, love? It is what it is. That's the last of it. Of course it was a success. Did you doubt me? I think that went well, don't you?


Polite Rough Serious Carefree Independent Lively
Greeting Yes, madam/sir? What is your bidding? What's on the agenda, chief? Deprivin' saps o' their hard-earned gil? I have come. You may proceed. Oh, hello there. To what do I owe the pleasure? I am come to conduct business, and only business. You look to be in good health, madam/sir. How may I assist you this fine morn/day/eve?
Greeting (on Venture) You have additional orders, madam/sir? Tell me you ain't got somethin' else for me, chief! You have interrupted my venture. Proceed. I'm here now, so... You interrupt my task. Why? Apologies for the delay, madam/sir!
Greeting (Venture complete) Madam/Sir, your venture is complete. Got somethin' for you, chief! I have come with your goods. I took care of that venture for you. You wish to hear my report? Ahhh, now that was fun!
Goodbye As always, madam/sir, it has been an honor and a privilege. You can count on me, chief–I know how to get things done. Don't be a stranger. I swear it shall be done. Eventually. As you wish. Capital! I shall carry out your orders forthwith.
Goodbye (on Venture) As you wish, madam/sir. Don't forget that I'm busy with this venture o' yours, chief! I must go. Sure, sure. I have work to do. Understood, madam/sir! Oh, and fear not–the venture shall be completed on time!
Starting Venture I shall not fail you, madam/sir. No need to worry, chief–this is where I shine. Leave it to me. Whatever you say. Good. I prefer to work alone. Ahhh, I do so enjoy the occasional excursion!
Completing Venture It was my pleasure, madam/sir. A rousin' success, if I do say so myself. Enough? It's all yours. Enjoy. I trust you have no complaints? Good. What I wouldn't give to do this all the time!


Polite Rough Serious Carefree Independent Lively
Greeting What is it you would have me do, milady/milord? Usually, it's me doin' the summons and others doin' the waitin'. Is there something that I can help you with? Oh, why must you summon me at a time like this...? I'm sure there is a perfectly good explanation for this summons. You know, I thought you might be along to summon me. You may rest assured that I am ready and eager to serve.
Greeting (on Venture) Milady/Milord has another task for me? I'm a little busy, but what is it? Was there something else? Summons? Now? Well, if you insist. You do know how this works, right? You assign me a venture and then leave me to my task. Missed me, didn't you?
Greeting (Venture complete) I come with good tidings, milady/milord. This about the venture? I took care of it. There you are! I've brought what you requested. Oh, it's you. I suppose you'll want to hear about the venture. Let's get on with it, shall we? I've been waiting for your summons.
Goodbye I humbly await your next summons, milady/milord. Don't leave me alone for too long, hear? Always a pleasure. That will be all, yes? Then if you would excuse me... I believe that concludes our dealings for now. Are you certain you don't desire anything else? Anything at all? Very well, I shall take my leave.
Goodbye (on Venture) I shall carry out milady/milord's wishes to the best of my ability. We finished? That venture's not goin' to finish itself. All right, then. If you would excuse me, I have a venture to finish. Unless it is urgent, do not summon me during a venture again. Are we finished already? Oh...
Starting Venture As you ask, so shall it be done, madam/sir. Work to be done, eh? All right, then. I'll take care of everything. A venture? Now? Well, if you insist. I am well aware of how this works. That sounds like fun! You'll be joining me, yes? No? Oh.
Completing Venture Does it please you, milady/milord? One day it'll be me givin' the orders. Let me know when you want me to handle another. A thoroughly pedestrian result, I'm afraid. I would understand if you decided not to assign me ventures henceforth. And there you have it. I live to serve.


Polite Rough Serious Carefree Independent Lively
Greeting Hail to thee, madam/sir. Your humble servant has heard your summons. Greetin's and salutations, milady/milord. Pray speak yer desires, an' I'll do me damnedest to see 'em done. I was wondering when you'd get around to calling me. Mind if we keep this brief? I've got a pretty little thing that's waitin' for me. What? I'm here, I'm here!
Greeting (on Venture) Hail to thee, madam/sir. Your humble servant has set aside his task and hastened to your side. Why'd ye call me back from me venture, milady/milord? This really isn't the best time. I thought you were going to let me do this my way? What!? I'm back, I'm back!
Greeting (Venture complete) Hail to thee, madam/sir. You shall be pleased to hear that the venture was a success. You want this stuff now or later? I'm finished. Been a long time comin', but the venture's finally finished. Whew. I did it, I did it!
Goodbye Your every whim shall be swiftly carried out with due care and consideration. Shouldn't take more than a moment, milady/milord. I'll be going, then. Thank the gods we're finished. I've got plans to put my hands in places I've never seen...if you know what I mean. Be well. I'm off, I'm off!
Goodbye (on Venture) Do not hesitate to call on me again, madam/sir. I'll do what I can, milady/milord. Back to my venture, then. I can't keep runnin' back to see you during these ventures, you know. Fine. I'll go, I'll go!
Starting Venture You will not be disappointed, madam/sir. You got it, milady/milord. That's it? All right. Hope you ain't expectin' me to rush. I wanna take it nice and slow. I think I can manage from here. I'll do it, I'll do it!
Completing Venture Your humble servant hopes that you find the fruits of his labor acceptable. Could be better, but could be worse. Here, as promised. I knew I could satisfy your needs. Here. Take it, take it!


Polite Rough Serious Carefree Independent Lively
Greeting Here I am, Mistress/Master, as per your request. 'Ello, dearie. What's on the docket? I never miss a chance to line these pockets. Well, this is unexpected! What'll it be? What is it now? Here I aaaaaam!
Greeting (on Venture) How may I serve you, Mistress/Master? Did somethin' 'appen, dearie? What's all this, then? Another chance for mischief? <yawn> Just so you know, I was busy carrying out your tasks. This had better be important. Whaaat is it?
Greeting (Venture complete) Does Mistress/Master wish to hear my report? 'Ello, dearie. I reckon you want your goods? My pockets are bursting with your goods! Well, this was to be expected. The venture, yes? We should talk about the venture. I'm baaack!
Goodbye Until we meet again! Blessin's o' the Twelve upon ye. May Nald'thal see fit to fatten our pockets! Very good, madam/sir! Your wish is my command, and so forth. You know how to reach me. Is it time for good-byes already? I'm going to miss you...
Goodbye (on Venture) As ever, it is an honor, Mistress/Master. So much to do, so little time! We'd best see to our respective tasks, eh? Don't summon me, I'll summon you. <sigh> I am not getting paid enough for this. We'll talk again soon!
Starting Venture It is an honor to serve you, Mistress/Master. Is that all? A triflin' task! If there's profit to be made, I'll make it. My every waking minute will be spent working on your behalf, et cetera. Fine...for now. But you're asking a bit much, considering what I'm paid. Time to shine, hee hee!
Completing Venture My only regret is that I could not return sooner. Go on, dearie, take it! 'Twas a most profitable venture, I'd say. Always a pleasure to serve, and so on and so forth. You're welcome. Some of my finest work yet!


Polite Rough Serious Carefree Independent Lively
Greeting How may I be of serrrvice, madam/sir? It's a war out there, miss/sir. You have no idea. ... Business or pleasure? I presume you did not summon me solely for the pleasure of my company. Just the fair maiden/handsome fellow I was hoping to see! Tell me your heart's desire.
Greeting (on Venture) I have rrreturned, madam/sir. Miss/Sir, you mustn't interrupt a soldier when he's on a mission! ... You would burden me with additional tasks? I thought I asked you to leave me to my task? You require additional services?
Greeting (Venture complete) My rrreport is rrready, madam/sir. Mission accomplished, miss/sir! ... May I leave after making my report? No? <sigh> I have prepared a formal report. Am I to deliver my report now, or shall we discuss other matters first?
Goodbye Thy will be done. The markets may be a bleedin' battlefield, but I'm a godsdamned soldier. You can count on me, madam/sir. ... Why so serrrious? <sigh> So it goes. I hardly think that warranted my personal appearance, but what is done is done. Then I have satisfied your every need? Excellent! I do so take pleasure in servicing my clients.
Goodbye (on Venture) If there is naught else, I will rrresume my venture. Once more, unto the breach! ... I suppose you want me to finish the venture too, don't you? <sigh> Pray do not disturb me until the venture is complete. Patience, my good woman/man. Your venture will be finished in due time.
Starting Venture Excellent decision, madam/sir. Venturrres are my speciality. A special solo mission? Hells, why didn't you say so sooner! Of course I'll do it! ... Business. Always business with you. Fine... Leave me to my task, and we shall both be satisfied. You will be most pleased with the result. I guarantee it!
Completing Venture It is an honor to serrrve, madam/sir. I await your orders, miss/sir! ... Why don't we both take it easy for a while? And with that, we can move on to more important matters. Was it everything you hoped it would be?


Polite Rough Serious Carefree Independent Lively
Greeting I hope your catcall is not one of disapproval. Ye rang, milady/milord? A cat's ears do not miss much―least of all a summons. Curiosity called the cat. What do you have for me today? Ready when you are. I was just thinking of you!
Greeting (on Venture) Forgive me, madam/sirrr, but your catcall comes at an inopportune time. Damn, just when I was startin' to enjoy meself! A cat must be allowed to focus on her task. You know I've not finished the venture yet, rrright? Mind explainin' what this is about? You know, you shouldn't summon me when I'm in the middle of a venture!
Greeting (Venture complete) This cat has brought you a present, madam/sirrr... Ye want to hear the whole story, or just read the report? 'Twas naught more than a rrroutine task. I did my very best, just like I said. Everythin' you need to know is in the report. I have so much to tell you!
Goodbye Good-bye for now, madam/sirrr. Right then, let's get on with it! There is no call for concerrrn. When the master's away, the cat will play. Gods, this is tirin'... You don't want to be with me anymore? <sniffle>
Goodbye (on Venture) I shall rrreturn to my venture, madam/sirrr. The wilderness calls to me, milady/milord. Farewell for now. I told you I'd take care of it, so stop worrying. Is that all? Hmph. ...Try as I might, I can't stay mad at you.
Starting Venture It shall be done forthwith, madam/sirrr. Ah, I was in the mood for a jaunt outside! You needn't say another worrrd. I'll start now, if that's what you want. Not quite adventurin', but it's close enough. I'll do anything you say, exactly as you say.
Completing Venture Your goods, madam/sirrr. Just what ye wanted, am I right? Thank you for your patronage. Can I go now? And that's the end of that chapter. I hope you like it...


Polite Rough Serious Carefree Independent Lively
Greeting What need have you of me today, madam/sir? Bwahahaha! Ye got work needs gettin' done? Just point me in the right bloody direction. I've come. What is it? Hey there–hic–missy/mate! Care to join me fer a pint? Couldn't come no quicker. Where's the work? I came runnin' soon as I heard the bell! Ye need somethin', chief?
Greeting (on Venture) Did you require aught else, madam/sir? Bwahahaha! Ye need somethin' else? I've returned. What is it now? Yeah? I was just enjoyin' a pint of–hic–uh, venturin'. I've already got my hands full with this venture, but what is it? What else ye need, chief?
Greeting (Venture complete) I have brought that which you desire, madam/sir. Bwahahaha! That venture was an adventure, let me tell ye! The venture is complete. Venture? What in the seven hells are ye– Oh, the venture! Aye, I did that. Got a delivery for you. Just say the word. Hey, chief! I got what ye asked for!
Goodbye I shall carry out your wishes as instructed, madam/sir. Bwahahaha! I'm in yer bazaar, sellin' yer wares! I will go now. Awww, bugger. Reckon I best get to work... I don't do good-byes. Go and grab yourself some shut-eye, chief. You look terrible!
Goodbye (on Venture) Beg your pardon, madam/sir, but I must needs return to my venture. Bwahahaha! Back to me venturin'! I must go now. Now then, if ye'll–hic–excuse me, I've got a venture what needs doin'! All right. Let me handle it. Happy to be of service, chief!
Starting Venture I shall not keep you waiting overlong, madam/sir. Bwahahaha! So that's what this is about! I'll handle it! Understood. Nothing–hic–nothing to it! I can go now, right? Great. I'll give it everything I've got, chief!
Completing Venture If you require aught else, you need only ask. Bwahahaha! Here. Why don't we toast our success with a pint or two? If you want, I can undertake another one right now. It's all there, chief. Ye have me word.


Polite Rough Serious Carefree Independent Lively
Greeting I am at your disposal, milady/milord. Ye got somethin' fer me, cap'n? Go ahead, madam/sir. Let's keep this short and sweet, shall we? This wouldn't be necessary if you entrusted your financial affairs to me. So–sellin', buyin', drinkin', whorin'? What's it to be today?
Greeting (on Venture) I am at milady/milord's beck and call. What'll it be, cap'n? Madam/Sir? Godsdammit, what now? I do not take kindly to interruptions. Dammit, woman/man, did ye forget I was out on a venture?
Greeting (Venture complete) I have what milady/milord requested in my possession. I've got the goods, cap'n! Venture complete, madam/sir. Took a while, but the venture's done. I had a mind to summon you, actually. This venturin' business ain't so bad!
Goodbye Will that be all for today, milady/milord? Understood. Aye, aye, cap'n! Duly noted. Not exactly how I was hopin' to spend my day, but I suppose it can't be helped. Ours is not to reason why. Ours is but to do and die. Ever the consummate professional, I see. Another time, then.
Goodbye (on Venture) Understood, milady/milord. Ye still want me to carry out that venture, too, eh? Just checkin'. Acknowledged. 'Fore you ask, I've not forgotten about the venture. If you want quality work, then leave me be. Now then, where was I...
Starting Venture I will not be long, milady/milord. Ye picked the right woman fer the job, cap'n! I see. All right, then. Oh, for the love of– Really? Godsdammit. I see you finally have the good sense to grant me greater autonomy. Oho, so it's venturin', it is! This ought to be fun.
Completing Venture Milady/Milord is satisfied, I trust? A good haul, all in all. A pleasure as always. Hope you're godsdamned happy. You yourself could do no better. That ought to do it.

Au Ra/Male[edit]

Polite Rough Serious Carefree Independent Lively
Greeting Greetings, madam/sir. How may I be of service? What'll it be, miss/mate? State your business. And how does this wonderful evening find you? Well... Here I am... Mistress/Master. We work the market stalls,♪ And our uniforms are pretty;♪ We are sober men and true,♪ And attentive to our duties!♪
Greeting (on Venture) Is aught amiss, madam/sir? Something on your mind, miss/mate? I have a life outside of you, you know. Let me tell you, it was absolute chaos out there. Quite frankly, I'm lucky to be alive! But I heard your call, and I knew I had to answer. Worried about your venture? Don't be. Or have you some other reason for summoning me? Fair moon, to thee I sing,♪ Bright regent of the heavens,♪ Say, why is everything♪ Either at sixes or at sevens?♪
Greeting (Venture complete) It pleases me to inform you that the venture is complete. Guess what I've got for you! No, really. Guess! I renew my objection to that pointless endeavor. Informally now and by affidavit later. You know, I think I'm starting to get the hang of this. Per your orders, I have completed the venture... Mistress/Master. For he himself has said it,♪ And it's greatly to his credit,♪ That he is a retainer!♪ He remains a retainer!♪
Goodbye If there is nothing else, then I shall take my leave. Is that all? Guess I'll be on my way, then. Any last requests? Very well. Heh heh heh... Ahem. Ah, yes, of course. Duty calls! You are finished with me, then? Here today and gone tomorrow;♪ Yes, I know─♪ That is so!♪
Goodbye (on Venture) Then if you would excuse me, I should return to my venture. Right, then. I ought to be getting back to that thing of yours. “Venture,” was it...? We shall meet again, old friend. But now I must steal away into the night. If I don't make it back, I just want you to know... Eh, the hells with it. I'll tell you next time. As you wish... Mistress/Master. I must wander to and fro;♪ But wherever I may go,♪ I shall never be untrue to thee!♪
Starting Venture Neither rain nor sleet nor ferocious beasts shall keep me from my task. Venture, eh? Ain't nothin' to it. Oh, I'll get busy. I'll get very busy, indeed. What? I mean, I'm flattered you think I can handle it, but... I don't recall this being part of my contract... A simple retainer, lowly born,♪ Unlettered and unknown,♪ Who toils for bread from early morn,♪ Till half the night has flown!♪
Completing Venture I pray that you are pleased with the result, madam/sir. Bet you weren't expecting that now, were you? Ah, for the days when ventures were a gentleman's pursuit... If you don't mind me saying, I think I did rather well. I will be expected to do this again, I gather. Can I survive this overbearing,♪ Or live a life of mad despairing,♪ My proffered goods despised, rejected?♪ No, no, it's not to be expected!♪

Au Ra/Female[edit]

Polite Rough Serious Carefree Independent Lively
Greeting My lady/lord. What would you ask of me? So. We doing this? Yes? Hey, it''s you! Hello again, you! I-It's not like I want to sell your items or anything. What do you have for me? Come on, come on! Don't be shy!
Greeting (on Venture) My lady/lord. Is there aught else you require? Can't say I was expecting this. What can I do for you? Do tell. Now, before you go jumping to conclusions, I'd just like to- Oh! What can I do for you? I-It's not like I was slaving away to make you happy or anything. Somethin' else I can do for you, madam/sir? Don't hold back now.
Greeting (Venture complete) I have seen to the venture, my lady/lord. Oh, the tales I could tell you about that venture... I've finished. Heh, didn't expect him to put up such a- Oh! Just the man I was hoping to see! I-It's not like I risked life and limb to bring you back shiny baubles or anything. Oh, it has been a day such as you wouldn't believe!
Goodbye If you ever have need of me, just ring. Always a pleasure, Mistress/Master. Right, then. Finished already? Guess that's that, then. You're leaving already? Fine, then! I-It's not like I wanted you to stay or anything. Very good, madam/sir! Very good indeed!
Goodbye (on Venture) My lady/lord. I suppose you'll be wanting me to finish that venture too, yes? Right, right. Don't know why I bothered asking... Hmm. Right, so, if anyone asks, I wasn't here, agreed? Cheers. Go on, then. Go. It's not like I haven't more important things to do or anything. Hm, hm. You've really nothin' else to ask? If you say so, then.
Starting Venture My lady/lord shall not be disappointed. Sure, why not. I'll give it a go! I see. I'll do it! I'll rob the- I mean, er, what you said. A v-venture!? Great! It's not like I would rather spend time with you or anything. Oh, a challenge! Far be it from me to deny you!
Completing Venture I live to serve, my lady/lord. All's well that ends well, wouldn't you say? There it is. All acquired in accordance with local laws. <wink> <wink> Alright, take yer shite and quit leerin' at me arse. ...What? Ye can't seriously expect me to humor yer fetishes all the time, can ye? Hardly my finest work, but I'm not ashamed to say I did it.


Polite Rough Serious Carefree Independent Lively
Greeting You rang, milady/milord? I trust this will be worth my while. What? Whatever you need, leave it to me! I have my methods. Gahaha! If it isn't my favorite mistress/master! It is I, your most loyal and capable retainer!
Greeting (on Venture) If there is something else you would have me do, you need only say the word. I am here. I don't have to be happy about it. Yes? Phew! Glad you got me out of that - er, never mind. What can I do you for? Gahahaha! Couldn't wait to see you, myself! Well, that was awfully sudden! You truly cannot get enough of me, can you?
Greeting (Venture complete) Rest assured that I spared no effort in doing your bidding, milady/milord. This is all you will get from me. I hope it satisfies you. Done. I'm back! Now, do you want the good news or the bad news? Gahahaha! Feast your eyes on this! Guess who's returned with a tale to tell? Why, me, of course!
Goodbye Always a pleasure to serve, milady/milord. Hmph. I hope that next time you will have a more meaningful task for me. Goodbye. And with that, I shall be off. Places to go, people to see. Bahahaha! Till next time, my friend! Ring for me whenever you please! You know that I will never let you down!
Goodbye (on Venture) I am ever at your beck and call, milady/milord. Don't expect me to play errand boy for you forever. Enough. If there's nothing else, I'll be getting back, what was it again? Oh, yes, the venture! Bahahaha! Back to work for me! Are you sure you don't want to spend more time with me? Ah, but I jest!
Starting Venture Your every wish is my command. I will perform your menial task. Fine. No worries, boss. Consider it done. Gahahaha! It's as good as done! But of course! Your favorite retainer would be more than happy to do that!
Completing Venture Only the best for you, milady/milord. This is what you asked for, yes? So take it. Here. Here's what you wanted! And, er...let us focus on the what and not talk about the how, yes? Bahahaha! How do you like this!? Look what I brought, just for you!


Polite Rough Serious Carefree Independent Lively
Greeting What will it be, love? Your orders! I would hear them at once! If there is something you would ask of me, then ask it. Yes...? Is there something you─<yawn>─need? A task for me? I hope it's something fun! I am here to do your every bidding, Mistress/Master! Ask of me anything at all!
Greeting (on Venture) I was hoping you'd call, love. What is the matter? Why do you summon me back so soon!? I trust there is a good reason for this interruption? <yawn> You do know I was in the middle of something...yes? What is it this time? I was just beginning to have some fun... You frightened me, Mistress/Master! Is something the matter!?
Greeting (Venture complete) I have returned, love. And do I have a tale to tell... Hah! Now that was a venture for the ages! There are places I would rather be, yet here I am. Be grateful. <yawn> Oh...that's right. I had something to tell you. I've returned! Come now, are you not happy to see me? I could scarcely wait to return to your side, Mistress/Master!
Goodbye Must we part so soon? And I am off! Call on me as you please. If I am so inclined, I will answer. That is all, I suppose...? <yawn> Very well... That is all? Oh, I was hoping there'd be more... Is that all you need of me? But I could yet serve you in so many ways!
Goodbye (on Venture) If ever you're feeling lonely, I am but a ring of the bell away. I am off! At least until you call me back again... The road calls me again. <yawn> I really could use a nap... Well, back to the grind! I do hope you appreciate all this! If that is all, I shall return to my task. Ah, the joy of adventure!
Starting Venture Anything for you, love. Hah! Leave it to me! A less-than-stimulating task, but I will acquiesce. Very well...if you insist. That certainly sounds interesting! Well, I'd best be on my way! If that is your heart's desire, then so it shall be!
Completing Venture I do hope it pleases you. Behold! This is what you seek, yes!? I believe this is what you sought of me. The deed is done. <yawn> Now, time for a rest... Well? Do you like it? Oh, say that you do! Behold the fruits of my labor! I do hope it is everything you expected.