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Azeyma {ah'-zeh-muh} is keeper of the sun and goddess of inquiry. She commands the element of Fire and is associated with the ninth moon of the Eorzean calendar. Azeyma is the daughter of Althyk, and the elder sister of Menphina. She is most often depicted as a noble lady holding a golden fan. Her symbol is the radiant sun, and may have a connection to truth as a whole, as she is said to console all who would confess to their crimes.
Elemental Resistances as Player Guardian
Fire Element Icon ARR.png + 4 Ice Element Icon ARR.png + 3 Wind Element Icon ARR.png + 0 Earth Element Icon ARR.png + 2 Lightning Element Icon ARR.png + 2 Water Element Icon ARR.png + 2
Pantheon: The Twelve
Title: The Warden
Subtitle: Keeper of the Sun
Goddess of: Inquiry
Symbol: The radiant sun.
Gender: Female
Aspect: Fire
Patron of: Seeker of the Sun Miqo'te, Belah'dia
Month: 9
Parents: Althyk

Siblings: younger sister Menphina
Children: daughter Nophica

'Azima' is an Arabic female name, coming from the word asim meaning 'protector.' Since Azeyma goes by the title "The Warden," it is likely that her name was inspired by this.

Azeyma is probably inspired by the Egyptian sun goddesses, Wadjet-Bast of Lower Egypt and her counterpart Sekhmet from Upper Egypt. These goddesses were considered protectors, both of the respective regions where they were worshiped and also as attendants to the sun god, Amun-Ra. Both were also considered goddesses of cats, usually depicted with the head of a cat or lioness, making them an ideal figurehead for the Seekers of the Sun Miqo'te clan. Azeyma's association with the first month of the Eorzean calendar relates to the month of January, which is named after the god Janus who was worshiped as the sun in ancient Roman times.

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