Paradise Fallen

«A Feast of Lies

Children of the Derelicts»
Little and Late»
My Heart Will (Not) Go On»
Of Legacies Lost and Reclaimed»
One Good Meal»
Rebuild, Reuse, Recycle»
Scattered to the Winds»
The Invisible Hand»
The Ladder»

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My thanks again, Forename. We will seek out the wounded and render what aid we can.
Some folk managed to escape the mind control but were caught in the chaos. We'll make sure they receive treatment as well.
It's all right. You're safe now.
<groan> What...what happened?
Bereft of leadership, the soldiers have lost the will to fight. They pose no threat to us.
So this was how the citizens lived─the Eulmoran dream. They are in for quite a rude awakening.
So, here is some dream powder.
We're administering it to the enthralled to keep them calm until they can receive proper attention. I would appreciate it if you could assist with this task.
Now, those affected are scattered all over the city. I suggest starting your search at the Derelicts and working your way up.
When you are done, be sure to let Ryne know.
O Lord Vauthry... You daily meol...
<snore> <snore>
Mmmmmm...meol... <slurp>
<gasp> I know you! hurts... Please, Lord Vauthry...take away the pain...
You're the kind soul who saved me from falling to my death!
M-My mistress, she's been injured! Please help her, I beg you!
Please, is there nothing you can do for her?
Wh-What is this?
She's...sleeping. A medicine to help her rest while she awaits treatment, you say?
Oh, thank you so much! When she began acting strangely, I didn't know what to do...
I won't leave my mistress's side.
Must stop...trespassers... Sullying...our paradise...
<snort> Where did you fly sweet canary...?
Please don't leave me... Zzzzzz...
Oh, there you are, Forename.
I've just finished aiding this man. Now, for the next one...
More out in the Derelicts and below, you say? So many of them...
But Minfilia entrusted this power to me. I won't rest until I've helped everyone.
What will you say?
Answer 1
!I can bring the enthralled to you.
!I'll go and see to the wounded.
Oh, that would certainly make it easier for me to work.
Thank you, Forename. I'll do my best to keep pace.
I'm sure Alphinaud and Alisaie would appreciate the help.
And should you find other enthralled civilians, please see that they are brought to me.