Durium Chaplets

Durium Chaplets Icon.pngDurium Chaplets  Tools icon.pngQuest Icon.pngYellow Crafters' Scrip Icon.pngGil Icon.png
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Requires Disciples of the Hand
Level 65
Item Level 220
Statistics & Bonuses:
Defense 118 HQ Icon.png 132
Magic Defense 207 HQ Icon.png 230
Control +79  HQ Icon.png +90
CP +5  HQ Icon.png +6
Materia: Materia-slot.pngMateria-slot.png
Repairs, Recycle & Style:
Sells for Gil Icon.png x 259 HQ Icon.png285
Gear Set

Kudzu Set of Crafting

Goldsmith Icon 5.png
Goldsmith (55) + Grade 7 Dark Matter Icon.png Grade 7 or Gil Icon.png 500
Converticon.png Dyeicon.png Nocresticon.png Projectableicon.png Desynthesizableicon.png Nostorableicon.png Collectableicon.png

Model-Durium Chaplets-Male-Hyur.png

Model-Durium Chaplets-Male-Hyur.png

Model-Durium Chaplets-Male-Elezen.png

Model-Durium Chaplets-Male-Lalafell.png

Model-Durium Chaplets-Male-Miqote.png

Model-Durium Chaplets-Male-Roe.png

Model-Durium Chaplets-Male-AuRa.png

Model-Durium Chaplets-Male-Hrothgar.png

Model-Durium Chaplets-Female-Hyur.png

Model-Durium Chaplets-Female-Elezen.png

Model-Durium Chaplets-Female-Lalafell.png

Model-Durium Chaplets-Female-Miqote.png

Model-Durium Chaplets-Female-Roe.png

Model-Durium Chaplets-Female-AuRa.png

Model-Durium Chaplets-Female-Viera.png

Acquisition Uses
Divider5.png Divider5.png
Sold by Merchants (17)
NPC Cost Location
Blessed Merchant Gil Icon.png x 17,249 Vira Nilya (27.0-19.8)
Dotharli Merchant & Mender Gil Icon.png x 17,249 Dotharl Khaa (11.8-33.5)
Gyosho Gil Icon.png x 17,249 Dhoro Iloh (5.8-23.5)
Independent Merchant (Rhalgr's Reach)/Tradecraft Gil Icon.png x 17,249 Rhalgr's Reach (12.7-11.0)
Independent Merchant (The House of the Fierce) Gil Icon.png x 17,249 The House of the Fierce (24.8-13.0)
Muto Gil Icon.png x 17,249 Kogane Dori (11.9-12.2)
Sanana/Crafters' Scrip Exchange Yellow Crafters' Scrip Icon.png x 110 Tamamizu (28.4-15.1)
Scrip Exchange (Eulmore)/Crafters' Scrip Exchange Yellow Crafters' Scrip Icon.png x 110 Eulmore Aetheryte Plaza (11.6-10.7)
Scrip Exchange (Idyllshire)/Crafters' Scrip Exchange Yellow Crafters' Scrip Icon.png x 110 Idyllshire (5.7-7.0)
Scrip Exchange (Limsa Lominsa)/Crafters' Scrip Exchange Yellow Crafters' Scrip Icon.png x 110 West Hawkers' Alley (6.0-11.9)
Scrip Exchange (Mor Dhona)/Crafters' Scrip Exchange Yellow Crafters' Scrip Icon.png x 110 Revenant's Toll (22-6)
Scrip Exchange (Old Gridania)/Crafters' Scrip Exchange Yellow Crafters' Scrip Icon.png x 110 Old Gridania (14.1-9.1)
Scrip Exchange (Rhalgr's Reach)/Crafters' Scrip Exchange Yellow Crafters' Scrip Icon.png x 110 Rhalgr's Reach (9.9-12.5)
Scrip Exchange (The Crystarium)/Crafters' Scrip Exchange Yellow Crafters' Scrip Icon.png x 110 The Baldaquin (9.8-8.5)
Scrip Exchange (Ul'dah)/Crafters' Scrip Exchange Yellow Crafters' Scrip Icon.png x 110 Sapphire Avenue Exchange (14.2-10.8)
Traveling Battlecraft Supplier Gil Icon.png x 17,249 Reunion (32.9-27.5)
Tribe Merchant Gil Icon.png x 17,249 The Peering Stones (30.6-25.9)
Reward from Quests (8)
Quest Level
A Broth from the Brine 65
A Lesson in Listening 65
Blindsided 65
Blood Ties 65
Do Goldsmiths Dream of Gilded Sheep 65
Forging with Scales 65
The Crane's Caveat 65
The Value of Life 65
  Rating Scrips EXP
Lv. 65 510-709 62 279,800
Yellow Crafters' Scrip Icon.png 710-919 68 307,780
920+ 74 335,760
When is shown in the collectable window, the item is "in demand" and all rewards will be increased by 10% – 30%.
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Goldsmith Icon 5.png
Potential Results:
Durium Nugget Icon.png Durium Nugget
Wind Crystal Icon.png Wind Crystal
Fire Crystal Icon.png Fire Crystal
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