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Guildleves plate final.pngSincerity
Spelling: Synceryte
Meaning: Being truthful and honest.
Notes: These leves require you to turn in a certain quantity of fish, allowing you to turn in additional quantities up to three times (or 6 times for the (L) leves) for more xp and loot. As fishing fieldcraft leves are similar to Tradecraft leves, this can be considered the counterpart to Charity leves.
In Eorzea: In Norvandt:
Portrays a Roegadyn merchant selling a golden gun.
Shadowbringers Sincerity.png
Levequests (38)


Name Level Starter Classes Items Needed
Yummy in the Tummy 5 Wyrkholsk Fisher Sea Cucumber

Splendor in the Glass 5 Wyrkholsk Fisher Harbor Herring

Brain Candy 10 Swygskyf Fisher Pebble Crab

The Fertile Incandescent 10 Swygskyf Fisher Harbor Herring

The Moral of the Coral 15 Orwen Fisher White Coral

Crab Life by the Horns 15 Orwen Fisher Helmet Crab

Blind Ambition 20 Nyell Fisher Dark Sleeper

Food Chain Reaction 20 Nyell Fisher Faerie Bass

The Truth Will Set You Free 25 Nyell Fisher Five-ilm Pleco

Fishing 101 25 Nyell Fisher Dark Bass

The Blue Period 30 Nahctahr Fisher Sea Pickle

Kitchen Nightmares No More 30 Nahctahr Fisher Black Sole

Fry Me a River 35 Cimeaurant Fisher Giant Bass

Gathering Light 35 Cimeaurant Fisher Lamp Marimo

Rationally Speaking 40 Voilinaut Fisher Golden Loach

Make a Fish 40 Voilinaut Fisher Abalathian Smelt

Sleeper Creeper 45 K'leytai Fisher Sludgeskipper

Snail Fail 45 K'leytai Fisher Ignus Snail

Dine or Spine 50 Eloin Fisher Lake Urchin

Lurchin' from Urchins (L) 50 Eloin Fisher Lake Urchin

Eating Like the Natives (L) 52 Eloin Fisher Cloudfish

Bounty of Sky, Bounty of Earth 52 Eloin Fisher Cloudfish

Blue of Sky and Sea (L) 54 Eloin Fisher Blue Cloud Coral

Bearing of the Blue 54 Eloin Fisher Blue Cloud Coral

Pipira Pirouette 56 Eloin Fisher Pipira Pira

Plus One or Two or Three (L) 56 Eloin Fisher Pipira Pira

Warmer than Wine 58 Eloin Fisher Bullwhip

What Does Not Break Us, Devours Us (L) 58 Eloin Fisher Bullwhip

There Can Be Only One 60 Keltraeng Fisher Highland Perch

Perhaps Not-So-Common 62 Keltraeng Fisher Common Whelk

Marooned Minnow 64 Keltraeng Fisher Tail Mountains Minnow

Unbeliebubble 66 Keltraeng Fisher Doman Bubble Eye

Pre-octopied 68 Keltraeng Fisher Koromo Octopus

The Source of the Problem 70 Eirikur Fisher Purple Ghost

Aetherquake 72 Eirikur Fisher Finned Eggplant

A Cherry-red Herring 74 Eirikur Fisher Cherry Herring

Fish for Days 76 Eirikur Fisher Hucho Taimen

A Feast for the Senses 78 Eirikur Fisher Stippled Eel